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user posted image



Here i am introducing you to a total new multiplayer modification called Multi-Mayhem. It is under development by one person alone and alot of work has been put into it. DanGTA, the only programmer on MM, has recently coded a new core. He worked for alot longer on this core to get it perfect before any netcode was added. He has now added foot and vehicle sync with basic interpolation. Later a more advance method of interpolation will be added so that everything will be alot smoother. This core also has a few other features which you can find out on release wink.gif




user posted image

DanGTA coded a special launcher for MM, to use when launching into the game. It allows you to add servers into a sort of "favourites" section of the launcher. A server can be selected from a drop down box after it is added and saved. It has tick boxes to select "Create log", "Window mode" and "Close on Launch". What those do are pretty self explanitary. There is also a drop down box for choosing a screenshot format. This allows you to either have a JPG - not very good quality but small file, BMP - very large file but good quality.. etc etc.


Foot Sync


Lately DanGTA has been working on foot sync in MM. The sync so far is quite smooth, but it will improve as other methods are introduced.

Here is a video to show foot sync so far:

Note: The chat has changed since these videos were taken, when a more recent video is taken i will post it here.



user posted image

(Right click picture and select "save target as")


Vehicle sync


Lately DanGTA has been working on vehicle sync in MM. The sync so far is quite smooth, but it will improve as other methods are introduced.

Here is a video to show vehicle sync so far:



user posted image

(Right click picture and select "save target as")





Here are a few images from recent beta tests. The images also show the new chat system.


user posted image user posted image user posted image



Also check out The Full Image Gallery


Please support us by signing up to the forums and joining the irc channel (irc.gtanet.com #mm), and being active there. This will help DanGTA and the rest of the team to know that there are followers and that all this is not a waste of time. In my own opinion, although you may have your own, i think this mod could turn out great with lots of fun features to go with it.


Website: http://mm.gtaservers.com


IRC: irc.gtanet.com #mm


Please DO NOT ask for a release date, as it is unknown! (see FAQ, At the website!)


Keep checking back here and to the site for more updates.


For more information, feel free to post here or email Dan - [email protected] or hacky - [email protected]

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A new video has been made by DanGTA that shows foot sync, vehicle sync, passenger sync, crouch sync and also vehicle colision.



user posted image

(Right click and select "save target as")


NOTE: Please ignore the flickering at the end of the video, i assure you that has nothing to do with MM itself. It occurs when DanGTA compresses a video.

Edited by hacker_182
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Within the MM team we have made up a clan, and have decided to go public with it. If you would like to join go here and read the sticky first.


Current members of ]MM[:















Edited by hacker_182
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MM has now been stopped, not because lack of dedication or anything, but because i believe i can do more good as a member of the MTA team, which is why, since yesterday i was accepted into the QA team of MTA, within time i hope that i can help the MTA team more by doing some programming for them, which i will have to wait a bit to earn the trust and respect of the MTA team.


Programming MM has been a great experience for me and i have met alot of cool people who have been great to me. I thank you all for your help and support, now i direct you to a much better mod than MM could ever be, that is MTA.


Show your support to them great guys and be sure to keep an eye on it because you might be suprised at how good the results will be.


Don't think MM as dead, the community isn't dead or the dedication, just think that, my ideas and skills have been merged into the MTA project to create hopefully and even better result.


Thanks, Dan.

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Doc Rikowski
rampage_ani.gif Dead Link rampage_ani.gif

Seriously? Bumping a 5 years old topic?

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