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Has anyone actually seen this series?


For those who have not seen or heard of 'V' check the opening titles on youtube HERE & HERE


A little background.



user posted image



This epic began with monumental Alien Motherships seen over 50 cities of the world. A request was made by these aliens to meet with the Secretary General of the United Nations at the United Nations building in New York at 8 pm New York time. As the clock struck 8 a smaller craft descended from the much larger alien Mothership over the city. It set down on top of the UN building. Moments later the UN Secretary General enters the craft and meets these new visitors to earth. Upon his urging the supreme commander of this alien fleet which has encircled the city's of the earth agrees to come and speak in person to the citizens of earth directly. He appears as a middle age man with a strange harmonic quality to his voice. He promises peace and states that his planet is in dire environmental difficulty and is in need of the help of the people of Earth. In return for such help he promises to share "all the fruits of our knowledge; helping to solve your own environmental problems and health dilemnas, then we will leave you as we came, in peace." From this point the Visitors of V were here to stay. Industrial complexes on earth were converted to create synthetic compounds the vistors said they needed for survival.


Some began to question the true motive of these visitors. They began to quickly dissapear. Anthropologists and scientists were being discredited worldwide. Then it slowly became apparent than these visitors did not come in peace but rather came to conquer and control. They masterminded a conspiracy against scientists and doctors to turn people against these people who could do them harm. The visitors were not human as they appeared but rather reptilian creatures wearing human skins. Their environmental needs were a distraction to turn attention away from why they were really there. Through brainwashing and selective kidnappings the visitors began to have an ever greater hold on the cities of the world.


Where once there were just visitor technicians on the street now there were armed visitor shocktroopers on every corner. By enlisting the aid of those easily swayed and naive, the visitors used humanity as its own helpful oppressive agent. The visitors set up youth training programs aimed at turning out loyal young men and woman. The governments of the world were powerless against visitor aerial superiority and weaponry from the beginning. But now the visitors were on the ground enlisting new traitors to humanity and placing agents of their control into positions of power. They occupied military bases, dominated means of communication and controlled the cities.


Resistance was slow to organize against the visitors but citizen resistance did organize. Julie Parrish, a medical student organized a large resistance movement in Los Angeles that in the beginning was composed mostly of scientists and others in hiding from visitor torture and imprisonment. They stole medical equipment and lead a basically succesful raid against a military armory to obtain weaponry. The resistance then used their new found weapons to defeat a visitor aerial attack on a camp in the mountans. The help of a captured visitor skyfighter piloted by cameraman Mike Donvan sealed their victory in this battle. But the war was only beginning.



Still here? Good


user posted image


I remember seeing this as a kid. I watched it on DVD recently and it is complete 80's crap tv sc-fi. But i think its still worthy of a watch.




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Hey! Raindancer, I remember watching this too! It was wack about some invaders from space who would disguised themselves as humans but underneath they were really ulgy as* lizards. Their main cuisine were white mice. I can't believe anyone would remember that. But yea! it was pretty neat aleast it was something different to watch in that era. I think "V" stood for Visitors.

Edited by pcguytech_2005

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Informant X

I remember watching this before Hunter and Knight Rider came on.

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Is this Robert Englund?

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I seen the new one that was in theaters like last year or so, it was pretty interesting.

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I seen the new one that was in theaters like last year or so, it was pretty interesting.

Err this has nothing to do with V for Vendetta if that's what you are thinking? Its got the same type of logo though so can't blame you for thinking that.

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