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Vice City Hidden Packages Guide

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user posted image




You may be asking what the point of this is, Vice City is ancient now. However due to the recent hype over Vice City Stories and the inevitable waiting period, a lot of people have been playing Vice City not only to familiarise themselves with the island but also to play through the story, find hints towards VCS, or just to reacquaint themselves with characters and the overall feel of Vice.


This guide will help people find all 100 hidden packages, which is a requirement needed to get 100% on the game overall. In some cases it’s better to start the search for these packages once the entire island is unlocked, for example package #1 can’t be got without cheats until the other areas are unlocked. Some packages are also easier found during missions, which have been listed next to the appropriate package.




10 - Body Armour

20 - Chainsaw

30 - Python

40 - Flamethrower

50 - Laser Scope Sniper Rifle

60 - Minigun

70 - Rocket Launcher

80 - Sea Sparrow

90 - Rhino

100 - Hunter & $100,000


Rewards themselves can be found in a number of places, below is a list of locations.


10-70 of the packages found normally spawn the rewards ay two places, the Ocean View Hotel and the Starfish Island Mansion. However if you purchase the Hyman Condo save-house these rewards will also spawn there, but only after you have found the packages, if you buy it before you find them the rewards will not spawn there.


80 of the packages found will spawn the reward at the Starfish Island Mansion, near the backyard pool.


90 of the packages found will spawn the reward at the Fort Baxter Air Base (do not enter unless wearing the cop uniform).


100 of the packages found will spawn at the Fort Baxter Air Base, if however you complete the game and get all packages this reward will also spawn at the Helipad at Ocean Beach.




user posted image


The map has markers with numbers on them, each indicating the position of each package. Note that circular ones mean ground level, triangular mean above Tommy so you may need to use stairs or helicopters to get them.




Click here for images of Hidden Package locations.



Ocean Beach
#1 South of Ocean beach on an unused wooden hut out in the water (boat needed to reach).


#2 Near the wooden hut on a formation of rocks.


#3 Round the back of the house with a helipad, on the steps of the back door.


#4 On the steps of the lighthouse.


#5 In an underground car park near the docks for Colonel Cortez's boat.


#6 Behind the medical foundation research and development building (blue & white stripes).


#7 On a small walk area under the south bridge.


#8 On top of a building opposite the Washington mall.



Washington Mall
#9 Around the back of a pink apartment by a fenced in pool.


#10 On top of the building joined on to the DBP security building.


#11 Around the back of the building opposite Ken's office.


#12 Next to a small road bridge.


#13 On top of a building (blue & white stripes)


#14 On a lifeguard hut on the beach.


#15 Upstairs of the Police department (get during the mission "No Escape?").


#16 In the corner of a building with a small moat round the back.


#17 In the open showers around the other side of #16.


#18 Underneath the bridge going to Starfish Island.



Vice Point
#19 In a small alley behind the SpandEX building.


#20 The end of a beam on the 3rd floor of the building site (Avery's missions come from here).


#21 On a wooden dock facing Leaf Links.


#22 Near the pool on a building close to the Malibu.


#23 In the corner of the parking lot around the back of the Malibu.


#24 Up the stairs from a pool in a building you'll see during "Martha's Mugshot".


#25 Behind the WK Chariot hotel.


#26 In the pizza restaurant.


#27 Beside a set of stairs leading to an apartment, next to the pizza restaurant.


#28 Behind the counter in the jewellery shop.


#29 Around the back of Mercedes place.


#30 On the 2nd rooftop, get during "The Chase".


#31 By a wooden fence around the back of some houses.


#32 In the walled-in corner of the "u" shaped turn.


#33 On the highest diving board behind the hotel.


#34 Sidewalk leading to the side of the bridge leading to Prawn Island.


#35 Behind the wooden sign on the beach, near the RC Bandit track.


#36 Behind the building east of the north point mall.


#37 In between the northern entrances of the north point mall.


#38 Inside the north point mall, in front of a store with sale signs.


#39 Inside the north point mall, in the Gash store.


#40 In the large multi story car park near the north point mall.



Prawn Island
#41 At the end of a dead-end alleyway.


#42 In the film studio on top of the blue building.


#43 In the film studio, go to studio C.


#44 On a porch of the big green house.


#45 In the building you hit during "The Chase", there is a broken wall, drop into the room from above.



Leaf Links
#46 Underneath the bridge leading to Vice Point.


#47 On the farthest tee at the driving range.


#48 On a bunker on the west side of the island.


#49 On the small island in the water hazard pond.


#50 On the bridge connected to leaf links.



Starfish Island
#51 At the mansion, the corner of stairs leading to the water.


#52 At the mansion, in a small alley leading to water.


#53 On the balcony of the house with the Rockstar shaped pool.


#54 In the smallest pool of the house with a satellite dish.


#55 At the front door of the purple roofed house.



#56 Behind a building in a small area overlooking the water.


#57 In the statue at the V.A.J building.


#58 Behind the Mars Cafe'.


#59 Behind the stadium in the west car park.


#60 At the parking area at the Shuman health care center (hospital).


#61 Next to the helipad on the 5 story building.


#62 Behind the middle desk in the offices.



Little Haiti
#63 In the corner next to the Moist Palms hotel.


#64 Behind Phil's place in the corner near the water.


#65 In the shed at Phil's place.


#66 Down a set of stairs behind a building close to Kaufman Kabs.


#67 On the roof of the building at north Haiti.


#68 On some steps of the house east of Kaufman Kabs.


#69 Next to the skeleton grave behind the funeral home.


#70 On the roof covered with generators.


#71 Behind a wooden fence underneath the billboard.



Little Havana
#72 In the laundry.


#73 On the porch of the "for sale" house.


#74 Behind a wall opposite to Robina's Cafe.


#75 By the Kaufman Kabs billboard.


#76 In the doughnut shop.


#77 On top of a 4 story building.


#78 Upstairs of the car showroom.



#79 Near some piping in the middle of 4 large tanks.


#80 Between 2 trailers at the airport car park.


#81 Between 2 small apartments near the ship yard.


#82 On the north east cargo ship.


#83 Under the VC port authority sign.


#84 On the south west cargo ship.


#85 Inside the seaplane hangar, facing the water.


#86 In the corner of an open area, get during "Cabmageddon".



Escobar International Airport
#87 On the building southeast to the airport.


#88 On the helipad, get during "Loose Ends".


#89 On the top of the south McAdam airways hangar.


#90 The end of the east loading bridge.


#91 On top of an airplane parked southwest.


#92 Underneath the same plane for #91.


#93 Under the left wing of the Rockstar airplane.


#94 Behind the fire station.


#95 In the airport terminal near the pay phone.


#96 On the rooftop of the airport terminal.


#97 In the airport terminal, at the end of the jet way of gate 1-8.


#98 Behind the billboards facing the airport.


#99 Under the airplane north east of the airport.


#100 Behind the air base sign at Fort Baxter's entrance.


*Special thanks to the Dutch wikiGTA site, who provided pictures of the packages & to jarjar for the banner*


[adamcs edit] wikigta.org have requested that we remove all of their screenshots from this topic.

Edited by adamcs

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Well I'm not sure if too many people will need this, after Vice City as released 4 years ago tounge.gif.


Good job with the guide though man icon14.gif.

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Nice. smile.gificon14.gif


It's about time GTAF got a decent hidden packages guide. I'll let this run for the time being, but once it's had its time I might just merge it with the pinned guides thread. It'll complement the image-based guides (weapons, car locations) nicely.


Good job, Dave.


[EDIT] Led-by magic. wink.gif Be sure to edit that (<) post as well when/if you make any updates!

Edited by Fuzzy Juzzy

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Well I'm not sure if too many people will need this, after Vice City as released 4 years ago tounge.gif.


Good job with the guide though man icon14.gif.

There are alot of Vice City fans. Plus, with the hype on 'Stories, many people are playing it again.


Great effort Dave! biggrin.gif

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Well I'm not sure if too many people will need this, after Vice City as released 4 years ago tounge.gif.

Yeah, because nobody plays VC anymore, right? sarcasm.gif People used to tell me that a couple years ago when I was making a GTA3 walkthrough. I STILL have people thanking me.


Wanted to point out a few inaccuracies with the map. It should be noted that these inaccuracies do NOT reflect upon saintdave in any way, but rather the picture itself.


HP15 is in the police station though the map makes it look like it's at the tip of that triangle


HP21 is actually on a small jetty whereas the map makes it look more off the coast.


HP30 is along the western edge of the block. Map suggests east.


HP42 is more centered in that block then the map would suggest.


HP49 is on a small island amongst some water. That map doesn't show the water, so it's harder to see exactly where it is.


HP53 and 54 both are a little more SW than they appear.


HP68 is indicated by an up triangle, but it's really just at the top of a small set of stairs.


HP89 is nowhere near as far away from HP88 as the map suggests.


HP91 and 92 are quite a bit more east than the map would indicate.


HP93 is inside the side hangars, not to the east of them like the map indicates.


HP95 is actually inside the terminal whereas the map makes it look like it's outside.


HP100 is actually roadside despite the map making it look deep inside the base.


Great post, saintdave. Not at all cutting on you for the map. It's the same one I use if I ever forget a spot.

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Good Job Dave---


whether the game was put out 4 years ago or not, no member here has put out a guide-- helps to make our forum more complete rather then have to link to another site----


The multi guide has been a work in progress--- and our aim is to make it as complete as possible within the confines of a message board.


Another note regarding the first post though...


it is possible to get every package without cheats and without doing any missions-- the police heli is available from game start-- you just have to get across to the west island

Edited by Spuds725

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Thanks for all the kind words everyone, it was a hell of an effort, took me 3 days to complete but well worth the effort.


Dem thanks for the fixes on some of the packages I'll edit them into the merged topic soon.


Spuds I was aware you'd be able to get the helicopter, I assume you mean the one on top of the police department? But wouldn’t that count as cheating too? The islands are either closed via gates or roadblocks at the start of the game, use of an ambulance or truck to be able to jump it would surely constitute as cheating?

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That would be a trick, not a cheat. It should also be noted that the VCN heli is also available from the start. As is the purchase of Hyman Condo, which will also provide a heli. These two have a radio in them too to make the trips not so boring wink.gif

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Who pinned this to steal my thunder from my led-by magic!?


Spuds beat me to recommending you for a fourth star, too. Damned thunder thieves. cryani.gif


Good job once again Dave - an even better reception than I was expecting. smile.gif

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Who pinned this to steal my thunder from my led-by magic!?


I didn't do it... not that it isn't worthy.....

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Who pinned this to steal my thunder from my led-by magic!?


I didn't do it... not that it isn't worthy.....

No, I know. I assumed you didn't from the manner of your previous post (i.e. strongly mentioning/praising the multi-guide). Perhaps it was Dalp, after awarding Dave his star... No matter, I'm happy to leave it pinned for the time being.

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I recently went looking for a game and saw the high ratings on the GTA games. Had never heard of them before. (not a big gamer usually) So I got Vice City and San Andreas at the same time. I didn't even know which was older. Most enjoyable and engrossing PC games I've ever played. So its not just people revisiting the game playing it, I'm sure alot of newbies are too.


I appreciate you guys making these maps. Even using them and carefully marking off the ones I got, I end up with packages missing, right now I'm stuck at 89, I think some are from when I died at the airport and loaded a save file. I guess I'll have to go through the entire list again. I can imagine what It would be like without a map rolleyes.gif

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Not sure who pinned and then unpinned it??


As Fuzzy stated before this will eventually be added to the multi guide and will likely be unpinned then (to keep everything nice and tidy)




Oops unlocked and pinned (my mouse must have got away from me)

Edited by Spuds725

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It's been two months without any addition to the topic, so I've unpinned it as planned.


Remember that the good stuff is permanently available in the Guides/Walkthroughs topic - specifically, here.


Thanks guys.

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This is great! I just started a new VC game with the intention of getting 100% and not cheating. San Andreas and Liberty City Stories only made me want to play Vice City more, the game practically never gets old to me. Personally, I don't think that Rockstar's going to be able to top it. I'm looking forward to VC Stories, but I'm not looking forward to having to buy a PSP to play it. Very disappointing. But, since I'm stupid, I probably will.

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