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3D-ONE project files converted from gta1 & gta2!


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This makes me think why GTA1 wasn't in 3D.. Looking at the quality of the maps.

user posted image


mod it with Nitrous Oxide and chassis dyno.
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Somone who working on this GTA and GTA2 maps for now? so we can get some complete ones? I dont know witch of all these links that are complete maps of one or both of the games.

Can somone link witch of them that is best?

I took a look at them. I see what needs to be doen and started chopping pieces up, but I did not have time to really see if it was worth doing yet. I haven't sat back to it again, but I have considered it.



Dont bump old topics


This topic is not old. Who got banned and left you admin for the week? sly.gif


If there is still sincere interest, namely from Jernej, I will help.

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'Bout how far along did you go? I pretty much attatched everything to one model and started cutting the stacked and glued stuff to smaller squares. This obviously wasnt efficient, but you know, tinker here, hold onto a thought there...

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First of let me introduce myself.

I'm gybrus atleast thats my nickname... Duh tounge.gif

I'm already modding more then 2 years now..

Still need a lot to learn to become professional but it's enough for totally mod gta.

(With some help of the guys who make those great IMG and Txd tools and those amazing max scripts)


Enough of that.


Now I saw this funny topic and I really wanted to see this in the gta:sa engine or atleast the GTA:VC engine.

Too bad this modification died... well I don't see much progress... sad.gif


So I tried to moddel some stuf in this huge poly mess... wow.gif

But my pc is a little bit to slow.


But I found a solution(for me)

I can moddel it much faster now..


So to come to the point.

I want to try to put everything in the gta:SA engine on my own..

But first i need premission.


So i want to ask JernejL (and all the other guys who helped him).

If you can give me premission to edit the already converted moddels.


Short list I want to do:

- Open an new topic and post al the news I got.

- Place all three citys in the gta:sa engine (a week for NYC a bit more for the other citys)

- creating cols (1 day work I think)


- Repairing textures..(making them bigger in a way confused.gif)

- repair what has to be fixed - like missing roof textures in tunnels (ehm 1/2 weeks work)

- recreating fences and signs using 3d objects instead flat textures (day work to place it =D)

- delete existing water textures and use proper gta-engine water(about 1 minute)

- scale the world, so it fits more to the vehicle scale(1 hour work(to place it even in-game))

- create car and ped, boat paths(2 days work)

-Other stuf that needs to be done.(fixing stairs and stuf)



PS: Some more moddels from me on my site: G-style


And in the mafia stories Topic

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  • 1 month later...

dudes, what happened to this thread, i want people to finish it, i would do it if i could but im not good at anything like that

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  • 2 weeks later...
dudes, what happened to this thread, i want people to finish it, i would do it if i could but im not good at anything like that

Same Here!


( Reason For The Bump )

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  • 1 year later...
  • 5 months later...

The cities that you want to convert are american. But why do you not want to convert London from GTA London 1969 or GTA London 1961? Many people wants to see London 3D in GTA. smile.gif

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so you bumped a 2 year old topic to say 'cool'?

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2 year old??? But I think that converter didn*t stop the development of GTA2 3D. I think not because Bobesz answer me and advised to talk with converter about London map.

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