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Travis Pastrana becomes first man to do double


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Travis Pastrana is the first person ever to do a double backflip in competition...EVER. The trick that was thought to be impossible was just executed perfectly and the judges only gave him a 98.60. Everyone thought it deserved to be the first and only 100 but not the tight ass judges. Congrats to Travis! I witnessed it LIVE, on television that is. It was simply Amazing.


PIC below obviously isnt the double. If they release a video tomorrow ill post it. INSANE!


user posted image

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Yeah, yeah, a double backflip. Next year we'll see a double blackflip no handed lander, a year after with a heelclicker. This sport evolves like crazy.

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That is crazy. 'Cause today I saw a video on the internet of some guy do the double backflip, not that one but it was Travis. Pretty awesome nonetheless...




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It was probably in Nitro Circus which is a movie that came out not too long ago. The differenc ebetween the movie and the X games was in the movie Travis was landing in pure dirt and it wasnt as hard as the landings at the X Games so for him to pull it off in comp was simply amazing. I recorded the video on my digital camera and I watch it like crazy because I still cant believe it. I dont think there will be any double backflip variations and I think Travis will do it again but maybe not in a competition. Someone will come along and do something even gnarlier and stupider.


As Travis Pastrana says I have the will and the stupidity to try ANYTHING! and he proved it.

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I Love Anna Kournikova

Yeah, I was watching it live too.


It was simply amazing. I dont think anyone else will do it for awhile.

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