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Storyline and setting thoughts...

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Just some things, important and perhaps not, to think about regarding VCS.


Victor and Lance's status - seem to be an established crime duo prior to the incident at the docks in 1986. Rosenberg knows who they are when he mentions to Tommy, Harry and Lee how the deal will go down. Perhaps they have done deals like this before...


Lance mentions Vice City being a "strange town" in 1986, but as has been mentioned, knows all about the local clubs and gunshops, he seems to be a local or at least in town for quite a while. He knows "in this town you gotta pack some heat." He must have been in trouble before. Also later on he is the one who goes out of his way to find out that Diaz was the one who busted the deal so its clear he knows people around. We may find out more about his uprise in VCS.


Victors accent may have been because he was raised in a different country before he and Lance moved to US, perhaps colombia? perhaps they are halfbrothers. who knows


Diaz - as mentioned, he has been in VC for quite a while, perhaps as far back as 1978 when he bribed the INS for a greencard. He has been head of the narcotics trade for a while uintil Tommy Vercetti and Lance Vance kill him in 86. In 86 he is pretty much Vice citys drug kingpin so he must have been around and in his mansion in 84. Perhaps his uprise will be explained too.



Cortez and Gonzalez - noticeably on the cover with their boat "the little gupper". we could find out about thier uprise to the big yaght and cortez' common "extravagant parties". these two are known to be associates and Gonzales has been "formerly active in Vice Citys underworld" - leading to an almost definite appearance in VCS. we could realise what these two did and how cortez ended up wanting gonzalez dead. perhaps due to him being said to easily take bribes? we could find out about cortez relationship with the french aswell.



Ken Rosenberg - good spot to find he was established in 84, we have to find out about his opening and his history prior to his relationship with the forellis.


Leo Teal - id love to find out about his past and his whole involvement in everything. he seems to be someone important pre86.


Tommy of course is in jail and wont be in it, but could do with a mention from somewhere, at least indirectly.


When I found out that Victor will be the main character i was pleased as a lot of loose ends will be tied. the game being set in 1984 lets us see how everyone came to be by 86, but i didnt like the closeness of the dates. I wouldnt think much would have changed in only 2 years. Fair enough the former ferris wheel, and perhaps some renovated bulidings. I was hoping for something more present day showing what happened to vice city after the 80s giving a new gritty feel after the climax, but that wouldnt really be what we love about vice city....


it would be good for leaf links to have been something different before 86 and it to have only opened when the gates opened for tommy to enter under averys command, and kill the man in four iron. anything could have been there really, but they need a good cover.


would dress sence be any different only 2 years back? i loved the 80s vibe in VC and i still think it is the best game in the series, but i dont know very much about the changes around the time in culture. id love some cool tunes to come up though that are from the time that i may have heard.


ill post more thoughts if i think of anything, and please do aswell...

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gr0ve st. $$$&#03

lance dont seem like real a real big shot in vice city but playing as his brother in vcs means the vance brothers find a place of power in the vc underworld so maybe in 86 the vance crime family shuts down because of vics daeath and the loss of stock alowing diaz with the vances dope and forelis money take over the cit totaly? suicidal.gif

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