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Vice City Stories Official Details

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I coudn't see anywhere were this had been posted so I thought I'd post it just incase:



The first details from Australian GamePro are beginning to trickle through. Here's a list of everything from the magazine so far:


    * Victor Vance will be the playable character in the game

    * The game is set in 1984 - two years before Vice City

    * Players will be able to take advantage of new Jetskis on the water around the city

    * Helicopters are flyable

    * A new animations system has been created which improves on "previous games in the series".

    * The game is said to be "much, much bigger than Vice City"

    * The game will feature a multiplayer mode similar to LCS

    * Vic can SWIM!

    * The game will incorporate a multi-tiered mission structure which is much more in-depth than LCS

    * All of Vice City's radio stations will return with new songs

    * New weather effects will be included - possibly hurricanes

    * Many of the new buildings in Vice City are only partially completed in Vice City Stories

    * New loading system - only slight pauses before missions

    * New handling system on bikes which makes them much more realistic

    * Vastly improved draw distances - better than Vice City on PS2!

    * Increased density of pedestrians, foliage, cars and objects

    * Less "clumping" (where groups of the same model would appear together)

    * There is a new theme park on Ocean Beach - the star attraction of which is "Chunder Wheel" - a giant wheel which you can ride in first person view!

    * Trip Skips are back! (The little taxi that takes you back to the location of your last mission after you die)

    * Vic can take advantage of a new gadget - binoculars!

    * The game features many more accessible interior areas than other titles in the series

    * Ragdoll physics are in and are especially noticeable when the shotgun is used on an enemy.

    * Car damage has been significantly improved and more detail has gone into the different parts of your car that can come off like its bumpers and hood.

    * A new effect has been added to car exhausts which makes them more realistic

    * New water effects have been included that make the spray from the Jet Ski and boats more realistic than in previous games. The water is also now much more transparent and tropical-looking.


I've just read the THIS topic, so screenshots removed.


El Linko - Dome Piece

Edited by Dome Piece
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C'mon! whats the point in playing when you're going to play as a character you know is going to die? Plus, Lance Vance is back?! jeez, one game with him was enough! Whiny bastard...

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Lance Vance was a great character in GTA, without a doubt one of the best. That doesnt mean you have to like what he did to vercetti but you still have to understand that he was an awesome addition to the game. Especially considering that Phillip Micheal Thomas voiced him, after all that didnt hurt. And who gives a f*ck if he dies in VC 2 years later? I dont know about you but before I beat a GTA I die about 200 times the only difference is I respawn in a hospital. In fact its kind of cool being that the fate of Vic Vance is already known even before the game unlike previous GTAs where the fate of every main character is completely unknown.

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original gangster

About the swimming, how will the player be able to get out of the water if there is no "wall climbing"? nervous.gif

Ha, that raises a good point.


I never knew about the ragdoll physics 'til now, so this will be the first ever GTA to have ragdoll physics then... sweet.


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About the swimming, how will the player be able to get out of the water if there is no "wall climbing"? nervous.gif

I guess you will have to go to a beach area, or a place where the land meets water, so you could just walk up onto the land. confused.gif


Wasent this stuff alred posted on gtaVice.com?


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This is going to be f*cking awesome. I love you Rockstar.


Ragdoll physics? Swimming? Helis? Jet Skis? f*cking yes icon14.gif Can't wait.

ah men to that

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i hope that the new character, the undercover cop is voiced by don johnson, it'll be miami vice all over again. Plus we aren't sure if vic died at all. Rockstar always put clues nd trick in their games. cool.gifrahkstar2.gifanuj_cop.gif

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well they said that vcs would revolutionize the psp once again and it looks so. the only bad thing is with vic vance it means u have to interact act with lance vance. god i hated that stupid f*ck. that whiny bitch pisses me off. i hate him. that being said it looks like it will be a great game.



i wonder if vics white girlfriend/wife will be in the game. in vc lance made reference to her.

Edited by lurchseesu420
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