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A GTA Novel


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I wasnt sure where too put this so if i've catigorized it wrong, can an admin please move it?

Anyway, i've had the idea of writing a book about the GTA series for a while now. I was going too start it a couple of weeks ago but now I know VCS is being released, I know there's more off the story too pick up on. Im not going too write it until Rockstar release the last game off the series (which I hope is not soon) so I know how and when too write the beginning, middle and end. So who's backing the idea?

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Suction Testicle Man

There isn't much of a story in the GTA games tbh - what there actually is is pretty basic stuff. Either way, this forum is for GTA Modding, hence the category. You want the entirely different category entitled 'GTA Series'. I'm just gonna move it to VCS discussion.

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wait till VCS is released. Then write another one when the GTA 4 series is over and done with.


p.s: hey you can start now and just add all the Vice city Stories bits to the begining.

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Is this going to be one of those fan-fics? If so it may be worth asking an admin to change the title and use this thread to post them all.


As said it's probably a bit early to be working on them as we don’t have very much to go on but in 2 months time I could see an "explosion" of them and to put them all in one place would keep the VCS section tidy.

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