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vice city cheat device

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the cheats will have to be found again but this is proof that there will be a CD for VCS

so this means all the noobs will stop going "edison maybe you can make an expl0it for the new gta"

and it will stop all the people like ade and edison from going "no there will never be one" biggrin.gif

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It certainly is promising, still I am not sure of the technical details of if this will enable codes for the patched up LCS and VCS.

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The hex locations are moved in the patched copy of lcs but it will be possible to hacks them again (just like when the first CD came out (not many choices))


P.S. the new one has got a new ULES to the old one so the the new CD thing wont load the normal lcs cheats (they may work(this will also fix the mem problem))

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the only need with a cheat device with VCS would be infinite health and construction mode..... thats all it would be good for in vcs.... because we have heli's, jetski's and swimming..... you could easily still have fun without a cheat device..... but i am just a stupid 2.71 user

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Dam devhook is illegal now but there will still be some way to do it

devhook isn't illegal onle the reboot.bin file that was distributed with an older version is.

it was copyrighted by sony, and distributed illegaly on some sites.


the new versions don't have it, and everyone is over-reacting because of it.

as long as the file isn't packaged along with any downloads, booster can distribute his pogram as freely as he wishes.

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Wishlist for VCS Cheatdevice


Construction mode

Infinet Health and ammo

No reloading

Rhino Cheat spawns:

Trashmaster " "

Weather change

Time change

Rocket boost

gather spell

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