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New VCS Info


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Before you start to grab your penis and leave grip marks on it like the one's on a childs tricycle bars, it's not what you think. It's just some info I came across.


Observation on before tittles in a trilogy, or in this case the GTA city pattern, could just lead you into some unreleased details. I was looking for Lazlow Jone's IMDB info page, then comeing across a link to the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories IMDB page, which was not that hard to predict sence he's in ever GTA thats III and up.


Before you boo me off the stage for wasteing your time, that's not the news. I click the link, thinking what the hell, to see Lazlows name and a man named Navid Khonsari with no info beside it. After clicking his name, I find out that he's the voice for Dwaine, the greese monkey from Vice City and San Andrease.


Put two and two together. Dwaine's back.

Edited by Sleepernaut
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Firstly IMDB can be edited by anyone so a lot of the information there on new titles and projects is not confirmed.


Secondly we were already aware of this listing on IMDB and it has been posted and discussed in many threads.


Thirdly Navid (voice of Dwayne) not only voices him and pedestrians he does a lot of producing for Rockstar so could be working on VCS behind the scenes and not as part of an in game character.

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