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Understanding Of Easter Eggs

Slim Trashman

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Now when I say that, I don't mean in VCS we'll discover the truth behind the "Happy Easter" egg in the hidden Easter Egg Room. What I'm referring to is for example, the cement shoes man. Maybe VCS will explain how some of these things came to be. Perhaps there's a mission where you're required to cement some guys feet and drown him. It's all about finding the missing pieces of the giant puzzle of the GTA legacy. Explanations of the many shipwrecks (one with a submarine, maybe submarines are featured in VCS...?), the destroyed docks (homes?) in the middle of the bay, or even that small blown out area in that wall in Downtown (behind that large building north of the Downtown Police Station). Maybe these easter eggs are somehow related to the story in VCS, or maybe they were just added in Vice City for the fun of it. Who knows, but since Rockstar changed up the easter egg in GTAIII in LCS (You're not supposed to be able to get here, you know. - Hello again! :-) ) I'd assume they'll do the same in VCS from Vice City.

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Maybe. I hope there is something in place of the happy easter egg, because those are my favorite types of Easter eggs. Like the sign in 3 and LCS, the happy easter egg, and in SA, the sign that says "There are no easter eggs up here. Go away. And they changed the sign again in the PS2 version of LCS to say "You can't get enough of this alley, can you?" I think those are cool.

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