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Vice city stories screenshot


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he's immitating multiformat gamer who always seems to have the latest leaked info and secrest nobody knows about.

I find it pretty funny tounge.gif

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stfu, gta_talk


its a screenshot from SA, in Los Santos, but its a joke, and its funny, but some of you don't get it.

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Nice joke man.


But yes that is the building in Los Santos that you(CJ) and Smoke are in while having a gunfight with some Russians, in the mission called "Just Buisness". But yeah nice one dude.

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Boy, this guy cracks me up. He must be Multiformat Gamer's brother making up stupid theories like him. He gives me a big laugh and for that, I'll give you a cookie. cookie.gif

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Even if that is a screenshot, the graphics are damn good for a PSP game compared to LCS, so beside it being in Los Santos, the grpahics are equiflant to a PS2, so close but no cigar!

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L>O>L mfg`s gonna be pissed




someone please pin this topic......


go on you know you want to.......


and give me a karma star while your at it.

Edited by ell
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rockstar announced they will be releasin a picture of vsc to random gta site every day until the release heres the link to the first one.






Vercetti is ded


u can c vice city from liberty city


Its a screenshot of the mall you have a shootout in LA...


Now quit with the fake pics and do something with your life


I seriously dont see any of this funny



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