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[V] Installing mods in GTA San Andreas Guide and FAQ

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Hey is this process the same for CLEO mods? I am having trouble with crashing as well.

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Or if you want install car/clothes/player/models mod´s and play with mp.


1. find samp folder witch is in your gta sa folder name called SAMP


2. Then find custom.img and now here is img and you can add txd/dff for here and col so if you want maps.



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hi man i changed a lot of cars to the game and one of them isn't working . how can i find out wich one is it.please help

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hey thanks alot ... the thing is working.. i wanted 2 ask that can i install andromada mod by dis way?? n gun mods ?? icon14.gificon14.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifsmile.gifcolgate.gif

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I have a problem with modding cars..

While modding cars i found out some weird things like there are some vehicles that i can't mod.


Problem 1:

I use gta sa mod installer but sometimes when i try to install a mod it says that it can't download it because its missing the .dff or the txd. file even while it has both of them. (This happens with all mods i want to install for some of the gta sa cars.)


Problem 2:

Sometimes when i installed a mod and load a savegame, it crashes halfway. (Also this happens with some car of gta sa, no matter what mod i install for the car.)



These are some of the vehicles which won't work any way possible:

All the trailers

All the trains



Hot ring A and B (Normal hotring racer just works.)



Sadlsh*t (Broken sadler)



FBI Truck

Firetruck LS (From last mission)



Anyone knows how to make them work / fix or whats going on?

It would be very helpfull and appreciated.


BTW: Sorry for my bad English.

Edited by MrBlitzzOfficial

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