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Lance Vance as Main Character!


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Ok, me and my friends live for Grand Theft Auto. That's all we basically play and talk about. Just the other day my friend Brent told me that he seen an article on the internet (forgot which site) saying that Lance is going to be the main character for GTA: Vice City Stories. It kinda makes sence. Brent told me that it is going to be set in the year 1979. And it will involve Lance working for Ricardo Diaz. Plus I guess Rockstar felt like they needed another black guy for a main character. Personally, I hope this is not true. I friggen hate Lance! I am not a racist though. I hope it is Phil Cassidy.

It wont be LANCE anyway, cos he gets killed by you (tommy vercitti), even if it was before vice city rockstar wont make the main character lance trust me i know.


just think to your self, have you ever played a character thats been killed before?...

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Tommy's right-hand man

palaric8, I have a question for you. What makes you think that rahkstar2.gif will put in a Liberty City character as a main character of vcs? I mean sure they can put in Liberty City characters in vcs but a liberty city character like joey leone to be a main character of vice city stories just doesn't give it that vice city style. A YOUNGER version of Colonel Cortez is more vcs than Joey or Luigi.

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How can Lance be Hero ???????????

are you nuts ????????????????


Lance visits Vice city the same time tommy does


Remember Lance says to Tommy "You and me stuck in a strange town"



happy.gif After all If Lance is the Hero he would have become by taking over Vice City and become a don by 1986 i.e when tommy visits Vice City, wouldnt he!! biggrin.gifdevil.gifdevil.gifdevil.gifdevil.gifdevil.gifdevil.gifdevil.gif

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Thanks guys! I am going to go shoot my lying friend in the face now! Peace and chicken grease, GTA-King

Somewhere in the world Jack Thompson's ears just perked up.

lol, that is so true!



I would like to see maybe Mitch Baker or Leo Teal as a main charactor, but I'm not to bad with Lance being the main one.

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i just think danny dyer is a class actor

f*cking right. Football Factory was one of the best British films I've seen, so good in fact that the Americans got a big name actor and practically remade it.


I hope Kent Paul is the main character, thought he was really funny. It'd be cool to play a main character who isn't a killing machine for once.

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You was almost right about is being Lance as main character GTA-King. But it is Lance's bro. Nice call! Well, it peeps...it looks like we will be playing a character that "supposeably" gets killed afterall!

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This is the thing though, if Lance hadn’t betrayed Tommy and lived to fight alongside him then people would want to play as him. But because he turned out to be a traitor no one is interested, but why?


Admittedly every main character we have ever played with in GTA could be called a bad guy for all the killing and stealing. But why not be a proper bad guy like Lance? Get to understand why he is a turncoat, why money easily sways him. Again it's all just speculation, the game could be set before VC which could include Lance, or it could be set after and as we know would mean no Lance.



I think Lance would be a great character because he was badass. He was the best african-american char. in any GTA. Yes, he beats CJ too. I hope Lance is the main char.

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yea you're right if lance vance dance wasn't a doublecrosser, all you people would be like oh he's a kick as character, though he did set up tommy, he helped him get up too so without lance, tommy would've been in the sh*t.

But in vcs lance will seem like a big bitch knowing that his brother is the main character. cool.gif

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I've always liked Lance, he's a cool guy. But then you kill him in VC. It's one thing for the main character to die in another game, but to be the one that actually kills another protagonist would be weird. But I didn't think they would use a main character that would ever die in a later game, so...

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