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Wireless Internet


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On a related note to this, I was wondering if anyone knows if PCMCIA wireless adapters have poorer reception than the USB adapters of the same power? I used to have a 2GHz 802.11 wireless adapter for USB, and there were a lot of networks around my apartment. Now I have a new laptop with a PCMCIA adapter of the same series, and can hardly find a signal. Maybe those people moved out, but I am starting to think it's the lack of range or something..


Anything I can do to find peak reception, to boost it, or to figure out where exactly to go in my house for a good signal? I had Network Stumbler, which helped some, but it was buggy and I don't have GPS.



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These days as far as I know, USB wireless adapters are just as good as PCMCIA adapters. If you still have the USB one, try it out with the new laptop and see if there is any difference.

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Yeah, I would've tried that but I no longer have it.

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I used to use a Belkin USB adpater and it was absolutely sh*t. Switched to PCI on my desktop, effectively PCMCIA, and neve rlooked back. We use PCMCIA in works office without any issues, as well as out and about near access points.


USB is generally a bad idea with most networking solutions I feel. Not very good experiences with it.

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Hmmm. The PCMCIA should work better (I was thinking that before..) so I think someone moved out or something. Maybe it's possible that they were using something that your new wireless card doesn't support for some reason? I doubt that though, everything these days is usually backwards compatible with everything.

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The only advantage to the USB is having an antena. If PCMCIA needed an antena though, surely they would make them so.


I pick up other peoples wireless down the street here. People must move or start to dislike wireless, go on holiday (turn off all electrics before leaving) etc etc.


My friend used to leech off wireless for a while till it suddenly stopped. But nobody in the immediate area had moved out.



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I'm not using mine to DL/UL really, just hop online and check email. I go to my friend's house to file share until I get internet up at my house.

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Well, maybe the pcmcia card is a hunk of garbage. You never know. Or maybe the antenna isn't picking up the signals very well. Maybe they are on a different frequency (doubt it)? Interference could also affect the recpetion if they moved something metal or something that would reflet the radio waves? I'd compare two wireless cards though, to see if the pcmcia card is garbage or not. Well, anyway, good luck on resolving your problem... whatsthat.gif

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