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.tk domains


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Well, despite how sucky .tk domains may be, here is the actual address to the site.

Thanks man, now I can un-bore myself by creating a music video in that game "The Movies".

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When did .tk start sucking? I've used it for a while, and I have no complaints. I mean, a free, no ads, domain name? What's wrong with that? Aside from the fact that some people apparently can't see them, that is. biggrin.gif

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I assume no one likes .tk domain names because of the quality of most (I guess) .tk sites. I had a .tk name. Then I got free webspace from 1 & 1 and a domain name for $6/year. Go me!

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Yea i've had this problem recently with my site,lots of my friends that i've asked to join say that all that comes up is a white screen no matter how many times they refresh it. I wish it would work!

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Theres not really anything wrong with .tk domains, there just not of very high quality really. For one there free (well unless you want to pay for one, and thats stupid really) and really if your gonna put a lot of effort into a huge site then a free domain is a waste of time. I'm moving from a .tk to a .com soon. .tk's just arn't liked, i'm not 100% sure why, but i'm guessing because there free and used to much these days because there free sad.gif .

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