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conservatism and the gop

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As I understand it, traditional conservatism in the US was based upon the ideals of smaller governments, increased delegation of rights to states, and increased individual freedoms. This seems largely at odds with the current conservative partys history of increased size and powers of the federal government, court cases when the choices made by states don't reflect the values of the self-titled "moral majority", and a constitutional amendment proposed to stop courts from granting individuals the right to marry a person of any sex they choose.

Some of the conservatives I know have expressed a desire to see a libertarian style government elected instead, but knowing that this will not happen most have kept their votes for the republican party, which seems to be diametrically opposite to those ideals. Others defend the policies of the bush administration with fanatical vigour, citing against the obvious factual evidence that the current administration has stayed true to the original conservative ideal.

What would it take to sway these people towards undoing some of the damage done by the current president by voting democrat? Are the current democrat policies (I haven't been able to find much mention of any) even further away from those desired, or are people these days so entrenched in support to one party that they would absolutely refuse to vote for their opponents?

In the future, do you think it's possible for the gop to return to its roots or will they continue to increase the size of government from here for evermore? And lastly, to the republican stalwarts among us: what would it take before you abondoned the party?

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Cypress Hill

As a conservative, I have no loyalty to the GOP, just to my opinion. But even if many current republican politicians go gainst conservative ideals, Democrats are going even further against conservative ideals. One reason I think there few traditional conservative politicians is because the biggest motivator for politicians is power, so for one to decrease the size and power of the government would decrease their own power. Traditional conservatives don't like big governments, so why would they want to be part of one. The federal government has changed, its primary goal is no longer looking after the people, but looking after itself.

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The federal government has changed, its primary goal is no longer looking after the people, but looking after itself.

Where the problem lies within itself. People (any people) crave power, and when you have a government strictly running to preserve itself from the masses, you'll get power asserting legislative rulings to keep what politicians need to stay "in charge".


I am conservative, I voted for Bush. My reasons are my own, but the main one which I publicly admit is that he was the lesser of two evils (Kerry being the other). But I do agree that current conservatives, stray about as far as possible from original ideology that the republican (formerly Democratic) party was founded upon.


I don't want to wander into historical party reference, but when the Federalist and/or Whig party grew into power hungry bastards, the republican party was formed. So maybe it's time for a new party? bored.gif


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The GOP itself was founded upon large government principles. It did so with Abraham Lincoln adopting Henry Clay's "American Plan" which called for a large centralized government, increased tariffs, and increased subsidies.


"Conservatism" as we know it and as it is are two different things. First of all, in today's American politics, conservatism is neo-conservatism. Most people associate neo-conservatism and the GOP with classical liberalism, which it most definitley is not. Neo-Conservatism is not particularly in favor of limited government. On the contrary, most of its founders were Trotskyists. Our two political "sides" today are very similar, one is the new left, and the other is neo conservatism which were trotskyists and new deal democrats. That is why I say that Bush is left wing.


But the GOP is the party that gets the votes, and so many true classical liberals decide to run under the GOP ticket. So there are some pretty good guys out there, like Ron Paul.

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GM Dude

A lot of today's conservatives are actually classical liberals, which is a good thing, I think.

However, many NEO-cons are starting to adapt to MODERN liberalism, which is pretty much different than the classical version.


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