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GTA Online

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Hey I downloaded GTA one for a LAN party thinking if we got bored of our games we could play GTA. We loved it and we want to play it online. I have tried hosting a server but it wont wor my pal has tried too. How do we do this, (I know how to run servers and have a non-blocking router). How would we play GTA1 online?

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Well i'm not sure how your network is set up but here are your options.


1. Since GTA1 uses the DirectPlay ports you will need to open the following port ranges:

2300-2500 TCP and UDP

47624 TCP and UDP


Everyone playing will need to do this.



2. Not that i'm endorsing my own product. Okay I am lol, but I am working on a project that allows people to

connect to a server and play GTA1 using only 1 port. So far version 1.0 is out and I am working on 1.1 but

development has been slow while waiting to fix a few test PCs. Right now it only works for

two players but anyway If you decide to try this option you will need to


- go to the GTADS Homepage and download the GTADS Client

- make sure that on your router port 8000 UDP is open

- and that the process dplaysvr.exe isn't running


Good luck

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So basically I can play online with this mod/plugin?


I have downloaded you application. How do I run it do I just run GTA and it works do I have to put it int he GTA folder?

Edited by 880753

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Yes, its just a separate client you download that throttles GTA1 traffic through a single port and allows you to play different people. The first version may be a little weird to operate but thats why i'm working on 1.1. Anyway if you need anything in terms of assistance you can read the manual, which isn't long at all or hit me up if you see me on. My SN is sday.

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I am using th app now thanks!

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This game is a true blast if you get a LAN party together. MTA and SA-MP are, too...especially when coordinated in teams.

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