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Still want Night Vertex Color!


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Hello guys,

I am teaching my friend Maxscript ATM. And it seems he did it quite well so I give him a goal on export 'Night Vertex Colors'.


Anyone want to try!? It NOT a direct way but should work!


Tools you need:


- RW Analyze

- NVC export script (with updated RW_Secs.ini)

* I didn't edit anything in this RW_Secs.ini myself, I think steve-m did it!





1. Make your own dff as usual, remember you need normal Vertex Colors for this!

2. After you exported your dff, create a new MAX document! (Very Important)

3. Use DFF IO to IMPORT it back to MAX! (since you need to have same amount of verts through-out the dff)

user posted image


4. DO NOT edit the mesh but use 'paint vert color' or 'bake light' whatever method to create 'Night Vertex Colors'

user posted image


5. Run the script, the 4 spinners are for the unknown values of NVC.

You can enter any value(I don't know), you guys said it didn't have any visible effect!?

Use the 'Pick Mesh' button to select your mesh for export.

user posted image


6. A file with the name of your mesh with extension '.nvc' will be created.

eg. pick 'DYN_F_R_WOOD_1b' will create 'DYN_F_R_WOOD_1b.nvc'

7. Now fire up RW Analyze. Locate Clump -> Geometry List -> Geometry -> Extension

Right click and Add Selection (or just press 'Ins' key)

user posted image


8. Type the number as in the image and press OK. You should have a new section like this.

(Don't worry if you can't see the name 'Night Vertex Colors', since I had update my RW Analyze.ini)

user posted image

user posted image


9. Now hightlight and right click the section you just created, select 'Import Section Data' from the dialog, select the nvc data create form Max!

user posted image

user posted image


10.After that you'll see the dff file size change and now save it in RW Analyze.

user posted image


Done! This dff should now have working NVC for SA.

Edited by Kam
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this looks like it's going to be a very useful tool for map modding, i have a day off (Monday) so i think i'll give this a thorough attempt.


thank you for what seems to be another quality addition to gta modding smile.gif


any chance of you releasing your updated RWA ini ?



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i got to test this out today and ........... wow it works seriously well, the time and lighting shift from day to night and back to day is seamless.


screens smile.gif


user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image


ignore my test lighting setup on the building and focus on the road wink.gif


hopefully you can find a way to integrate this with your Kams max script set and implement the use of a secondary night lighting setup in max scene's, might also be helpful if steve-m updated RWA to make use of this extra information.


hopefully you will set your "Friend" another task of how to add 2dfx lights to dff's and maybe some particles biggrin.gif



some cookies to say "thank you" to both of you cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif

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Can someone who has the file, host it?


The GeoCities web site you were trying to view has temporarily exceeded its data transfer limit. Please try again later.



have you decoded first 4 byte?

i've explored NVC's a bit more, any non-zero value for the first 4 bytes seems to produce the same effect, and the NVC works ingame just fine.


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Link not needed anymore!

Edited by ***TGR***
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I had updated the download links in the top post, It should work without download limit now.

And I had include the updated 'RW_Secs.ini' in the zip file as well. Just replace your old one will do!


Enjoy! sigh.gif


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Thank you so much. icon14.gif . I was hoping you (or your friend) would come up with something like this. Thanks.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi guys, i used the NVC but no file was created on script folder confused.gif

I press the button, but never happens anything, please help dozingoff.gif

user posted image


I only get it once, but my model is always invisible, without any texture cryani.gif


Edited by leviatan1001
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  • 2 weeks later...

The *.nvc file should be exported. it was saved in the folder where you last opened!

Usually in maxscript folder or where your max file/dff file located!

Do a search will found it!

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The *.nvc file should be exported. it was saved in the folder where you last opened!

Usually in maxscript folder or where your max file/dff file located!

Do a search will found it!

No, man. I discovered it only work with dff that have vertex colors. And, then, it will work. If dff dont have any vertex color, NVC wont do nothing. So now, i have a new problem. My model is invisible. In mapo editor, it works nice, on night rendering light appear, but in game, nothing, no texture. Gforce answered me, but he didndt explained it at all. I dont know what to do with the spinners. Maybe to set all in 1 1 1 1 ???

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this is the pm i sent to you leviatan



hi again. I guees you are so busy. But im going crazy. When i get the nvc file, and apply it, my model is perfect in map editor, but invisible in game. Please, help



hi leviatan.


sorry for the late reply, i have been kinda busy lately.


i am going to assume that you have a lighting setup in your max scene and that your dff has already had the vertex lighting from the max scene applied to it.


make a duplicate of the dff you want to apply NVC to and open it in RWA.


import the duplicate dff into max, set the 4 spinners on "Assignment" panel, select your dff in the scene so it's highlighted then press pick mesh then click on the selected dff again.


now follow the adding the NVC section to the dff instructions to the dff you have loaded in RWA and save dff.


i've seen some of your work so im not going to treat you like a noob and tell you to re-check your ide lines and txd names etc.


good luck ............... Gforce


admittedly i did forgot to mention that you need to set all 4 spinners to "1", and that you will find the .NVC file in the same folder location as the dff you loaded into max for NVC.


also are you sure that your TXD file is in SA format ? VC txd's still show up nicely in map editor but will not show up ingame SA.


Kam clearly stated in his first post that you MUST have a prelit dff for this to work.


you also need to apply vertex colours (the lighting) to the dff when you are setting the NVC too.


i'm not very good at explaining things in text, thats the reason why i don't write tutorials confused.gif

Edited by Gforce
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Ok, i got it biggrin.gif


I tryied it before your last post and it worked. Now, i need to learn how to use this technic to get nice results. Thank you to all people who helped me. Here is a post of my Speed Island

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  • 3 months later...
  • 6 months later...
****Bumped Deliberately so that this topic can be moved to the tools forum before the topic gets lost forever ****
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  • 11 months later...

Sorry for the year bump, but does anyone know of another link to KAM's NVC export script? The link provided here is dead. Thanks!

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I think the whole script is dead for now, use Deniska's exporter, I guess? confused.gif

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  • 1 month later...

What is the purpose for NVC?

I use vertex paint and paint the day colour then the night colours. Export with deniska's script.

Then in game the model will change to Night colours as soon as its night in game.


Does this do the same thing or am I missing something?

Will this slowly change the shade of the model darker and darker?


Vertex paint is much easier then this but maybe this is more advanced?



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