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Helena Wankstein

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When do I get to date this chick??? I haven't opened up any of the other maps except Los Santos...




ps I've checked on the balcony of the gun range and she isn't there

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Mainland Marauder

You have to unlock the second "island" (with San Fierro) first. Helena's house is in Flint County which you haven't unlocked yet.


This unlocks after "The Green Sabre."

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and when you find her, make sure you're not too bulked up with muscle. she doesn't like that. of all the women you can date in the game, i feel that helena is the only one who offers no really useful benefits. when i dated her (because i got it in my head that i'd be a completist and date each to 100%), i'd make the most of my trip over to her place by finishing the date and doing a trucking mission (something else you can't do til you've opened the "island" that includes san fierro and passed Tanker Commander, one of the badlands missions).

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Mainland Marauder

If you're trying to do everything there is to be done in the game, it's the only reason really to mess with Helena. Like quartet said, she's restrictive insofar as CJ's appearance, she's in the middle of nowhere which makes going to dancing dates a long drive and she offers little of use even as she becomes available relatively early in the game. You get access to a shed with a chainsaw, 9mm, Molotovs and a very small flamethrower pickup. The first three are easily found in Los Santos before this point in the game, and there is a flamethrower pickup with more fuel to the northwest of Helena's:


user posted image


That said, Helena is perhaps best left until you've picked up all 50 oysters, which lifts the appearance restrictions and offers "coffee" after every successful date (Helena usually only offers it after 70 percent, and that's quite a few dates before you get to that point). Then you can get the Rural Clothes (which you get at 100 percent).

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I have a question. Im doing another play through without cheats because I'm trying to unlock trophies. I just gained Helena as a date by raising my sex appeal with wardrobe from zip. Say I want to date Katy zahn and bulk up, will that turn Helen a off? Will there be a point were she doesn't care like say after the first hot coffee invite?

Edited by lil weasel

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lil weasel

Collect all the Oysters and every girlfriend "loves" Carl, regardless of how he looks (slim/fat) or what wears or drives.

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