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n00bs guide to PS


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Begginer's Guide to photoshop

Your one-stop n00b resource for all things PS




Hello, and welcome to the begginers guide to photoshop. I will be working off a copy of CS2, but it is very similar to 7.0 and CS1 if you dont have it.


In this guide i will be posting all the things you need to know, including text,renders and even a few full sig TUTs. I intead for it to be rather large, so it will be in regular installments.



Section one:Resources


To begin, i will be giving you a list of resources to help you along the way.





A render is an image that is placed in a sig, that comes in varying categories.


Planet Renders-An extremely large render database, including gallerys and forums.


Render world-Another gallery, not quite as big as render planet, but still some good cuts.





Brushes are tools used in sigs, most commonly to creat backgrounds, and are downloaded in sets.


Deviant art brushes-This is a search i did earlier on deviant art. When you develop a style of photoshopping later on (mine is mainly grunge BTW) you will be bale to search for specific styles of brushes that match your sigs.





These are some great online communities that cater specifically for GFX.


Gamers Evo-A small GFX community that has a great set of TUT's, resources and other great GFX things.


Chaos GFX-A larger community, superb for beginners.



Section two: Making a background


In this TUT we will be going over the basis of a good background.


A background is arguably the most important part of your sig, and can make or break it. In my opinion a good beginners background should have atleast 4 layers of brushing and a color adjustment layer to liven it up, so thats what i'll teach you how to do first.



Beginners background tutorial


For this project you will need:


Renegades sparkle brushes


Dooms Abstract brushes


1.First off go file>new and chose a size you like ( i chose 400 by 130). Press D on your keyboard to reset your colors, and go filter>render>clouds.


2.You should now have something like this:


user posted image


Now, load up your two brush sets and begin brushing. Make you sure you alternaet between black and white, on a number of layers.


3.heres what i got after about 5 layers of brushing:


user posted image


If yours doesnt look like this, don't worry and just keep practising.


4.Now its time to add a color balance layer. Go layer>new adjustmant layer>color balance.


Play around with the diffeerent color settings until you find an outcome you like, and more importantly, matches your render.


I used:


Shadows:-100, 0, -14

Midtones:-100, 0, +26

highlights:-43, 0, +48


and got this


user posted image


5. Now it's time for the final step, adding a border. First of all make a new layer on top of all your other layers and fill it with black. Then Go Layer>layer style> stroke and set it so that it is white, 2 pixels big, and set to "inside", then set the layer style to"screen".


When this is done you should have something like this:


user posted image


And there you have it, an effective, simple to make background.


Save what you have so far, because next time i'll be teaching you how to add renders and text to it.


Happy GFXing

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Mr. Fictional

Providing links to other forums and sites is considered advertising here, which is against the rules. So you might want to take them links down, unless mods don't have a problem with it. Anyway, good try on the tutorial but the result of the sig isn't at all good in all honesty. Just a plain, simple render with some text slapped on. If I were you, I'd get to learn how to GFX better before you consider making any more tutorials. That said, it isn't bad for a beginner, so well done wink.gif

Previously banned member.

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