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absolutely ages ago, my mate showed me a video someone had sent him. It was a GTA3 cutscene and apparently, after a certain mission, (Can't rember which one, it's so long ago!!:p) if you go behind salvatore's mansion after you've killed him you can see his ghost!! I didn't know if it was real or a fake. Does anyone know if this is true and when you have to go there to see it?


(Sorry if this is a little vauge, i saw this video donkeys ago!! rahkstar2.gif

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It's been a while since I played the game but I've gone behind Salvatore Leone's place after killing him a couple of of times. But I've never seen anything like you say. Maybe you don't remember whatever you saw in the video properly or the video is a fake.

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The games been out for so long now that if this was actually genuine then someone would have spotted and reported it sooner, whats more if it was real more than one person would have spotted it, so im guessing its a fake. confused.gif

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Sounds cool though. Maybe he made a mod that shows the ghost of Salvatore walking around behind his mansion. Besides, it would give a bit of creepiness to the game, like the beat-up Glendale (or something) in San Andreas rolling down the hill. I like creepy games. Resident Evil rulez! Long live Resident Evil! biggrin.gif

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