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Socialism or liberalism

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We have a socialist party in our country close to communism, which kinda scares me... I agree with many things from their list, like we can't have old people lying around on the streets, I think we should be 'social', but 'strict'. We have many foreign people coming to the country and there are loads of islam schools and black schools, which in my opinion is a bad thing to do, because those schools concentrate on another culture than normal schools. This way, those people will not become familiar with out culture, and become isolated, which creates pressure. Also, we don't have much room for foreigners (no, not just black people or muslims, but also a descendant from a Dutch person who is born outside of the Netherlands should not be allowed in) and we need to clean up the multi-cultural mess we have now, not the fact that it is multi-cultural bothers me, but how different people with different cultures become isolated. So now I'm a bit confused. On one side there is a strict liberal party with some very good ideas, but the commie, socialist party, has got some nice ideas as well. If you'd have to choose between liberal and socialist parties, which would you choose and why? It's a little crappy explained topic, but I'm having a bit of a personality crisis. tounge.gif

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If I was in your position, I'd vote for the liberals, they are in control right now aren't they?


I think Holland runs very well, and is renowned around the world for it's many freedoms. I totally agree with you about the schools, as I myself made a topic about an incident here similar to it.


That said, you're suggesting making people mix cultures? Now, for most people, they are proud of where they are from, and want to keep it. An all-Dutch peoples would be a rather right-wing society.


If you want your rights relatively intact, vote for the Liberals. If you want an equal and your society to change, vote for the Socialists.

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I think I'm going for the liberals then, Holland is quite the social country now, but a gigantic amount of bureaucracy, which sucks. I hope there will be a social/liberal party someday, with rational people instead of people who base everything around emotions. biggrin.gif


There's another very social, left party, and there was a debate between the minister of integration (I think that's the English word) and a member of that left party. It was about a girl who came to Holland illegally, and then cried her guts out because she couldn't stay to finish her exams and get her diploma (her own fault, she knew it could happen). It went like this:


Lefty: "Minister, did you find it enjoying to make this girl look bad in public?"

Minister Verdonk: "I did not make her look bad, my job is to make sure people follow the rules, so I did."

Lefty: "That was not my question, my question was if you enjoyed making her look bad in public."

Minister Verdonk: "Again, I did not make her look bad, I just followed the rules."


That went on 5 times, conclusion:


That damn lefty party can't debate, they're just being emotional. Sorry if anyone did not understand that, I find it funny how such a party can have members... tounge.gif

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Well i just think that the lefty is completely ignorant....

Laws are enforced, law is unemotional... thats why the statue has a blindfold over here eyes...


Even in my country this sort of thing happens and even though i favour alot of things that the socialist parties say, i simply find some of their ideas abit crazy...



Vote liberal!!!

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Personally if I lived in a county where I had to choose between either a socialist, communist or liberal party I would just leave.

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Well, liberalism is the obvious choice (lets not get that confused with America's perception of liberalism, I mean the real liberalism).

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