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wouldn't do it

edisonfarter 1

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edisonfarter 1

I dont think Rockstargames would make it possible to make a cheatdevice-thong for VCS. I don't really

think they would do it, since sony got a bit mad at them for LCS.

What do you guys think? Could edisoncarter make it happen even though they'd make it impossible?




eat bbq, its good food.

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Could edisoncarter make it happen even though they'd make it impossible?

lol.gif You just completly made my day lol.gif

Dude that exactly what I was thinking, umm how can he make it possible if it’s impossible dozingoff.gif


And the answer to your question is most defiantly a no, sony have already patched the exploit, and rockstar wont intentionally stick one in there, also it will need the latest firmware.


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Cheat devices wear thongs now? turn.gif

Hahah, lol i only just noticed he/she/new species put that.


So yes, do cheat device's wear thong's?

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Not going to happen, well highly unlikely. The new firmware already patchs oover the exploit which fanjita and EC used to make all the Homebrew and CD. So i doubt it very much, so no.

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haha yeah he probally did it on purpose... the thong thing!

this guy is my friend and i know him good and i KNOW he will get banned!

he never tried the cheatdevice!!!!

he's here to joke and get banned! and all over again! he could be worse than mz!

i wont report him couse he's my friend....

but someone should!



and wow the end! you did'nt flame him! you almost always flame me... confused.gif

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edisonfarter 1

Seriously don't listen to my dude above... my name is all i think i could get banned for... but it's kinda funny...

I promise, i'll behave.

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