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Recommended Posts

really? do u have a link?


cuz if thats true, sony probably put SAS on a bigger memory stick like 4 gb, so that the psp 1.5 can't read it. (correct me if im wrong)

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San Andreas mapsize is much bigger then Liberty or Vice you know.


I say what's the point of doing it if Rockstar essentialy have to totally change the way San Andreas as a geological land is by removing parts of the land and bringing everything closer. It wouldn't be San Andreas now would it? You can explain buildings being missing/appearing but entire areas of land is just crossing the line.

Or they could really milk it for its worth and have:


Los Santos Stories

San Fierro Stories

Las Venturas Stories


And have three seperate stories for each of the San Andreas Cities and surrounding areas, it would probably milk the idea, but it would reduce the size of the game(s). Or Rockstar whatever-division could put the feelers out and see which City would be prefered, which would probably be Los Santos, and then make that one.



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What about 1989? Thats 2 year after CJ leaves for Liberty. (And follows the divisible by 3 rule)


It would be a sort of San Andreas Trilogy. With a game in each of the three major regions as people have said. This will be most easily done with a double layered UMD.

  • 1st Game: Los Santos & Red County.
  • 2nd Game: San Fierro & Flint County.
  • 3rd Game: Las Venturas & the Desert.
California saw a major Earthquake in 1989. If San Andreas had a similar disaster it would explain the inability to travel very well in the state.


Los Santos Stories

The storyline would allow you to look at the break up of the OGF. You could possibly see exactly how this happened. How did Seville wrong Temple, and how did Temple wrong Grove? This storyline could also show us the deaths of Lil Devil, Big Devil, Tony. We would be able to learn a bit more about some of the background characters such as Emmet, and LB. We could also get the chance to see CJ’s mom before the tragic events of 3 years later.


If you were playing directly with the OGF I would think that Bear would be a good candidate. We don’t know much about him except that he eventually falls to drug use by 1992. The way he is referred to though you can hear the surprise and shock in CJ’s voice. LSS could show exactly how bad Big Bear really was and what spot he held in the Grove.



San Fierro Stories

There isn't too much to play out in San Fierro. But if the story could be intertwined with the others you could get a pretty good game.


I would personally like to see a Triad based game. Possibly having you play as Guppy or an unidentified triad. I was first thinking that The Truth would be an interesting candidate but he stated he hadn't driven in 15 years... making this a little too soon. But I would love to see him make an appearance having you possibly working for him again.


You might also play as someone like T-Bone showing the build up of the Vagos/Rifa connection. There might also be a Toreno appearance. He was too cool to keep from the series.



Las Venturas Stories

There are not many apparent routes to take in LV either... my idea though is to have a sort of Mafia introduction. They would show the establishment of the Casino, though Rosenberg wouldn't be there quite yet. You could possibly play as Jonny Sindacco or another Mafia affiliate trying to muscle your way into Las Venturas.




These are just my ideas...


Rown rampage_ani.gif

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Like the end first stated they should do 3 seprate games. GTA Los Santos Stories, San Fierro Stories, and Las Venturas Stories. It would be much more convinient and make more sense. And the entirety of SA would pretty much be almost impossile on the PSP. And they would probably have to do something like make the game from scratch with the origional Vice city engine. Seing as how in each city in San Andreas, you went through a some what different story. In each game there would be a back track of what you did before SA.


My Ideas

In LS you would play possibly as Big Bear, or Ryder. You would go through the hood defending territory and rival gangs and stuff.


In SF you would play as T-Bone Mendez. It would be how you become leader of the San Fierro Riffa, and become a member of teh Loco Sydicate.


In LV stories, you would play as a small time maifia man, and you would rise through the ranks doing jobs against triads and rival casinos.

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I sincerely hope that we are done with all these City Names Stories crap after VCS.

Looking for a brand new storyline from GTA IV.

I agree with you, but i wouldnt mind seeing CJ again in san andreas.


But, i would like a new city more than anything. The last gta better be good or i will go crazy.


PS: ATK, i think your ideas on the Sf/LV/LS stories are lousy. why would you want to play a character that you know is going to die?


T-bone is dead


Ryder is dead


Small mafia man is... well i dont know, probaly takein a dump

Edited by Steffen_Michael_Rye
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ha ^^^^.


I like Rown's idea the best. Especially the Los Santos storyline. Its the perfect story for the city (although there should be some references to the movie film industry in Vinewood, cuz it kinda sucked how it was ignored.)


The San Fierro storyline is probably gonna be the hardest one to create, because there's hardly anything there to do.


And the LV story is perfect, you work in a casino and you fight off the rivaling casinos as a Mafia member. (It'd be almost like the Godfather Part II i think, thats soooo cool, can't wait colgate.gif )


Great ideas.

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Well it would have to be compressed to hell confused.gif


I see the going, Los santos Stories(with country), San fiero Stories(with country/mount chilliad) and Las venturous stories (with desert)

3 umds like MGS or shenmue II?

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they wudnt need to decrease that much the fitted lc and vc in all the yhave to do WAY less cars less items not as good textures less polygons less missiosn kess songs on pc version they took up agig

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PS: ATK, i think your ideas on the Sf/LV/LS stories are lousy. why would you want to play a character that you know is going to die?


T-bone is dead


Ryder is dead


Small mafia man is... well i dont know, probaly takein a dump

My man, it was an example. What is wrong with playing some one that you know is going to die? They obviously wont die in the time you are playing because it would be before SA takes place. As long as it makes a good storyline, it could work.

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Maybe they will have select audio of music for download. And you can choose whether or not to use it. And it will stay on the memory stick. That way it can be accessed without having to put it on a UMD.


But the idea of 3 discs would be really annoying. Having to switch between islands. Like if your flying a jet around for fun, you could accidently cross that invisible line and have the annoying popup to change UMDs.

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Agent OOorange

I think if they do a "SA stories," It'll be for the bigger consoles.

(Xbox 360 & PS3) San andreas had a big map and had it's number of glitches,

but I think if they wanted to improve this one, the next generation of consoles

could make the return to San Andreas a great one. Storyline wise, I suppose

they'll do it differently but it'll be cool to see references to the 1992 SA.




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