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[REL | 1.0 Beta] VC Limits Patch


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I have started work on a patch for various in-game limits in VC to try and solve some of the consistency issues and random game crashes that are being experienced by modders using earlier versions of the files (i.e. the GTA:SOL team). The patch is coded in Java, so the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment is required for it to work. The vice.exe is a simple C++ front-end file that will execute the .jar file with either the default parameter (which is the default location of gta-vc.exe) or a file parameter given to it (if the file is not there, it will prompt for its path). For now, this tool works from a simple command-line interface; a GUI may be made for it later on but for now the main focus is providing comprehensive functionality.


IMPORTANT: This patch does not automatically back up your gta-vc.exe file! Do this manually (just browse to the directory gta-vc.exe is in, copy and paste gta-vc.exe in the same directory) and do it NOW before you apply the patch! I am not responsible if you decide to be a f*cking idiot and not back up your game, and something happens to either your game or your computer for that matter! Also, do NOT apply this patch to extensively modded versions of the game (versions modded just with Steve-M's Limit Adjuster should work fine; this applies to anyone who modded their .exe with any early patch I released, anyone who got a hacked version sent to them, and obviously anyone who hacked it themselves) because it probably won't work.


With that said, this patch is designed to work with all versions of VC, including 1.0, 1.1, and versions with limits adjusted by the Limit Adjuster. For now, this patch only hacks the map boundaries; the other functions on the menu don't work yet. The files can be downloaded below; place them in the same directory and start hacking!


If this doesn't work for a particular version of the game, post here with a link to your file so I can test it and make whatever changes are necessary to make it work.


EDIT: If you don't have a recent version of the Java Runtime Environment installed, you might need to grab a copy of it in order for this to work. You can get it here.





Version History:


5/4/2006: v1.0: initial beta release, hacks the boundaries

5/8/2006: v1.01: naming issue bug fixed, some code for IDEs added

Edited by Andy80586
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Some changes for 1.01...


Bug involving a naming issue should be fixed and some code for IDEs has been added (not fully implemented yet). The same links here point to the new files.

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can you state what the problem is exactly? being vague is not going to help me solve your problem.

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[NX] Joao.pt

I put the vice.exe and the .jar file in gtavc folder i open vice.exe then i go play and the bounds are the same sad.gif

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when you open vice.exe a prompt should come up to key in the path of your gta-vc.exe and then choose from a menu and key in the new bounds... it might be becuase i created the .jar in netbeans but that shouldnt make a difference...


EDIT: It doesn't make a difference: I loaded it up on my hornet.csc.calpoly.edu account and it prompted me for the path of gta-vc.exe like it is supposed to. Try sticking the VCTextPatch.jar and the vice.exe in the root c:\ directory, and then open a command prompt (go to Start, Run, type cmd, and hit enter) and type "cd .." until the left side says "c:\" with nothing after the back-slash, then type "vice" and hit enter. If it still doesnt work at least you will be able to tell me what it says so I can look into it.


This program is well on its way to becoming a prime example of a program that needs a GUI implemented in it... which makes the PITA factor now about equal to the factorial of itself when it was high to begin with...

Edited by Andy80586
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hey andy first off all great work now i can make really large map mods icon14.gif


but i changed the boundaries to 10000 -10000 7500 and -7500 but after a while the water

stop being solid you just fall thru and then spawn on the nearest piece of land


I know this isnt the fault of your patch but can you tell me how to fix it blush.gif




(when do you think you ara gonna release the other functions ?)

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I decided to convert all my code to C++ since some people were having issues with the Java version. I also made a GUI to go along with this and after getting permission from Steve-M I have decided to call this VC Limit Adjuster 2.0 - you will see that the GUI is very similar to 1.0 but the old functions haven't been added in yet. Right now all the boundaries can be changed as well as the helicopter height limit. As for now, I think my old Java code increased the IDE objects a small amount but expect this to work completely for Beta 2! I have a link for download below:


Limit Adjuster 2.0 Beta 1



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Patch findings..


Problems applying your new settings, too weird things can happen here if you try to re-apply your settings, and i've noticed the GTA-VC.exe can get messed up badly.


user posted image


As with the pic below, the settings get changed back to the original defaults after you press update all, but this isn't always the case.


defaults; -2400, 1600, 2000, -2000 ?


user posted image


If you change these settings back to what you first entered, Press update all and the settings stay, Continue to save and close the patch.


I found that the game crashed, So I reloaded the patch and found that the settings had been changed to -24000, 16000, -1000, 20000?


I haven't been able to test the paths currently because of this bug.


If you patch a clean version of the exe, and the settings don't change after you press update all, then the patch does work.


Testing the paths, I found that anything path wise outside the old border crashes the game.

Edited by Mc-Kay


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  • 5 months later...

new version here - lots of rewriting from scratch here and major algorithm changes... I also tested it with all VC versions.


Also, you have to click update all whenever you want something to update before you save it or nothing happens. Here are the features of this version:


- boundaries same as before


- support for ID limit (32767), TXD limit (30000), IDE limit (32767), Tobj limit (32767), 2dfx limit (100000), as well as dynamic and static IPLs


- new algorithms are HELLA faster


- multi-version support (tested with Australian, German, and American CD/no-CD versions, 1.0 and 1.1)

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  • 3 weeks later...

Limit Adjuster 2.0 Beta 3 gives me a crash in the game sad.gif but if i use the .jar and vice.exe files , i can change the boundaries , after a wile the water is no more and the game crashed sad.gif(

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  • 1 month later...

This is a great little tool. Is awesome for screwing around with Vice City.


Great work!

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can someone help me ??


i have a normal vc , i change the boundary in the N whit 5000 and when i fly around the city it crashes . only the Z boundary works (i've changed it whit 600) sad.gif why ? what do i have to do ? sad.gif

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  • 3 months later...

Beta 5 is now out. Keith reported problems with the IDE limits so that will get looked at later but path conversions and bounds should work.


As for the 5000 bound, setting bounds to small amounts over the game default might crash it . Your best bet is to raise it to something like 20000 in every direction. SOL uses 28000.


EDIT: This thing seg faults pretty bad so a fix is in progress.

Edited by Andy80586
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  • 9 months later...

Dear Andy80586!


When release the new VC Limit adjuster 2.0 beta 7? Because i am made mod, but i have got paths limit problems. I wait for your answer.



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  • 3 years later...

limit adjuster makes the vice city unstable whenever the boundry limit is hacked! Either it crashes in the beginning or in 2 star wanted level.

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