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Windows XP-Vista with no downloading guide


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Alright iw been gathering some addons and themes that can sucesesfully convert your windows xp to vista.Cissualy of course.And i will relese a compleate guide on how to acomplish that later today.Enjoy and heres a teeses screenshot.


user posted image

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That looks pretty good. I hope you get links and such, I'd like to make XP look like Vista.

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At no point did you mention the use of Windows blinds which is what your screenshot clearly shows at the bottom. Now, I assume that is what the torrent is (The three pack) which includes the transparent start bar. If this is the case, it is both illegal (as the program costs money) and in-operable in updated versions of Windows (through use of the crack).


Windows Blinds 5:

user posted image



And if the above is not the case...



All graphics and/or code belong to Microsoft or Andrew Goodrick-Werner and are not to be redistributed without permission.



At least do it right. This is a mess.


As for the Vista Internet Explorer, it is allready available. IE7 Beta2 is out and what I use. With Windows blinds, you get the ability to have the same transparency and the reliability of a real browser. Granted, some people will never call IE reliable of a real browser, but you can't argue its superiority over an IE6 mod.


And for the sake of finishing this off...


They have free suites that include icons, logins, visual styles, and every other aspect of Windows that you missed.


Yeah, not much of a guide nor much help to someone who does not know what is going on...

Edited by Mercie
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1.Ahm no the there was not the WB one.And yes i know theres better one but you need to register WB as i have to use it so no.The transparent is only wne you donwload a modified exlorer and not on all windows.

2.Ahm im not redistrubuting them the sites i posted a link to are.

3.Stop flaming me for nothing .



BIG UPDATE 3d DECKTOP.Ok its a standalone program you gun it e,\mulates the 3d descktop enjoy.WARNING you will need NET. framework 2.0. screenshot:

user posted image


download: http://www.spheresite.com/


you can also download 3d internet explorer enjoy

Edited by dodgeme
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The program you just posted is really cool, its nice to show some friends, however, you won't see me using it as my default program at starup, though. It seems kind of annoying to keep having to rotate the desktop, unless I set up something wrong.

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of course not even i use it at default startup just to show friends and stuff

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