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Mission Tips


Recommended Posts


Hi, I'm stuck on the Los serpuclos (sp) mission in gta San Andreas where you have intiate 2 gang members to do the mission. I'm doing what it tells me to press on my Xbox 360 controller; RT & left direction button on pad & it won't work. My respect bar is at 10%, I have taken over about 10 hoods/ territories & every time I have passed a mission or killed rival gang members the respect bar still stays the same. This is the only mission I have and it won't unlock other missions until I have completed this one. Please help, thanks

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Let me know how you do on Los serpulcros mission and how much respect you had for it to work. My respect bar is almost half way but still won't let me initiate to do mission

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Let me know how you do on Los serpulcros mission and how much respect you had for it to work. My respect bar is almost half way but still won't let me initiate to do mission

I can't remember to be honest. Wasn't that high I expect as I was doing quite a speedy play through. I was playing it on PS4 maybe its a bug on XBOX?

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So basically you can't start the mission because of you lacking respect? There's a "hidden" feature in that mission that if you don't have enough respect you're given to kill few Ballas on Jefferson and get back to your hood, once them Ballas are dead your respect will grow up. Try it.

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End of The Line


For some weird reasons, while playing the EoTL, I'm not fireproofed or anything. I just tought about jumping through the fires xD I know it sounds weird, but it works! It allows me to pass the fires without getting hurt! this weird stuff works in every platforms of San Andreas. I guess...

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  • 7 months later...

End of The Line


For some weird reasons, while playing the EoTL, I'm not fireproofed or anything. I just tought about jumping through the fires xD I know it sounds weird, but it works! It allows me to pass the fires without getting hurt! this weird stuff works in every platforms of San Andreas. I guess...


This is not a bug if you have already completed the first 12 levels in the firefighter side mission since the reward of it is being fireproof. :)


I hope I could help.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Supply Lines... (AO version for PS2, i.e. the very difficult one where you burn fuel at all times)


After reading a number of methods, I hit upon this one.


Bank left off the building and line up on the first van (southbound, SW of Zero's, nearest you). Start shooting when you're aimed and hold the trigger down even after he bails out, until the van blows up and takes him with it.


If you did that quickly enough you will have just enough time to haul the stick back hard left and to the intersection. The bicycle courier is at the end of the block. Fly low, aim true, land, shoot. Jicky left or right, whichever way he dismounts the bike, and hold down the trigger until he falls.


Stick back and hit the gas, turning right at the intersection where the cycle courier was. The third van should be headed S with you on nearly an intercept course as you fly downhill (basically). Line up, land, aim true (be sure you can keep your guns on it after it starts to move), and hold down the trigger until the van blows up.


Get the heck out of here and head NE, getting to an altitude where you can go diagonal to the street grid. If at this point you have about 3/4 of a tank, you've got a fighting chance if you shoot well. Look for the Sanchez courier on the main drag that goes past CJ's Xoomer safehouse, well north of it. Line up about half a block away, landed, with very careful aim on the Sanch, and do the same: hold down the trigger. The explosion should take any bailer with it.


Smack down on the gas and climb, cutting corners where you can--the last van is a couple blocks north and several blocks east, and you ideally want to come at it from the west. Land, aim true, shoot until it blows, and open the throttle. It's balls to the wall to get home.


Now you may have to slalom between some skyscrapers, but I think the cleanest return path is over the little tunnel that connects the waterfront drive to CJ's street. Always make sure your aim is as near direct toward the yellow triangle as you can manage, and avoid maneuvers except where essential. Everything that isn't straight and level flight, or a dive, costs you a little time. If you get airborne after the last kill with about 15% fuel left, and you fly well, you should make it.


Remember that at the end, there's a higher roof first that you pass over to land on Zero's lower roof. That higher roof could trip you up so stay on the gas until the red landing zone is in sight.


I did it despite a really bad maneuver after the first van that had me flying down the alley toward the body armor, costing precious time. If you think of each pole hit or other mishap as a botch, I think there is room for one botch in this strategy, but if you botch three times or more you probably are just doing it for practice (a good idea).

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Sweet & Kendel(+Big Smoke)


(Is easy..Just before you start the first mission kill a ballas member with your hands(a member have pistol or machine gun)then after they told you in first mission grab a bike go with sweet a little then stop and kill the ballas car shooter..then he cant shoot you again.)

Edited by AfricaDesignerDz
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City Slicking


Getting gold on this is a right pain, but I came up with a method that hybridizes several that I saw.


Before doing the run, explore two areas carefully.


One is the divided east-west road NW of downtown, east of the tunnel. Note the way you can cut the corner angling 45 degrees right (thus NE) when you reach this point from CJ's street, the light pole to avoid as you keep going NE, and the gaps in the short wall around the grassy area. Get good at making that corner cut without losing control, then accelerating across the grassy area to head into the downhill S-curve to the marker. We'll call this the grassy corner cut.


In addition, coming back on the docks path that goes through Esplanade and under the bridges, note on the right where there is a partly fenced parking lot on the N side of a nondescript brick building. At the SW corner of this lot there is a break in the fence just wide enough for the car; there's an armor pickup right at the spot, to know you are in the right place. Practice cutting into the parking lot via the grass as soon as the grassy berm levels out, heading for the fence break, doing a slight fishtail so as to hit the break straight (due west), and then speeding up the grassy hill to the tracks headed SSW. We'll call this the armor fence break.


As most guides advise, wait a few seconds before you hit the gas, let a couple cars come on CJ's street, then blast onto CJ's street cutting just outside the edge of hitting the building. Assume there won't be a car. If there is, stop and restart. You lose precious time if you have to maneuver here, as this long stretch is the first area where you succeed for fail. Blast down the trolley tracks, hammer down. When they edge right, stay with them, but when they turn fully eastward, realign your cruise missile car on the center line. If you perfectly splice the center line, you will pass between all traffic without taking damage, presuming no one does something stupid. Be efficient in your course corrections as each one costs you a bit of speed.


As you approach the intersection of the grassy corner cut, let off the gas and cut across the corner curb, taking care to remain in control. Miss the lamp post and aim for the grassy corner cut, as close to the west and north boundaries as possible (more direct is naturally better). Ease up at the top of the S-curve hill.


It is very easy to lose it on S-curve hill, so do whatever you can and must to get to the marker without fishtailing or taking damage. Better to lose a second here than lose three because you fishtailed, or lose the attempt because you banged into someone. At the bottom, head back along the Esplanade road, accelerating briskly and taking advantage of the elbow room.


Stay on it, as close to full throttle as you can control, until you see the building with the armor fence break. For me there was always a car about to be right where I wanted to turn; I went for it and blasted past it and was usually correct. Ease off and brake a bit as you get to the fence break, lining up, then accelerate up and angled left. Speed across the tracks toward the short road that leads right past the school, angle right, and make the last climb as quick as you can. As you come into the finish marker, avoid taking damage on the short concrete wall (or tall curb, whichever you prefer).

I have seen this route suggested and even mapped, but oddly, with people taking the low road there and back, or people taking the low road there and CJ's street back. It probably worked for them. This is what worked for me. Go get that gold.

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Here is this method for people to complete freefall on their own.

This works for all platforms,i will tell for iOS and PC


For PC:


Open your GTA San Andreas root directory

Go to data folder

Open handling.cfg with notepad

Scroll down untill you see dodo's handlings

Change dodo's drag from 12.0 to 7.0

Save the file and play



For iOS:


You need a PC and iFunbox file explorer (download here: www.i-funbox.com)


Open your GTASA sandbox

Go to gta3sa.app folder

Let all the files load

Open handling.cfg

Swipe down to dodo's handlings

Change dodo drag from 12.0 to 7.0

Save and play


If you have any problems,reply below.

Edited by yuvraj6122
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  • 4 months later...



 I often have a glitch where, using right ALT key to sneak, suddenly I stop sneaking and find myself running and before I can stop, the old man has woken and mission fails .....My solution and what I've taken to doing every playthrough, is epuip the sniper rifle befor starting the mission, (it can be found on the metal stairs at the film studio in LS). don't creep or sneak, simply walk while crouching, that is quiet enough. enter the old man's room first, upstairs and last room on left, stand up and shoot the old man with a headshot, you should hear him yell: " Get off my ridge, you commie bastards" or something to that effect. after this you can sprint if yoiu like, the noise meter is gone, and yell and make as much noise as you like, it won't fail mission for noise now. 

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don't bother with the bombs, first thing grab a plank and make your first bridge, grab any barrel that is in the road and drop IT on a tiger tank, from high enough it wii set the tiger on fire and blow it up, sometimes takes a couple of drops, grab another plank from base and make your 2nd and final bridge. now remove obstacles for Zero, while using the Barrels to destroy Berkely's tanks.  saves time not going back and forth for bombs. the mission should be way easy to pass now.

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New Model Army. Take out the tanks First with the bombs quick and easy using the 'copters shadow as the drop guide.

Place one plank  and clear the barrels for Zero.

Move that plank to the other postion.  and continue clearing Barrels.

This way you spend minimum time going back to base.  And without the Tanks to worry about, it is easy to remove the barrels.

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Boat School / Basic Seamanship

This is 1st test in the boat school and it actually gives more players trouble than any of the other test in this school. but, here is an easy tip that pretty much guarantees an easy gold.

just hit accelerate and hold it until the timer hits 6. immediately start braking...with BOTH  brakes  Avoid making the slightest turn, and you'll stop in the bouys quick enough for gold certificate.

Edited by ChasingCoyote
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  • 6 months later...

Dam and Blast


for this mission many people have a really hard time getting enough altitude to hit the corona where you'd bail and parachute to the dam, but here's how you can easily get to that corona!

when you get in the plane you are facing south. so keep the plane going that direction until you are actually crossing the river. then SLOWLY start banking toward the blip where that corona is. all the while immediately from take off (remember to raise the landing gear) also slowly  begin to climb. If you climb too steeply, the Nevada will stall and you'll lose altitude. Before you reach the corona you will probably have to drop the nose and lose some altitude. just watch and pay attention to whether the blip is facing up, down or is level with you.

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  • 5 months later...

Stoaway is so easy, just use pgdown/down shift to keep bike accelerating extremely along with the up key, dodging the barrels is cake and you easily reach the plane. The enemies inside are among the weakest, just some boxing will do, plant the charger, jump and opent the parachute. I dont get how people ever find this difficult, and its weird people are giving tips to easy missions like Are You Going to San Fierro but avoiding actual hard missions like n.o.e. and a homes in the hill....

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  • 3 weeks later...

Cop Wheels: to start things off before the mission park a fast and smooth handling FCR 900 then start, whenever you get wanted , just change cloth like wear a hat in the nearby cloth shop (this is faster than pay and spray and pay n spray are so rare, but cloth shops are common across all LV you will encounter many on your way) and continue to drive the bike (though not difficult evading a 2 star, when it gets 3/above the heli shooting makes thing a mess), memories which two cops run for it and kill them from afar with a sniper rifle or anything with good range, do not panic plenty of time and just continue to ride fast just try not hitting obstacles/other cars, you will be finished with the mission while there is still plenty of time to go. I usually have 3 minutes left after getting all four bikes and successfully completing the mission.



Vertical Bird: We all know the chasing hydras crashes if you keep flying in and out of the bridge, then just park the hydra near the boats and easily destroy them from afar with minigun/rocket launcher/bazooka. I actually thought of this in my first try, never ever had a difficult with this mission in my 13 years of playing the game, I really wonder why so many have any difficulty, its far easier than horrors like NOE and Freefall whiich make s flyinbg despicable. Vertical Bird is a piece of cake !

Edited by Ballas King
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