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[WIP]GTA3 Claude Speed for SA


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My good friend creative_madman has converted the GTA3 Claude Speed head to CJ and I have helped him do some stuff on it.


I have made a "fat" and "muscular" clump for this model of his head and now a newer team member named Nite/m4re is making the rest of the haircuts as Creative Madman is now doing his own thing.


Also I have made him fully clothable. If you strip him to his undies all the skin colour will match. He has bald, high fade and ceaser cuts with colours and beards. If you give him a haircut that is not finished it will appear as his face wrapped in bandages as if he was getting plastic surgery (lol).


GTA Garage Download



user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image



Beta 2 Features:

- Bald Head haircut with all beards

- Ceaser haircut with all colours and beards

- Normal hair is now Elvis Hair

- High Fade haircut

- Better body, legs and feet colours


- Dngleman

Edited by dingleman
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CreativeMadman gave me permission to post it a while back, just never been bothered (im a lazy ass). But expect a "beta" release in less than 24 hours. biggrin.gif. This mod is also for the SA-LC Team (that i am in) to use for their conversion. It was originally just supposed to be for them but I decided to post it here first.


- Dingleman

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Cool Can't wait ( Already have Tommy Vercetti by Creative Madman!)


Have you converted Claude's GTA3 clothes? or are you just using the normal SA clothes?


And does his mouth move when he talks?


Gonna be funny when you hit a car then CJ yells out even though Claude is a 'damn mute'

Edited by blackadder18
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Nah he's mouth doesn't move. And yes when I find another moddeling program "since my trailer expired" I will "attempt" to convert his clothes.


It is actully funny to hear him yell when he is on fire and reply to peds. I wonder if we can get into the audio files and mute 'em :\.

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I think you can mute the player in peds.ide im not sure though.



0, null, generic, PLAYER1, STAT_PLAYER, player, 0, 0, null, 9,9	, PED_TYPE_PLAYER, VOICE_PLY_CR, VOICE_PLY_CR



I think you change VOICE_PLY_CR with null.

same with other VOICE_PLY_CR

Edited by blackadder18
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Thank's for the support guys, release will be around 6:30am (UK Time) (3:30pm Canberra Melbourne Sydney time) today. There's a few bugs so this is just a beta release.


- Dingleman

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...It was originally just supposed to be for them but I decided to post it here first.


- Dingleman

Lies!! I forced you to post it here lol


Btw, are you converting the body model too? Cause Claude head dont look good on Cj ape body >.>

And for the moddeler, check your Pm box >.>

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I like it but creative madman should tweak the body skin so it matches with the head(same with his Tommy Vercetti model!)

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Sorry for the delay guys, just been busy with school.


@ MikeGangsta: Yeah you did tell me to tounge.gif, and nope no body model, because claude had a 30% fat body and 20% fat body, how will that add up for skinny CJ, then we would need to remake the clothes.


@ chris_mod-z: Nah, didn't make one, couldn't do it in time for my lousy trial expire date. Maybe I can get CM to do it sometime


@ chowness21: Soon at the top post, look out for it wink.gif


@ Bobesz & CCPD: I made that skin colour for his tommy vercetti body tounge.gif, it just looked brighter in my pics because of the lighting in some interiors. Thats a better veiw of him thats actully in a pevious post

user posted image

Edited by dingleman
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Download Link at the top post, enjoy.


P.S. I'm going to move it to GTAGarage soon.

Edited by dingleman
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would you like ust to point out whats wrong or you going to fix them on your own???

I just see somethings I would like changed...


great job though.

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Hm, here's a few.


- Hats and Shades do not work since his head is a different shape

- I'm now working on beards for Claude

- I have fixed the voice and now hes a mute (expected in next release)

- We might need more moddelers to make all the haircuts for him.

- There's no CS model for him

- A few holes have been spotted on my muscular and fat clumps.

- Ceaser beards f**k up his face.

- Theres a dark line in the center of his face when zoomed in.

- Mouth doesn't move (doesn't matter really)

- Clothes not yet converted


We might need more helpers to help us to complete this (and make it faster tounge.gif).

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I might be able to convert the SA Claude textures to a few clothes (Textures only)


P.S Could you maybe fix the white skin up a little, the nipples look too pink cry.gif

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Ok tounge.gif. I matched it with the colour of his lips, as thats a myth in real life. "Your nipples should be the same colour as your lips"


I'll post a fix for that soon tounge.gif

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Dingleman could you possibly give out the code to change the player model in gta sa liberty city to the main player so we could use this model?

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I got those nipple colours ready, just a bit lazy to upload them.. I will post it at the top post some time.


@ Zom-B:

I'll get a few more screenies for you if I get time.


@ wahgah:

I'll post it on the LC mod forum.


@ kylewpg31:

Don't like it? Don't download it wink.gificon14.gif

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Wow! That Claude clothes 2 picture looks really cool... i can't wait to get San Andreas now i'll probably install the mod straight away biggrin.gif

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Seriously Dingleman, when i get this mod i'm gonna make so many haircuts/beards and i've had some ideas for tattoos... mabye even try some modelling so i can give him different shaped haircuts. Argh i can't wait! biggrin.gif Keep the screenshots coming!

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