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Wireless internet


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My step dad is complaining about my downloads so i was thinking about getting my own Connection. Since we have a lack of room in my house, i will be staying in a caravan in our Shed, so Ethernet is out of the question.


Since im trying to take my CS:S seriously now, i was wondering if there is any Excess laag involved with running a Wireless Internet connection?


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As long as you are in within good enough range (Not pushing the signal to the limits) it should run fine. My wireless works on the other side of the house, wireless component is in the front smile.gif

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Generally speaking 802.11G is the best way to go, the range is a bit shorted but the speeds are faster.


Get a directional antenna for router for sure and if possible to for the system using it and that should help with the range limits some what. And for taht you can make what is called a cantenna...making a directional out of a old coffee can or Prinkle's can.


802.11 B is 11MBps, which is still far over what most cable/dsl ISP offer anyway, but LAN network that's slow going.

802.11 G is 54MBps, which is extremely far over what most cable/dsl ISP offer but the upside here is LAN networking is far faster.

Remember MBps means megabits per second, in the real world you're talking about 1.3Mbytes and 6.4Mbytes respectfully. And even then don't expect those speeds, expect a bit less, say just under 1Mbyte/sec and high 5.xMbytes/sec.




I'm sure what the ranges are, I've read around 150feet indoors, but you have to account for the structure itself which can have a big effect on the range, this is where the directional antenna comes in.

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My computer runs wireless across the small apartment and it sucks, it makes me lag sooo much, I get disconnected with scores of 200 only to be reconnected with a blank score.


Even as I am trying to write this, the connection is giving me problems.

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The problem is all of the steel used to make the structure of the apartment building. Creates a half-a** faraday cage.


What score?

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At 5GHz, the wavelength is 6cm. You'd need a grid with cell size signifficantly smaller than that to get the effect anything like the Faraday cage. If you just have occasional structural beams, they will create problems by creating "echos" of the sygnal, but they should not prevent propagation.

Prior to filing a bug against any of my code, please consider this response to common concerns.

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Coming from someone that just got rid of wireless and being an avid gamer, it can at times be the most frustrating thing in the world.

Now, I am not saying it will be bad at all times, but there have been periods of time where it was almost impossible for me to play due to signal interference.

It's not the perfect solution, but it isn't the worst. (You could be on 56k. wink.gif )

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  • 2 weeks later...
By the sounds of it, wire is the way to go. Shame, means i have to stay inside confused.gif

The defined limit of ethernet between two nodes is 100m. that's over the length of a football field. Why do you have to stay inside?

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WiFi N is a special system, it's basicly 2 802.11G cards tied together.

Or you can think of it this way. Think about a program like FlashGet or GetRight. You start the download from a site using your browser and you only get 150k/s, so in stead you stop the download and fire up a download accelerator and let it create multi-connections to the site now you're getting the same file at around 300k/s by letting the program create 2 connections to the same site.


802.11N is 100mbps and other than that it has the same limits as G. Infact if understand it right, N is backwards compatible with A, B and G so a N router a system only with G can connect to it.

One of the problems with A was that it wasn't backwards compatible with anything. A router that is only A can only support A. I could be wrong on this, I gave up paying attention to A and I think most other people have too.

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Wireless B, now that is the best. I used to have wireless B. I turned it off on the router and now I use wired, not sure why either.

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B has greater range but it's speed sucks compared to G which has the much faster speed.

B is listed as 11mbps but in real world you get more like 5mbps

G is listed as 54mbps but in the real world you get more like 20mbps

A is listed and real world the same as G but, if memory serves, has the range of B and best of all is on a different frequence so there is less interference from things like wireless phones and microwave overs.


No joke. I've got a friend that uses cable internet and has a wifi network. When he's online talking to me in TS he'll suddenly drop off. It took a little to figure out that everytime someone used the cordless phone in the house he would loss the WiFi connection. So it was funny as hell to be talking to him and hear the phone at his house ring and he yells out NOOOOO...then silence. Oh yeah and he had a 12-year old sister, so yep the phone rang alot.

Edited by wolf68k
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WiFi N is a relatively new thing, you can't always find hardware to support it.

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