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Please be aware that this is not a tutorial request forum! Use the appropriate topic for the effect.
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Using the "Boolean" function in 3D Studio Max

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Using the "Boolean" function in 3D Studio Max

By Supdario


With this function you can subtract a part of a model by using another, this is an example of what exactly it does:



user posted image


As you can see, the cylinder model has deleted a part of the mountain and a part of the grey box...


Let's start the tutorial. tounge.gif


Step 1

We'll create a volcano (a bit simply tounge.gif ) from a cone.


Start 3D Studio Max (I use version 7) and create a cone.



user posted image


If you want you can use my data:


user posted image




Step 2

Now we'll use the Oiltank ( lol.gif ), so, go to Extended Primiteves and select OilTank.

Make this object in the middle of the cone, using the Top View



user posted image




Step 3

As you can se inside the Step 2 image, the "Oiltank" is at the bottom of scene, so you must move it up.



user posted image




Step 4

This is the active part.

Select the cone object, go to "Compound Objects" and select Boolean.



user posted image




Step 5

It's time to apply the effect to the model. tounge.gif

Make sure "Subtraction (A-B)" is selected and press "Pick Operand B".

Now press H on keyboard and select the Oiltank.


Press "Pick" to apply the effect.



user posted image




Step 6

This is the best step: Enjoy! lol.giftounge.giftounge.gif



user posted image


Well, this model isn't nice, but this is a tutorial. turn.gif


I hope you like it. turn.gif




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Great tutorial happy.gif Props on that. I didn't know it's that easy!



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Just to make it clear - I have had lots of problems with boolean before, so remember, kids - it is best to use boolean BEFORE making changes to the geometric shape (e.g. a cube) otherwise it may very well result into some weird models with holes throughout.

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Omg I never looked at this because I didnt know what boolean means but after reading this it is very helpful. No more to moving each vertex one by one. You saved me a lot of time! cookie.gif

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Thank you man.you very help me. icon14.gif

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