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'A thankyou topic'


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I'm just posting this topic to show my appreciation to all the help I have got on these forums, and to mainly thank wolf.


He must have spent many hours helping people sort out their problems on here, and many more searching for web pages that will help them out aswell.


I'm sure wold, along with many others have saved a few of us a lot of money, whether it is just by recommending the right products, or helping us solve a software problem.


I just want you guys to know you help has been greatly appreciated, and I'm sure many of the other guys on this forum appreciate it to.


So yeah, thanks guys smile.gif


In particular:







Sorry if i missed anyone.

Edited by |Zephyr|
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Wow I am being thanked? Thank You very Much , and yes wolf does take lots of time to help us out, cran is here to make me jealous of his hardware, K^2 is always here for help with programing and pcs ingeneral. I am probably not thanking everyone that has helped me get to this point. This combined with google , you guys, here to always answer my questions and confirm my purchases, and my own thirst to know about pcs. Thank you pc chat. And thank you everyone with questions, without you guys I wouldn't be able to share my limited knowledge.

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Yeah, wolf is the man when it comes to computer advice, it seems. I don't know how active Edwards is anymore, but he's a pretty knowledgable guy, too.


It's kind of hard for me to keep up on technology, so it's good that these guys keep up on it for us, and still help us out.

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|Zephyr| I would have helped you but i didn't know any answers to any of your questions blush.gif Try asking something I know!! smile.gif


I would also like to personally thank anyone and everyone that has helped me out here in PC Chat. cookie.gif

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Well I want to thank everyone for asking the questions. Without that I wouldn't know many of the answers and in a few cases the problems that y'all had creeped up on me, either on my own rig or a friend's.


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