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Ok, i really need help


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I got my friend to download the game and burn it on the cd so i can play it without me downloading it on 56k(u know with all the problems and such).

Ok I have two computers:

a) crap comp-P2, 300mhz, 8mb video card, 64mbit ram

b)good comp- p4, 2.3ghz, 64mb vid card, 256mbit ram


I installed the game on both comps.

Even though my crap comp is very bad it can run GTA normally. When in game, when i'm at a bridge or somewhere with mad cars around, it tends to lag. I understand that.

Now when i load the game on my good comp., it starts frame lagging when the game starts. My good comp is way better than my crap comp and yet it runs very choppy and slow. When i turn off frame limiter (F8) it will run wayyy too fast and i can't play.


I tried setting the color quality from highest 32bit to lowering it to medium 16bit. It actually runs a little bit better if not the same as my crap comp.

Is there any other way to maximize my performance for playing this game? My settings for video properties is at maximum. I hope someone knows another way to solve this issue.

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When you're beginning a game, I assume there is alot of good sharpness and crisp textures. That's cause the resolution is so high. Hit F10 and a resolution choose screen will come up. Choose 300x240 (or lower) and get a better framerate. Enjoy the classic!

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Um, already did that , doesn't help at all. Besides it will be really bad graphics and i don't like that. I want to maximize my performance with the best resolution i can have and putting it to lower resolution only gives me about 2 to 3 more fps.

So no one can help me?

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Wow, thanks. Lowering sound quality actually helps my gameplay. Now it's completely normal, no lag and stuff.

Now i don't want to ask for much but...

There are a lot of mods for this game but i'm looking for a particular in-game mod/trainer that can do the following:

1. Tell you the coordinates of where you are

2. Maybe a mini map if possible, hell i'm outta my mind here....

3. Nearest location for a auto spray, good cars( GTS, Cossie, etc.)


The reason i asked #1 is because im suspecting that the notepad file "Mission"(program files->rockstar games-> gta->gtadata ) that came with the installation tells you where everything in the game is. I guessing that you can mod files so that for example ,in the first mission with the four phones in South Park, the weapon near the phones, you can mod it so that you can get a flamethrower or a machine gun everytime you pick it up.


That would really be kewl if there is one.

Again, thnx!

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This game is real hard...and its so old..its free at rockstar.com .....FREE! and #2 is to...FREE! but i quit this game cuz of the top down veiw! icon13.gif

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