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GTA LCS Cheat Tutorial Edition 2

Recommended Posts

GTA Liberty City Stories Cheat Tutorial 2

Edited By Lil_Sokz


Go to http://maxbot.com/ to get Edison's Carter Cheat Device Now!!



Also Go See my First GTA LCS Cheat Tutorail at http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=241502



3) How to Get 4 New Vehicle at Once!


1. For this cheat, you will NOT need the Edison Carter’s cheat device


2. Go to the place in Portland where a car is displayed inside a room shielded by glass. (Next to Eight Ball or Bomb Shop)


3. Go to the yellow shining thing in front of the door where the car is displayed.


user posted image


4. It will try to make you do a car sale mission, but to clear it is a pain in the neck, so why not killing?


user posted image


5. Kill one of the person that’s standing next to the cars, a title with “Mission Failed” would pop up and the salesman would walk away leaving the car behind.


user posted image


6. Go steal any car out of the four! There’s also one good sports car that I never saw in Portland!


user posted image


PS: If you drive your car far out to the city, the other 3 cars would be gone.


7. You could also do this cheat in Staunton Island with the bike store, right next to the Fire truck station.




4) Putting more than 1 car into your garage!


Normally you can only keep one vehicle in your garage due to the fact that if one vehicle is being stored the door will not open for the one your in, so get out of your car (a bike works easier) and push it next to the garage doors, when you get close enough it will open and let you push your vehicle into the garage. This is very handy when you want both a car and a bike at your fingertips.




5) How to get A LOT of money and weapons at ONCE!


1. First you need Edison’s Carter Cheat Device 0.7 or higher


2. Activate the “Peds have weapons” cheat by pressing R1, R1, L1, R1, R1, L1, Right, Circle.



3. Then load up the cheat device by pressing “L1 up” and make your gravity very high so that cars and bike would start exploding everywhere.


4. Then go near a car that’s going crazy by the heavy gravity. Eventually the car would hit you or something and you will die. (You don’t have to go near a car, just find a way to kill yourself)


5. You will load up in a hospital, now try walking around the city, you will notice that almost all the peds are dead lying on the ground with there weapons and money left behind.


user posted image


6. After you have taken as much as you want, bring back your gravity to normal to deactivate the cheat.




6) How to Win a Race as 1st Place! (Very Easy)


1. You need Edison's Carter Cheat Device v0.7 and higher


2. First of all, find a mission where you have to compete against the others with a race.


3. I will take the mission "Wong Side of the Track" as an example.


user posted image


4. After you are in the mission, load up the cheat menu and scroll down until the "freeze everything". The other players will freeze, so you wil have no pressure at all except for the time!


5. To deactivate the cheat, press the "freeze everything" cheat again.






More New Interesting Cheat Tutorial Will be updated to this File! So check it out sometime later!



All tutorials was Edited and Written By Lil_Sokz


Thanks to Edison Carter for his wonderful Cheat Device!


Also go to http://www.cheatsync.net/pmg/ to check out Pimp My Garage! Released!!


user posted image

Edited by sokz
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