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Vigilante Island


Recommended Posts


I made co-leader smile.gif


Chris : I'm awaiting orders, SIR! (lol)

Joe.G : Ill give you a layout for your arsenal when we put it in the armory,

ell: I'm making a custom Vigilant Island Military Jeep


To the rest of the team: If you have you assignments, get to work, if not, Chris will have them soon.





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ok butterballer360 a tad army like although we are on the army section so ill allow it.


i have a task for cruisex. your doing the armory. and joe.g is doing the safehouse with lots of guns smile.gif

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I made co-leader smile.gif


Chris : I'm awaiting orders, SIR! (lol)

Joe.G : Ill give you a layout for your arsenal when we put it in the armory,

ell: I'm making a custom Vigilant Island Military Jeep


To the rest of the team: If you have you assignments, get to work, if not, Chris will have them soon.





good my car was retarded. im almost finished the bunker ill post it later tonight

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oh sh*t i finished and tried to put all the codes together and now all the coordanations are messed up angry.gif

EDIT: all hope is not lost i managed to sort the codes but it deleted the top floor so ill sort that soon

Edited by ell
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I,m gonna make a custom vigilante island police car for my police station on it


here it is


#cheat Patrol Car - PIMPED: 185-SHELBY

setshort(0x993002A, 0x20, 0x20, 0x20, 0x50, 0x61, 0x74, 0x72, 0x6f, 0x6c, 0x20, 0x43, 0x61, 0x72);

setchar(0x945cdf2, 0x5);

setchar(0x945cdf1, 0x50);

setchar(0x945cdf0, 0x52);

setshort(0x9444cd0, 252);

setfloat(0x9444ccc, 0.875);

setfloat(0x945cd70, 1400);

setfloat(0x945cd78, 0.9);

setfloat(0x945ce30, 0.3);

setfloat(0x945ce34, -0.14999);

setfloat(0x945ce38, 0.5);

setfloat(0x945cdfc, 1.3);

setfloat(0x945ce00, 1.3);

setfloat(0x945cdf4, 0.004);

setfloat(0x945ce10, 0.52);

setfloat(0x945ce14, 0);

setfloat(0x945ce18, 34);

setfloat(0x945ce28, 1.6);

setfloat(0x945ce2c, 0.1);

setfloat(0x945ce44, 0.15);

setfloat(0x945ce3c, 0.3);

setfloat(0x945cd90, 0);

setfloat(0x945cd94, 0);

setfloat(0x945cd98, 0);

setchar(0x945cda0, 70);

setfloat(0x945ce1c, 0.89);

setfloat(0x945ce20, 0.5175);

setfloat(0x945cd7c, 1.25);

sethex(0x945ce40, 0x01, 0xa1, 0x00, 0x04);

setchar(0x967E6FC, 0xFF, 0x00, 0x00);

sethex(0x944fb38, 0x36, 0x59, 0x30);

sethex(0x944faf4, 0x36, 0x59, 0x27);

setint(0x8E38A38, 185);

setchar(0x8E38A5C, 118, 101);

sethex(0x8E38A5E, 0x01, 0x00);

teleport(292.22, -440.37, 26.02);

setchar(pplayer + 0xB84, 0x00);



use the all cars act like fbi cars cheat for the siren

Edited by Mr. Mysterious
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ok heroyamoto24 can be in the team but i don't have a task for him yet. if he comes up with one he can do then ill let him do that.



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ok butterballer360 a tad army like although we are on the army section so ill allow it.


i have a task for cruisex. your doing the armory. and joe.g is doing the safehouse with lots of guns smile.gif

do i just build the armory where ever i want? (its where weapons are stored right....or no)

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yer and we move it to the city location l8r.


yer its the place where you put weapons. the code will have to be changed when its moved for weapons to spawn properly.

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how did u spawn those 2 hellenback gts together with the same colours u made from pmg

just drove them there but i'l get a cheat so it spawns them there

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Yes i am redy whit the army base but i am not ready whit the things i sould spawn them but i did whant it to be in it`s right place smile.gif ore can it be there?

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i'l do another building but dont know what to do i was thinbking of making a hospital in the downtown area

ye ill make another building to like the bikesales man place or a sky scraper

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Yer...um...What should I do I...um... deleted all my text files and um...lost all my stuff that I had made made, so yer thats my story.

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Ya, umm im sorry but im not really fealling "it" because i bearly play GTA anymore cause i got a eloder for it, and im addicted to MySpace so i resign, but its not all bad, ill give you the codes for the weopons, but sum1s gatah make the bunker, and dont flame me just because i quit, i just think GTA is getting boring because i used to play it 24/7... so heres the codes for like alot of weopons and stuff, change the coords thats all, unless you want a dif. weopon, just change the 3 numbers on the fourth line 2 whatever you want, i dont know maybe ill comeby again, but for now heres the codes.



#cheat Arsanal of weoponsmoveto(302.32,-391.19,24.84);  object(0x01F3,0,0,0);move(-14.49,0,0);  object(0x01F3,0,0,0);//M-60setfloat(0x08e2e2e0, 288, -380, 25.17);setint(0x08E2e2f4, 0);setchar(0x08E2E2fC, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08E2e306, 0x121)setchar(0x08E2e312, 0x0f)setchar(0x08E2e313, 0x00)setchar(0x08E2e330, 0xff)//RPGsetfloat(0x08e2e278, 290, -380, 25.17);setint(0x08E2e294, 0);setchar(0x08E2E29C, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08E2e2a6, 0x11f)setchar(0x08E2e2b2, 0x0f)setchar(0x08E2e2b3, 0x00)setchar(0x08E2e2d0, 0xff)//Flamethrowersetfloat(0x08e2e040, 292, -380, 25.17);setint(0x08E2e054, 0);setchar(0x08E2E05C, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08E2e066, 0x120)setchar(0x08E2e072, 0x0f)setchar(0x08E2e073, 0x00)setchar(0x08E2e090, 0xff)//Chainsawsetfloat(0x08e2e0a0, 294, -380, 25.17);setint(0x08E2e0b4, 0);setchar(0x08E2E0bC, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08E2e0c6, 0x10d)setchar(0x08E2e0d2, 0x0f)setchar(0x08E2e0d3, 0x00)setchar(0x08E2e0f0, 0xff)//Katanasetfloat(0x08e2e100, 296, -380, 25.17);setint(0x08E2e114, 0);setchar(0x08E2E11C, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08E2e126, 0x10c)setchar(0x08E2e132, 0x0f)setchar(0x08E2e133, 0x00)setchar(0x08E2e150, 0xff)//Machettesetfloat(0x08e2e160, 298, -380, 25.17);setint(0x08E2e174, 0);setchar(0x08E2E17C, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08E2e186, 0x10b)setchar(0x08E2e192, 0x0f)setchar(0x08E2e193, 0x00)setchar(0x08E2e1b0, 0xff)//Remote grenadesetfloat(0x08e2e1c0, 300, -380, 25.17);setint(0x08E2e1d4, 0);setchar(0x08E2E1dC, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08E2e1e6, 0x123)setchar(0x08E2e1f2, 0x0f)setchar(0x08E2e1f3, 0x00)setchar(0x08E2e210, 0xff)//Molitive cocktailsetfloat(0x08e2e220, 302, -380, 25.17);setint(0x08E2e234, 0);setchar(0x08E2E23C, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08E2e246, 0x110)setchar(0x08E2e252, 0x0f)setchar(0x08E2e253, 0x00)setchar(0x08E2e270, 0xff)//Teargassetfloat(0x08e2dfe0, 288, -382, 25.17);setint(0x08E2Dff4, 0);setchar(0x08E2EffC, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08E2e006, 0x10f)setchar(0x08E2e012, 0x0f)setchar(0x08E2e013, 0x00)setchar(0x08E2e030, 0xff)//Uzi1 setfloat(0x08e2df80, 290, -382, 25.17);setint(0x08E2Df94, 0);setchar(0x08E2Ef9C, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08E2Dfa6, 0x119)setchar(0x08E2Dfb2, 0x0f)setchar(0x08E2Dfb3, 0x00)setchar(0x08E2Dfd0, 0xff)//Uzi2setfloat(0x08e2df20, 292, -382, 25.17);setint(0x08E2Df34, 0);setchar(0x08E2Ef3C, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08E2Df46, 0x11a)setchar(0x08E2Df52, 0x0f)setchar(0x08E2Df53, 0x00)setchar(0x08E2Df70, 0xff)//Uzi3setfloat(0x08e2dec0, 294, -382, 25.17);setint(0x08E2Ded4, 0);setchar(0x08E2EedC, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08E2Dee6, 0x11b)setchar(0x08E2Def2, 0x0f)setchar(0x08E2Def3, 0x00)setchar(0x08E2Df10, 0xff)//Uzi4setfloat(0x08e2de60, 296, -382, 25.17);setint(0x08E2De74, 0);setchar(0x08E2Ee7C, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08E2De86, 0x11c)setchar(0x08E2De92, 0x0f)setchar(0x08E2De93, 0x00)setchar(0x08E2Deb0, 0xff)//Sniper1setfloat(0x08e2de00, 298, -382, 25.17);setint(0x08E2De14, 0);setchar(0x08E2Ee1C, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08E2De26, 0x11d)setchar(0x08E2De32, 0x0f)setchar(0x08E2De33, 0x00)setchar(0x08E2De50, 0xff)//Sniper2setfloat(0x08e2dda0, 300, -382, 25.17);setint(0x08E2Ddb4, 0);setchar(0x08E2EdbC, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08E2Ddc6, 0x11e)setchar(0x08E2Ddd2, 0x0f)setchar(0x08E2Ddd3, 0x00)setchar(0x08E2Ddf0, 0xff)//Shotgun1setfloat(0x08e2dd40, 302, -382, 25.17);setint(0x08E2Dd54, 0);setchar(0x08E2Ed5C, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08E2Dd66, 0x115)setchar(0x08E2Dd72, 0x0f)setchar(0x08E2Dd73, 0x00)setchar(0x08E2Dd90, 0xff)//Shotgun2setfloat(0x08e2dce0, 288, -384, 25.17);setint(0x08E2Dcf4, 0);setchar(0x08E2EcfC, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08E2Dd06, 0x116)setchar(0x08E2Dd12, 0x0f)setchar(0x08E2Dd13, 0x00)setchar(0x08E2Dd30, 0xff)//Shotgun3setfloat(0x08e2dc80, 290, -384, 25.17);setint(0x08E2Dc94, 0);setchar(0x08E2Ec9C, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08E2Dca6, 0x117)setchar(0x08E2Dcb2, 0x0f)setchar(0x08E2Dcb3, 0x00)setchar(0x08E2Dcd0, 0xff)//Chizalsetfloat(0x08e2dc20, 292, -384, 25.17);setint(0x08E2Dc34, 0);setchar(0x08E2Ec3C, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08E2Dc46, 0x104)setchar(0x08E2Dc52, 0x0f)setchar(0x08E2Dc53, 0x00)setchar(0x08E2Dc70, 0xff)//brass knucklessetfloat(0x08e2dbc0, 294, -384, 25.17);setint(0x08E2Dbd4, 0);setchar(0x08E2EbdC, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08E2Dbe6, 0x103)setchar(0x08E2Dbf2, 0x0f)setchar(0x08E2Dbf3, 0x00)setchar(0x08E2Dc10, 0xff)//Hockey sticksetfloat(0x08e2db60, 296, -384, 25.17);setint(0x08E2Db74, 0);setchar(0x08E2Eb7C, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08E2Db86, 0x105)setchar(0x08E2Db92, 0x0f)setchar(0x08E2Db93, 0x00)setchar(0x08E2Dbb0, 0xff)//Night Sticksetfloat(0x08e2db00, 298, -384, 25.17);setint(0x08E2Db14, 0);setchar(0x08E2Eb1C, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08E2Db26, 0x106)setchar(0x08E2Db32, 0x0f)setchar(0x08E2Db33, 0x00)setchar(0x08E2Db50, 0xff)//Axesetfloat(0x08e2daa0, 300, -384, 25.17);setint(0x08E2Dab4, 0);setchar(0x08E2EabC, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08E2DAc6, 0x10a)setchar(0x08E2DAd2, 0x0f)setchar(0x08E2DAd3, 0x00)setchar(0x08E2DAf0, 0xff)//Cleaversetfloat(0x08e2da40, 302, -384, 25.17);setint(0x08E2Da54, 0);setchar(0x08E2Ea5C, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08E2DA66, 0x107)setchar(0x08E2DA72, 0x0f)setchar(0x08E2DA73, 0x00)setchar(0x08E2DA90, 0xff)//RPGsetfloat(0x08e2d9e0, 290, -386, 25.17);setint(0x08e2d964, 0);setchar(0x08E2D9fC, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08e2da16, 0x11f)setchar(0x08e2da22, 0x0f) setchar(0x08e2da23, 0x00) setchar(0x08e2da40, 0xff) //Colt pistol setfloat(0x08e2d9e0,292, -386, 25.17);setint(0x08E2D9F4, 0);setchar(0x08E2E9FC, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08E2DA06, 0x113)setchar(0x08E2DA12, 0x0f)setchar(0x08E2DA13, 0x00)setchar(0x08E2DA30, 0xff)//Healthsetfloat(0x08e2d980, 294, -386, 25.17);setint(0x08e2d8f4, 0);setchar(0x08E2D99C, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08e2d9a6, 0x22e)setchar(0x08e2d9b2, 0x0f) setchar(0x08e2d9b3, 0x00) setchar(0x08e2d9d0, 0xff)//Armorsetfloat(0x08e2d8c0, 296, -386, 25.17);setint(0x08e2d834, 0);setchar(0x08E2D8dC, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08e2d8e6, 0x24b)setchar(0x08e2d8f2, 0x0f)setchar(0x08e2d8f3, 0x00)setchar(0x08e2d910, 0xff)//Bribesetfloat(0x08e2d920, 298, -386, 25.17);setint(0x08e2d894, 0);setchar(0x08E2D93C, 0xff, 0xff)setshort(0x08e2d946, 0x23f)setchar(0x08e2d952, 0x0f)setchar(0x08e2d953, 0x00)setchar(0x08e2d970, 0xff)teleport(295, -393.5, 24.78)#cheat Spawn to arsanal of weopons when busted/wasted...//ID: 8032//Score: 0//Author: Joe.G2//Category: Teleport//Description: what it says uptop//Image: none//Time: 19/04/2006 22:25:16//Working: Unknownsetfloat(08e55490, 295, -393.5, 24.78)setfloat(08e554a0, 295, -393.5, 24.78)setfloat(08e554b0, 295, -393.5, 24.78)setfloat(08e55530, 295, -393.5, 24.78)setfloat(08e55540, 295, -393.5, 24.78)setfloat(08e55550, 295, -393.5, 24.78)


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