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Check my website with PSP/mobile phone?


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A couple of years ago, a college friend checked Project Cerbera on an old mobile phone. A few months ago, someone checked it for me using a PSP.


The homepage:

user posted image

800 x 435, 72kB.


A code sample in a GTA2 tutorial:

user posted image

800 x 600, 82kB.



I'd like some people to check my first professional website in small screen devices like the PSP and mobile phones. The website is Calthorpe Park School and I'd like it to support mobile devices so that the students can check the calendar, recent letters, staff list and other stuff while on the move.


Using the web on a mobile device can be expensive, so check the cost if you aren't sure.

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I've made some screenshots. I'll post them a bit later once I figure out why the hell Nokia PC Suite isn't connecting to my phone.

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Ok i took a look on my PSP, the Calender and site seems to work just fine no immediate problems, except to do with the images on the homepage and the letters page.



user posted image


Letters Page:

user posted image

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Okay, here: http://141592653589.org/cerbera/showimages.php


I made a decent amount of pics on my Nokia 6630. Some of the homepage, some of the search page and a few on the sitemap. Since GPRS is expensive as f*ck I didn't bother visiting any other pages.


Notice the first image. That is what I got when I visited the URL "http://calthorpepark.hants.sch.uk/", it's in a frame, pointing to the real homepage which is "http://calthorpepark.hants.sch.uk/homepage". That's probably something you should fix.


Also, the "Skip to navigation" and such links are especially useful when on a portable devioce such as a phone because it eliminates unnecessary scrolling. icon14.gif

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Well this is on a Palm TX running Palm OS 5 and the standard Blazer web browser.


user posted image

user posted image

user posted image


And that's just the homepage ...

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Looks like the PSP struggles with the clear: both; CSS property which is applied to the <div id="navigation"> container. On desktop browsers, this makes the <div id="header"> extend down to contain the logo with the rest of the page underneath.


I tried a quick fix over MSN with JCM (gta_king) but it didn't work. I know of two other quick fixes which I'd like to try out with him or anyone else who has a PSP. The PSP generally has good CSS support, so I probably havn't found this problem before because desktop browsers can afford the resources to be more forgiving.



It seems that the Nokia browser correctly treats itself as a media="handheld" device and therefore ignores the media="screen" stylesheet. This results in it getting the plain HTML, which it then applies default styling to. That works very well.



With the Blazer browser, it is obviously a handheld device but it has decided to read the media="screen" stylesheet, with disastrous results! tounge.gif



I think I shall add a media="handheld" stylesheet which undoes all the layout stuff set in the media="screen" stylesheet. That means mobile phones will get a single column layout.



(EDIT) The Calthorpe Test Site now has a stylesheet for handheld devices. It would be useful to see whether this improves performance in mobile phones since they should use it. I'm not sure what to do about the PSP since it appears to ignore handheld stylesheets.

Edited by Cerbera
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