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[REL] Anderius


Recommended Posts

Russian modmaker Deniska & co during long time develops one of the largest SA modification - Alien City.

If you on gtaforums.com for a long time, you should know about his Vice City mods - City of lost heaven (new area in VC, new missions (he scripted football(soccer) !!!)) and Alien City Beta alien.gif

Changes are so great, that this is more full game on GTA engine, than mod. Absolutely new map (size no smaller than San Andreas), new cars, new peds, new scripts, new storyline and other awesome features! After 3 years of a hard work its finally released mercie_blink.gif

user posted image

Download Grand Theft Auto: Anderius (Alien City)


Install it on clean GTA San Andreas game (v1.0)!

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Holy crap that lookse f*cking awsome tounge.gif


When can we expect a beta?

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Looks great mate icon14.gif


When do we get an Beta release?



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When do we get an Beta release?

After Deniska complete map, to create missions and modelled weapons. And it will be FINAL.


He rocks. His work is amazing, and so much work too!

Yes, he profi. His modelling skills in 3ds max 6.0 at times amaze!

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k, cool... And how long will that take you think? tounge.gif


Wanna play this tounge.gif Can't wait!

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Bernard Jazz

Brilliant icon14.gif


His mods are amazing, especially city of lost heaven.. but the most important question is: Will it be available in English too? tounge.gif

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Wow, this one kind of appeared out the blue, what a job you've done too, looks great, one thing, why all the night time shots? confused.gif I'll be looking forward to the final wh rah.gif en you're ready. rah.gif

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I bet this guy has made some of the most ambicious mods for GTA out there. monocle.gif


Once more, his got my download. icon14.gif


Good work and good luck with any problems encoutered.

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I'm getting horny because of this mod rah.gif




have a catloaf_by_anuj.gif



suicidal.gif right..


Anyways, I was so waiting for this to go to SA! Sya bye-bye GTI Islands!!!

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You are in the COLD mod wow.gif


Respect, this will be sure worth the download then

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I've to said mod is pretty good And one question what size of the city will be?

Of course if you will finish your mod?

Evil city is suck all and the main developer Petro is a big piece of sh*t rahkstar2.gif

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 4 weeks later...
Bernard Jazz

It probably is, there was a beta-version released last year (i think) for VC.

I'll dig up the link and edit this post when i find it.



Alien City for VC:



City of lost heaven for VC:


This one has football in it too biggrin.gif

Both of them are made by Deniska

Edited by Mealing
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  • 3 weeks later...

is this mod still a W.I.P.? I downloaded it and thought it was complete soo... the map was the sh*t but I was like WHERE THE HELL ARE ALL THE CARS???? Then I realized it's a beta so just wondering.


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  • 5 weeks later...

Yeah! It looks awesome! Nice work dude ;D


And is there always fog on the city?

Edited by Psychiks²
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  • 1 month later...

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