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GTANet Annual Awards 2005 Winners


Recommended Posts

Sorry it took so long. I was supposed to make a hack to add awards to profiles, but the server has been acting dodgy, and I couldn't wrap my head around the code. blush.gif


Anyhoo, better late than never, so, without further delay, or further use of dramatic, superfluous commas, the winners are:



General Awards

  • Most Respected Member

    3rd: anuj [408]

    2nd: MyMothersMySister [437]

    Winner: illspirit [534]

    Prize: Respect?

  • Most Helpful Member

    3rd: GTA3Freak-2001 [375]

    2nd: Demarest [382]

    Winner: wolf68k [396]

    Prize: +6 Karma user posted image

  • Most Improved Member

    3rd: YeTi [271]

    2nd: Big Vinny [276]

    Winner: SWEETSAPRIK [321]

  • Best New Member

    3rd: Ottae [200]

    2nd: SWEETSAPRIK [425]

    Winner: Mxyzptlk [442]

  • Funniest Member

    3rd: Guybrush_Threepwood [247]

    2nd: ghost of delete key [292]

    Winner: anuj [402]

GTA Series Awards
  • Most Knowlegable

    3rd: GTA3Freak-2001 [318]

    2nd: Demarest [402]

    Winner: Mxyzptlk [409]

  • Most Helpful

    3rd: GTA3Freak-2001 [191]

    2nd: Demarest [239]

    Winner: Mxyzptlk [277]

  • Best Screenshooter

    3rd: Black-Hawk [147]

    2nd: Mxyzptlk [160]

    Winner: adamcs [231]

Modding Awards
  • Most Helpful Modder

    3rd: steve-m [120]

    2nd: illspirit [131]

    Winner: Demarest [173]

  • Greatest Achievement in GTA Editing

    3rd: edisoncarter (GTASA cheats & LCS cheat device) [255]

    2nd: ODIE (Mapping Pioneer) [256]

    Winner: PatrickW (the "Hot Coffee" fiasco) [289]

    Prize: Lots of press coverage and annoying reporters contacting you.

  • Best Car Modeller

    3rd: Yazu [127]

    2nd: Monitor57 [151]

    Winner: Suction Testicle Man [197]

  • Best Map Modder

    3rd: Opius [141]

    2nd: illspirit [253]

    Winner: ODIE [391]

  • Best Coder

    3rd: JernejL [178]

    2nd: PatrickW [209]

    Winner: steve-m [213]

  • Best Scripter

    3rd: Craig Kostelecky [166]

    2nd: Demarest [184]

    Winner: PatrickW [244]

Graphics Awards
  • Most Helpful

    3rd: DiVaio [185]

    2nd: anuj [292]

    Winner: papanesta [317]

  • Most Talented

    3rd: papanesta [164]

    2nd: anuj [267]

    Winner: VideoPoker [282]

  • Best Signature

    3rd: vALKYR [284]

    2nd: disco [334]

    Winner: VideoPoker (Click Here) [374]

    Prize: Sig added to the header of 2D GFX Forum.

Gang Awards
  • Best Official Gang

    3rd: $outh $ide Hoodz [306]

    2nd: The Precinct [381]

    Winner: The NYCC [417]

    Prize: Cookies. cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif

  • Best Unofficial Gang

    3rd: Propaganda Inc. [155]

    2nd: Corleone Family Mafia [211]

    Winner: Zaibatsu [458]

    Prize: Cookies. cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif

Staff Awards
  • Best Led by

    3rd: wolf68k [230]

    2nd: papanesta [245]

    Winner: anuj [324]

    Prize: Promotion to Moderator.

  • Best Moderator

    3rd: Tsuroki [227]

    2nd: Opius [239]

    Winner: GTA3Freak-2001 [291]

  • Best Administrator

    3rd: adamcs [276]

    2nd: illspirit [410]

    Winner: MyMothersMySister [428]

Special Awards
  • Best Asset to McDonalds

    3rd: Cran. [222]

    2nd: Tuff Luv Capo [256]

    Winner: Big Vinny [325]

    Prize: Team icon set as user posted image

  • Biggest Drama Queen

    3rd: Mar [222]

    2nd: immessedup17 [403]

    Winner: Demarest & Antinark/Poncho. [462]

  • Best #gta op

    3rd: Trows [184]

    2nd: Dalpura [198]

    Winner: Luke [250]

  • Most Annoying

    3rd: Mar [233]

    2nd: Yuck Fou [351]

    Winner: baptiste [394]

And in case you're wondering who tried voting for themselves, clicky.
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Good job to everyone. Congrats to the winners.

Well im most annoying, no big deal... thought I have improved alot.

you have mate, don't worry about it

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Ah so they weren't posted ages ago and I just missed them.


Can't say I disagree with any of the results except for one but I'll keep my mouth shut.


Congratulations to all winners. 6 KARMA STARS wow.gif

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Ironic how Mxy won so many of the GTA awards and now he's gone.

Mxy's gone? nervous.gif


Congrats to the winners, and enjoy the medals (nice hack BTW).


I got third in the most improved surprisingly, pity you don't get any rewards for coming third.

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Congrats to everyone who won, you guys certainly deserved it. I actually totally forgot about this, illy. The results came as expected.


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Hurahh shame i didn't get in thrid or anything for the helping one, but there's always next year, the people that won all deserve it.


Especially Wolf, +6 Karma, that's awesome biggrin.gif

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The Phantom Menace


Shame on them Andolini Mafia Family.



Well, at least I can say with confidence that I didn't cheat. I voted fairly and squarely. wink.gif


Anywho, congratulations to all the winners of each category. My biggest congratulations go to "The Zaibatsu" on being the voted the best unofficial gang for 2005, I really can't say I didn't expect anything different to be quite honest. If Parcel Force and TMT are still around when the nominations for the 2006 awards are out then I would definitely expect a very close competition between them three. I would also like to congratulate the N.Y.C.C. on being voted the best "Official" gang of 2005, I was expecting either them or "The Precinct" to take the number one spot so to see them coming first and second respectivley is great to see. icon14.gif


Also great to see MmMs being voted the best admin also. I really couldn't see anyone else taking that prize if I'm honest, though I would of liked to have seen "Wheelman" up there in the top three.

Edited by The Phantom Menace
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Congratulations everyone. icon14.gif

Ahh, so he's back! biggrin.gif Congrats Mxy, you swept the awards.


Also, congrats to MmMS and Wolf, six plus karma is awesome. tounge.gif

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