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Debate two topics!

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Hi yall.


I think I'd just throw these in here and get a nice (but civilized) debate in here on two topics. This is like High School Speech & Debate. You can argue the Affirmative or Negative. Simple. Aff = You agree with the statement. Neg = the opposite.


Topic A: Juveniles that commit federal crimes should be tried as adults.

Aff or Neg?


Topic B: When in conflict, an individual's freedom of speech should be valued over the community's moral standards.


Discuss. -Cheeburger, Cheeburger!

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A- Depends on the age. If it is 15 or above, Affermative.


B- Affermative, everyone's morals are differnent, but freedom of speech can be applied to everyone.

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Mmm, shouldn't this go in Debates & Discussions?


I could be wrong.


Both questions are extremely situational, they can't really be generalized.

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Well, I never even knew that existed, and I've seen some of these kinds of topics in OT.


Soz. My bad. suicidal.gif -Cheeburger, Cheeburger!

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Digïtál £vîl

Yup your bad. Should just start a topic in there. people in General Chat being Opinionated? OMG that never happens. lol.


The answer to both of those topics is no. It leads to the destruction of a persons civil rights and liberties.

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