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GTA 2 Movie


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Does anyone know where I can find the GTA 2 Movie in full for Windows Media Player? I can't ust that stupid QuickTime. Shifty41s_beerhatsmilie2.gif

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Your settings have to be on: "Use Qindows Media Player as standard media player". alien.gif- Toyz are goood


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Hello I have a question about the man in GTA2.

In GTA2 and 3 is the same guy ? because he has the same clothes, same hair, and same face ... but at the end of GTA2.... he is killed....


maybe the story of GTA 3 is before the story of GTA2


and in GTA2 the guy often smile... ( maybe because he has his vendeta...) whereas in GTA3 he foun to revenge... kill catalina...




Sorry for my english but i'm french and Ispeak very bad english.... blush.gif

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All of them together make up the intro movie. Only one of them shows the name Claude Speed on the computer screen, I don't remember which one though.


Claude doesn't die at the end of GTA2, he gets shot in the intro but it doesn't have to mean anything, it's just a cool action intro. If you die in a GTA game, you respawn at the hospital. It's probably the same guy as in GTA3 since they both have the same first name (the surname of the GTA3 guy is never mentioned) and neither of them talk. GTA2 is set after GTA3.

Edited by Sektor
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Scoot Maslen is playing Claude Speed, (noticed that when I read the booklet).- Toyz are goood


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