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Ok, post your favourite:




City part


Thing to do





I'd be interesting to see if everybody has a different opinion on it. Here's mine:


Car: Monster Truck

Why: It's strong and it's worth a quite a bit of moolah at the crusher.

City part: Shoreside Vale

Why: Create meyhem and stock up on ammo from gang members you've killed and the army! Also, it's suburbia.

Thing to do: Go on my own rampages at the Mafia terratory.

Why: They have a good supply of pistol ammo and they stock some cash.

Weapon: Flamethrower

Why: It'll make mincemeat out of anyone in it's way! Plus, one canister of the sh*t goes a long way.

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Car: F1 & Tank

Why: F1, since it's the fastest car in the game, and it's fun to drive fast with this car around the city. Tank, since it's fun to blow up cars & peds while driving the Tank, and has lots of car health.

City part: Portland

Why: It's the biggest island, that's basically it.

Thing to do: Do the "new" stuff glitch

Why: It's fun to see new vehicles, new effect, and seeing funny glitches, etc.

Weapon: Shotgun & Flamethrower

Why: Shotgun, since it kills any guys in front of you in 1 shot, while the other guys takes a while to kill people with. Flamethrower, since it also kills everyone in 1 shot, and it has lots of ammo for it, it takes time to run out of it.

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