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CheatDevice v1.0d for LCS


Recommended Posts




The thread was getting too long so I had to start a new one. You can find the old thread here.


There is now a PRX version of LCS CheatDevice for DevHook and SE/OE firmware editions. Go to http://www.cheatdevice.com/gta/lcspsp.htm to download it.


Here it is! The first ever homebrew to run on firmware 2.01, 2.5 and 2.6!

This will NOT work on firmware 2.7!


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted imageuser posted image

user posted imageuser posted image


user posted image


user posted image







Infinite health and armor

Edit wanted level

Edit time

Edit weather + Snow

Spawn anything

Display coordinates and speed



Step through walls

Power jump


Activate spawn cheats with one button


Edit car colors

Never fall off your motorcycle


Firmware 2.6 support

Your car is indestructible, always steaming, smoking, or on fire

No reload


Video recorder

Change CPU speed to 333MHz (fw 2.0-2.5 only)

Battery percent, voltage and temp (fw 2.0-2.5 only)

Heavy motorcycle

Turn while power jumping


Frames per second meter added to coordinates display


Added "Really High" to teleport list for Dodo gliding


Completely stops the game during screen capture so action shots won't be blurry

New savefile for UK version


Confirmation dialog before unloading


Gives the screen more time to repaint before screenshot

Dodo glider more stable


Flyable Dodo with thrust

Video recorder is faster


Added step up/down, use -1.5m to submerge a flatbed to ramp level

Step through walls works while driving


Bikes can drive on walls


Freeze everything

Gameplay speed

Walking speed

Flip over

Unlimited heli flying height

Cheat Maker


Support for cheats with pplayer, pobj or pcar


Select ped outfit, press TRIANGLE to activate

Support for cheats that have a #off section


Rocket Boost!


Teleport to player target (the player-set red marker on the map)

Video recorder optimizations


Construction Mode

Cheats memory increased to 200k

Select cheats files from cheats directory

333MHz now supported on firmware 2.6


Hover cars

Gather spell

Full size video recorder

Load outside staunton safehouse

thanks to Vettefan:

Drivable RC toys

Your car is indestructible also prevents visible damage

Gangs no longer attack you


Water level


Heavy cars

Automatically flip over


Cars drive on walls




For firmware versions 2.0, 2.01, 2.5 and 2.6. This will NOT (ever!) work on 2.7!

US/Canada version 1.0d http://www.maxbot.com/gta/CheatDevice10dUS.zip

UK/EU version 1.0d http://www.maxbot.com/gta/CheatDevice10dUK.zip


Unzip the archive to your memory card so the files go in PSP/SAVEDATA/ULUS10041S0 if you're installing the US version, PSP/SAVEDATA/ULES00151S0 for the UK version. This replaces the first save on the card.


To start CheatDevice, simply load it like a saved game. You can then load another save if you want and CheatDevice stays in memory.


Download CheatSync to access the database of add-on cheats.


The Official FAQ by ADePSP


Disclaimer: THIS CAN CRASH YOUR GAME. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Some of the spawn choices like the RC toys and boats will crash the game. Don't save your game after using this.




v0.1 release notes:


If you do a mission where you're sent to an interior, like the one where you chase the guy around the sawmill and try to sneak up on him, or the one inside the ship, write down the coordinates and post them!


Yes, the Hunter is in the game! To fire the chain gun, press SQUARE+X. Be careful with the spawn choices, some stuff like RC toys and boats will crash the game. Someone reported that boats might not crash if you're near water, so that needs to be explored more.


To spawn things, you need to use the spawn cheats:





v0.2 release notes:


Teleport works whether you're on foot or in a car. If you're in a car, I had to make it stabalize it for a few seconds or else it would often get tipped over or flipped around. It stabalizes for 2 seconds teleporting within an island, 18 seconds going from island to island. If you're parked on a slant, it's kinda interesting when you come out of teleport.


I added teleport locations for well known landmarks and mission pickup locations. I haven't finished the Shoreside Vale missions, so those may not be complete. I didn't include teleport locations for the insides of the safehouses because you just fall into nothing unless you're teleporting from there. It seems once you leave the interior, it goes away. They do appear to be located inside their buildings where they are represented to be.


Instead of walk through walls, I'm doing step through walls. Go up to a wall facing it and go to the menu and press X on Step Through Wall. It'll move you 1 meter forward. You can do a fun standing walking thing if you hold X down. (was there a music video that had this in it?)


Power Jump allows you to fly around using the jump button. Press and hold SQUARE to jump and keep jumping, then pump the SQUARE button to stay level. I added a little forward velocity to keep you going. Feels a lot like The Matrix jumping from rooftop to rooftop this way. It does have the power to shove you through a roof if you want to walk through ceilings. This gives you the ability to explore everywhere, inside buildings and above the height limit. A lot of buildings are not solid above a certain height. The one I'm standing on in the picture I think is the highest solid building.



v0.3 release notes:


While you have a vehicle spawn line selected, just press the last button of the cheat code, either CIRCLE or L1, to spawn things. Check the instructions at the bottom of the screen for which button to press. CheatDevice copies the rest of the cheat into the button history buffer to trick the game into thinking you entered the whole cheat.


Screenshot saves a BMP of the screen to the /PSP/PHOTO directory where you can view it from the PSP's photo viewer. The files are numbered sequentially. The numbering starts over at 1 again when you restart CheatDevice, so be aware it'll be overwriting your previous screenshots. The screens were coming out much too dark originally, so I added an automatic brightness adjustment.


To take a picture, go to Screenshot and press X twice quickly and carefully. You may have to press it a third time if it doesn't trigger. I needed a trigger that you wouldn't accidently hit easily, but also wouldn't use a button that would reset the camera or make you jump or move or change anything on the screen, which most of them do. I tried to slow down the game as much as possible while it's copying the screen, but you still need to hold still to keep from messing up the snapshot.


You can edit the colors of the car you're driving. The stripe color only applies if the car has a stripe or two tone second color. Special vehicles like taxis and gang cars that do not change colors when resprayed can not have their colors changed.


Toni was never as good with motorcycles as CJ. He just falls off too easily to have any fun. Problem solved.


US Version: I put a handy PCJ600 in the Staunton garage. I also decided to get rid of all my grenades because I was getting tired of blowing myself up when entering that spawn cheat that ends with CIRCLE.



v0.4 release notes:


Warning: some new features coming later are not going to be available on firmware 2.6!


Your Car Is Indestructible makes any car you get in indestructible, even after you get out. If flipped over, it'll stay that way like a turtle on its back and not catch fire. You can flip it back over with grenades. This effect does not last through a garage save, and cars can still get visible damage as usual.


Your Car Is Always On Fire makes your car stay on fire all the time without exploding. Once you get off, the clock starts ticking, so get away or get back in fast!


No Reload works for handguns, smg's, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers. The rocket launcher has the added bonus that if you keep holding the trigger, you can keep firing after you run out of rockets.



v0.5 release notes:


This version lets you change your CPU speed between 222MHz and 333MHz. You can also see your battery level, voltage and temp. This feature is not available on firmware 2.6. The syscalls are all mixed up on 2.6 and it would be prohibitively difficult to discover the CPU and battery stuff on 2.6. Of course the battery life will be shorter if you play at 333MHz.


The benefits of 333MHz: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtop...dpost&p=3399514


Video Recorder records an animated GIF at 8 frames per second. 333MHz makes it a little easier to use. Don't forget to press DOWN+X to stop your video before taking the memory card out!


The GIF file generated is uncompressed. To compress it, load it into anything that can load animated GIFs and then save. Compression reduces the filesize by better than 50%. Always compress the GIF before posting on the web, and limit the length of your recordings to keep the size reasonable!


The Heavy Motorcycle cheat determines the mass of motorcycles when they are first created, like when you open the garage or when you first see one in traffic, so you need to turn it on before opening the garage or finding a motorcycle you want to ride. Once a motorcycle is created, its mass property is set. Other motorcycles on the road will also be heavy, but for peds, their motorcycles burst into flames at the slightest touch of another vehicle. If you don't want this, get yourself a heavy motorcycle then turn the cheat off so new motorcycles will be normal.


With this cheat, you are the heaviest thing in the universe and in every collision, the other vehicle has to do all the moving to get out of the way. If you shove a car into a wall, it has nowhere else to go so it'll squirt up into the air like the Yardie Lobo in my video.


If you don't turn on Your Car Is Indestructible, you get a cool flame effect when you crash into walls.



v0.6 release notes:


I left the Dodo more realistic. If you pull back too much on the stick, it'll stall and descend. Like a real plane of this type, you can't climb too much too fast without losing too much speed. I think this was the amount of power they intended it to have because with more thrust it has a bad noseclimb problem.


I made some more optimizations to the video recorder. It's a little faster now.



v0.7 release notes:


Helicopters can now break the height limit.


Gameplay Speed is the same thing that's controlled by the Faster Gameplay and Slower Gameplay button cheats. In LCS, gameplay will only speed up as much as the CPU can keep up, so it usually doesn't achieve full 2x speed, let alone higher speeds. 333MHz can help that. It also won't go slower than a minimum speed.


Walking Speed makes you move faster on foot. 2.5 is a good choice for quicker walking. Higher values can be hard to control and work like walk-through-walls. You can moonwalk by setting a negative value.


With Bikes Can Drive on Walls, whatever direction the bottom of your tires is facing is the direction of gravity for you.


You can now set gravity to any amount you want. The gravity setting persists after CheatDevice exits, so you can enter multiplayer with modified gravity. Press X to turn on the button control up=reverse.


Freeze Everything works like it did in San Andreas.


Gravity and Freeze Everything don't always apply to all vehicles, only aggressive drivers and cars you've touched. You can use this to simulate the Bubble Cars cheat from San Andreas. With zero gravity, cars you touch float away. Bikes Can Drive on Walls gives you your own personal gravity on bikes, while everyone else is subject to zero gravity. You'll probably also want Heavy Bike to make it more fun.


If you want Gravity and Freeze Everything to apply to all ped vehicles, use the Aggressive Drivers button cheat (SQUARE, SQUARE, R1, X, X, L1, CIRCLE, CIRCLE).


The Cheat Maker feature is only intended for programmers and skilled cheat developers. You can screw things up in innumerable ways if you don't know what you're doing.



v0.8 release notes:


Rocket Boost gives you forward thrust whether you're on the ground or in the air or upside down. Settings 1 or 2 are good for fast driving on the ground. Rocket Boost 10 is good for making bikes fly.


I added the ability to turn your motorcycle in the air while using Rocket Boost.



v0.9 release notes:


You'll need to move your cheats.txt file into the cheats directory. This version can access any cheats files in the cheats directory by highlighting "File: ..." and pressing left/right. They're in the order of the files in the directory, so make sure you copy the file you want to come up first into the directory first.


For tips on using Construction Mode, see this thread.


When you enable Construction Mode, it doesn't become fully active until you close the menu screen. Use the arrow buttons and analog stick to move around. You can move faster by holding X. It can be easier to see what you're working on if you use L1+LEFT to zoom out.


Here is a list of known object IDs. Objects usually take a couple seconds to appear. If you move too far away from where the object was originally created, it may become invisible. Holding R1 will usually make it appear again.



v1.0 release notes:


Please try to limit your use of the large video recorder. The videos generated are huge to download. For technical reasons, it is not possible to display the instructions during full screen video recording without the possibility of it getting into the video, so you'll just have to remember that X+DOWN stops the recording.


RCGOBLI, RCRAIDE, RCBANDT and "tiny invisible heli" are all drivable now thanks to Vettefan. If you take the invisible heli to a pay 'n spray, it'll become visible and you can see it's the police heli that chases you when you have 3 stars.




Thanks to:

Lloyd for help with finding car colors.

Jeremie Blanc for finding car speed at offset 0x0124.

GFCC for the Vice City never fall off bike cheat, it was instructive.

Waterbottle for finding car health.

Jeremie Blanc for finding memory locations for no reload.

ADePSP for the FAQ.

ADePSP, MURDOC and Jeremie Blanc for testing Cheat Maker.

Vettefan for radar map enable/disable location.

Mister Enchilada for finding radar blips for Player Target teleport.

Waterbottle for originally discovering how to create objects in the game.

Joek2100 for additional object creation discoveries.

Vettefan for camera zoom distance.

Ditlew and Fanjita for documenting the syscalls for 333MHz on fw2.6.

-DeMoN-, Waterbottle, joek2100, Vettefan, Jeremie Blanc and Ade for testing Construction Mode.

joek2100 for changing where you spawn when the game loads.

Waterbottle for all hidden packages found.

Vettefan for sideways tires, no physical car damage, drivable rc toys and gangs don't attack you.

Mister Enchilada for PCJ and Dodo spawns at the airport.

Vettefan for heavy cars.

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edison did u ever find the code for that 1 jet or was it just in the airport cause thats what i thought it was but im wrong alot!!

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Do you mean the one posted here?


I don't know if he found the code for it, or if he's just standing under an existing one at the airport and we can't tell because of the wall behind it.

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i c thanx n e way colgate.gif .




p.s. if u ever need any more testers of n e thing il gladly help smile.gif

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Do you mean the one posted here?


I don't know if he found the code for it, or if he's just standing under an existing one at the airport and we can't tell because of the wall behind it.

It looks to me like its the airport, id say he just did that 2 show the scale.

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I'd like to know if it's safe to save your game with the CheatDevice on. For example, if I find more six packages, and another weapon spawns in the safehouses, can I save the game? And another example, can I start a new game/use the CheatDevice on another save and save the game? Should I disable all cheats before saving?


This could be an addition to the FAQ. smile.gif



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hey edison, how have you got the recorded video to work coz when ive recorded a video the file saves itself into the pictures folder and becomes a jpeg image. i want it to stay as a video type file. am i doing something wrong????

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Cheat Device is awesome. Edisoncarter: Can you please make a version of your cheatdevice that is in a 100% savegame?


E.G. 100% Savegame + cheatdevice all in one file

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Saving the CheatDevice savegame will destroy the code. You will then have no CheatDevice.


I'm not sure why EC doesn't use a different savegame, but he hasn't used it for over 6 months (or however long CD was released). This means that he probably won't do it sad.gif. You really don't need that, though. You can get a 100% savegame from GameFAQs.


If you load up the CD, then load up another savegame, I believe that you can save like normal.


If the image is becoming a jpeg, then chances are that it was always one. You should use Video Recorder...If it still is a jpeg, then I don't know what the hell kinda CD or PSP you have. It's demonic!

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Yea, as i said in that post, I was standing in front of the wall when the plane happened by. I just went ahead with the picture to show the scale of the walls. I'm still looking for that elusive jet though. smile.gif

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What does 100% complete give you that you need? The reason I didn't use a 100% complete game is so the side missions are still available.


Is there a cheat that makes the game think you found all the packages so you get all the weapons at your safehouse?

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Is there a cheat that makes the game think you found all the packages so you get all the weapons at your safehouse?

yep smile.gif



#cheat all hiddenpackages + weapons spawn//To use first activate the cheat and then load the savegame you want all the hidden packages on...//weapons will NOT spawn if you don't load the savegame after you have acticated the cheat... enjoy //Made by Waterbottlesetchar(0x09f6bc30, 01)setchar(0x09f6bc40, 01)setchar(0x09f6bc50, 01)setchar(0x09f6bc60, 01)setchar(0x09f6bc70, 01)setchar(0x09f6bc80, 01)setchar(0x09f6bc90, 01)setchar(0x09f6bca0, 01)setchar(0x09f6bcb0, 01)setchar(0x09f6bcc0, 01)setchar(0x09f6bcd0, 01)setchar(0x09f6bce0, 01)setchar(0x09f6bcf0, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd00, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd10, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd20, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd30, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd40, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd50, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd60, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd70, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd80, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd90, 01)setchar(0x09f6bda0, 01)setchar(0x09f6bdb0, 01)setchar(0x09f6bdc0, 01)setchar(0x09f6bdd0, 01)setchar(0x09f6bde0, 01)setchar(0x09f6bc34, 01)setchar(0x09f6bc44, 01)setchar(0x09f6bc54, 01)setchar(0x09f6bc64, 01)setchar(0x09f6bc74, 01)setchar(0x09f6bc84, 01)setchar(0x09f6bc94, 01)setchar(0x09f6bca4, 01)setchar(0x09f6bcb4, 01)setchar(0x09f6bcc4, 01)setchar(0x09f6bcd4, 01)setchar(0x09f6bce4, 01)setchar(0x09f6bcf4, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd04, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd14, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd24, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd34, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd44, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd54, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd64, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd74, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd84, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd94, 01)setchar(0x09f6bda4, 01)setchar(0x09f6bdb4, 01)setchar(0x09f6bdc4, 01)setchar(0x09f6bdd4, 01)setchar(0x09f6bdf4, 01)setchar(0x09f6bc38, 01)setchar(0x09f6bc48, 01)setchar(0x09f6bc58, 01)setchar(0x09f6bc68, 01)setchar(0x09f6bc78, 01)setchar(0x09f6bc88, 01)setchar(0x09f6bc98, 01)setchar(0x09f6bca8, 01)setchar(0x09f6bcb8, 01)setchar(0x09f6bcc8, 01)setchar(0x09f6bcd8, 01)setchar(0x09f6bce8, 01)setchar(0x09f6bcf8, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd08, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd18, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd28, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd38, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd48, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd58, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd68, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd78, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd88, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd98, 01)setchar(0x09f6bda8, 01)setchar(0x09f6bdb8, 01)setchar(0x09f6bdc8, 01)setchar(0x09f6bdd8, 01)setchar(0x09f6be08, 01)setchar(0x09f6bc2c, 01)setchar(0x09f6bc3c, 01)setchar(0x09f6bc4c, 01)setchar(0x09f6bc5c, 01)setchar(0x09f6bc6c, 01)setchar(0x09f6bc7c, 01)setchar(0x09f6bc8c, 01)setchar(0x09f6bc9c, 01)setchar(0x09f6bcac, 01)setchar(0x09f6bcbc, 01)setchar(0x09f6bccc, 01)setchar(0x09f6bcdc, 01)setchar(0x09f6bcec, 01)setchar(0x09f6bcfc, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd0c, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd1c, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd2c, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd3c, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd4c, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd5c, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd6c, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd7c, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd8c, 01)setchar(0x09f6bd9c, 01)setchar(0x09f6bdac, 01)setchar(0x09f6bdbc, 01)setchar(0x09f6bdcc, 01)setchar(0x09f6bddc, 01)setint(0x08B89AD4, 100);



and if you want it here is a all rampages one also (which makes the M-60 spawn at the safehouse)


#cheat All rampages + M-60 spawn// activate cheat and then load the savegame you want the M-60 to spawn in...//Made by Waterbottlesetchar(0x09f6be90, 01)setchar(0x09f6bea0, 01)setchar(0x09f6beb0, 01)setchar(0x09f6bec0, 01)setchar(0x09f6bed0, 01)setchar(0x09f6bee0, 01)setchar(0x09f6bef0, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf00, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf10, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf20, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf30, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf40, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf50, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf60, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf70, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf80, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf90, 02)setchar(0x09f6bfa0, 02)setchar(0x09f6bfb0, 02)setchar(0x09f6be94, 01)setchar(0x09f6bea4, 01)setchar(0x09f6beb4, 01)setchar(0x09f6bec4, 01)setchar(0x09f6bed4, 01)setchar(0x09f6bee4, 01)setchar(0x09f6bef4, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf04, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf14, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf24, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf34, 0xFA)setchar(0x09f6bf44, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf54, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf64, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf74, 02)setchar(0x09f6bf84, 02)setchar(0x09f6bf94, 02)setchar(0x09f6bfa4, 02)setchar(0x09f6bfb4, 08)setchar(0x09f6bfc4, 01)setchar(0x09f6bfd4, 01)setchar(0x09f6be98, 01)setchar(0x09f6bea8, 01)setchar(0x09f6beb8, 01)setchar(0x09f6bec8, 01)setchar(0x09f6bed8, 01)setchar(0x09f6bee8, 01)setchar(0x09f6bef8, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf08, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf18, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf28, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf38, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf48, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf58, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf68, 64)setchar(0x09f6bf78, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf88, 02)setchar(0x09f6bf98, 02)setchar(0x09f6bfa8, 02)setchar(0x09f6bfb8, 02)setchar(0x09f6bfc8, 01)setchar(0x09f6bfd8, 01)setchar(0x09f6be8c, 01)setchar(0x09f6be9c, 01)setchar(0x09f6beac, 01)setchar(0x09f6bebc, 01)setchar(0x09f6becc, 01)setchar(0x09f6bedc, 01)setchar(0x09f6beec, 01)setchar(0x09f6befc, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf0c, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf1c, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf2c, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf3c, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf4c, 02)setchar(0x09f6bf5c, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf6c, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf7c, 01)setchar(0x09f6bf8c, 02)


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Hey this is perfect!!! geat its not describable...


keep up the good work! but.. when i tried to load it the game crashed it said : Error: Can't load game.. or something like that. bet ya heard a lot of that already but could u get it to run on 2.5 and 2.6 please!! it would be so much cooler if you could fly in a heli or do anything you want like building things.. i was bored cause i already did anything but now i now it will be playing much and much more if it works! and i know of other ppl i know that have 2.0 or 2.1 and can play it that it rocks.. and i want it to rock 2 :') please, please, please make it work biggrin.gif


Your fan tounge.gif

(ps. im not sucking up ^^)

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edison i cud upload my game its 87% and loads of races to do i havent done any except ambulance pizza/noodles/firefighter and vigalante its uk

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Now that my focus is moving on to the next batch of normal non-map cheats, it makes sense to move this topic back. Any discussion of the Construction Mode feature will have to go in the CheatDevice Construction Mode topic.

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its where you role around and pick stuff up, quite a good game.....but its abit to early for a april fools joke edison!

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are u really putting a katamari damacy type mode in the next cheat device,, i cant wait,

whats going to be rolling? tony?, tony in a car? tony on a bike? miniture tony?(like the prince)


what do you need the cinimatics for, rainbow magic?


anyways, i seriously cant wait, this is going to be a fun cheat device,,

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I never played Katamari Demacy but I am intrugued an what the f*ck it would play in Liberty City. Hover cars, however, cool.

user posted image


user posted image

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cool hover cars biggrin.gif wats katamari?

he means like, all object stick to you, when you walk around and stuff. You've never played Katamari?

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Here's a preview of Hover Cars


user posted image

that looks awesome how it didn't fall off the ledge.


maybe you could *cough*put up the beta*cough*

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Looks like you tweaked the turning on that too. I can see you turning sharply without swirving out. blink.gif
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