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lock up


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I'm assuming you mean icon C - user posted image. As in Colonel Cortez, the mission giver (boss).


If I recall correctly, sound drivers are the culprit for this particular bug. Update them, and do your video ones just for good measure.


Also: Please Read Before You Ask Questions. In your next reply, answer the questions that are given in that topic. Check out the bug list, too. Many solutions will work for more than one problem.


Final advice: If the updating of drivers doesn't help, uninstall, delete 'My Documents\GTA Vice City User Files\gta_vc.set', and then re-install.

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The main warez version of VC has audio issues, particularly around water. I've actually played it before and know that Cortez was one of the big problem areas. I was just trying it out, so you know what I did to fix it? I bought the game.


Apart from that, Fuzzy's got you covered like a jimmy hat.

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Yes, it is an unhandled exception error do you think i have to many mods installed? I think i am going to uninstall-re-install but thanks for trying to help

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Don't take this too harshly as it's not meant to be that way. But if you have ONE mod installed, you have no business posting here. This is the Vice City Troubleshooting forums and it obviously worked when you were just playing VC or you would've posted then. The whole reason we have a pinned topic requirements thread is because something like this is a deal breaker and just wastes everybody's time. Install a fresh VC into a 2nd location and play that one to see if VC is the problem or the mods.
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