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can anyone help me in "Demolition man" mission

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Tips for this stupid very easy mission:


If you think Demolition Man is hard, you ever played the "New Model Army" mission for Zero in San Andreas? Not even that is hard! It's just a matter to know how the heli moves and simply race against time.


*Flying heli* tactics for PC v2.0



Before we begin, there is a trick to level your height and also accelerate at the same time by pressing -> [uP] + [DOWN] + [9]. This is also useful when you want to turn. It's called fine-tuning your height (you start at a low/mid/high altitude and adjust how you want to keep it that way).





Accelerating system

[9] - Move forward

[uP] - Fly higher/accelerate


Tip #1: When using these keys - if you find yourself too high, then simply let go off the [uP] key, press the [DOWN] key and continue along with the [9] + [uP] key. *But* if you are too low, then do the opposite! (Normally people tend to hold down these keys at the same time which is the right thing to do - but keep in mind that going forward causes you to gradually descend, while going up causes you to ascend.)




Braking/reversing system

[N/A] - Lower speed, keeps heli balanced and in one position

[6] - Move backward

[Down] - Fly lower/decelerate


Tip #2: If you find yourself too high near to the ceiling, press on the [DOWN] key and do your [9] + [uP] key technique. The [6] key is like to reverse away from danger or objects. Pressing no key is useful for when you want to pick up bombs or place them since you might be going too fast, and you'll just bypass them and waste precious time.




Turning system

- Move heli left

- Move heli right

[Num1] - Rotates helicopter to the left/counterclockwise

[Num2] - Rotates helicopter to the right/clockwise


Tip #3: Ah, now for turning. Let's say you press on the

key and it is not giving you enough turns, then use [2] key and let go off it immediately! As for turning left with the
key, use the [1] key when you feel like you need to turn better. However, you will know when it is appropriate to rotate the helicopter such as when going around corners.




Level-flight system

[uP]+[DOWN]+[9] - More info above...


* To kill the guards that you see, if I were you I would just leave them behind as it takes a good while for your heli to blow up and time is also against you. But anyway - do a combination of the rotate, turning, and up/down keys to allow your heli's blades to hit the guards!  devil.gif

PS2/Xbox users: just keep this in mind of what you do for your controls. After all, it is must easier since you are using a gamepad.

Edited by Ring_of_Fire

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And if this was the cheats section, that would be applicable---


nice bump....


(FYI-- your link is dead)

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I found Demolition Man easy. Since the timer starts when I pick up the bomb, I DIDN'T pick up the bombs yet, I practised flying and I learnt the controls. I also started from the top (ignored lower barrels and just went up, then down) and my last bomb was going to the ground floor. Also, I never killed any of the workers or security guards, because it was fun to dodge PIG (Patrol Invest Group) bullets. Also, it was fun when I blow up the building will all those men inside lol.gifdevil.gif

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While it can be done the way you described-- if time is an issue, you don't want to set the lower bomb last-- since you have to fly to each bomb point and back except the last one (mission ends when you set the last bomb), you want to eliminate the longest return trip which should be setting the upper bomb last.


Once again... it is possible to do it the way you described-- you just have more time left on the clock by setting the upper one last.

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