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How to add items to SA using the latest map editor

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can any1 help me?

I have downloaded an object for gta sa that containes .col, .dff and .txd extensions how am I supposed to place it in my map?


btw. the readme file is russian so I don't read it

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computer jockey
Hi all,


I dont know if people are still reading this thread, but i have just recently downloaded the Map Editor, read the tutorials and followed the procedures, it lists the ipl i made via the tutorial in the Map Editor, but when i check the maps folder via windows it doesnt list it?? it said in the tutorial you have to disable read only on the folders and i think this is my problem, i can disable read only on gta.dat file and add the neccessary lines, but on any other folder or file in my san andreas directory when i select to disable read only (Either just the file/folder or that file/folder and all subfolders) and click apply, it seems to work, if i then click properties on it again it says read only again?? for some reason it wont let me disable read only on data folder, maps folder and so on sad.gif i'm not really any kind of super PC user, but know the basics, is there some windows setting that locks folders so they cant have read only disabled?? or is this something with san andres itself?? hopefully i am just being a complete noob and somebody can point me in the right direction blush.gif


If anyone has the time/inclination to help me i would be extremely grateful as over the last few months i have started downloading and adding peoples mods, and having lots of fun playing SA again biggrin.gif i then read up about this map editor and it seems pretty easy to use, so i would love to be able to get over this problem confused.gif and get building!! i have a lot of time on my hands (Due to health issues) and would love building mods and stuff for SA, any help would be wonderful colgate.gif



Hi , First of all close map editor or any other gta sa related softwares then go to gta directory\maps folder then then try to make it read only it worked in my case may be it would help u . monocle.gif

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when i click on render..nothing shows up.. sarcasm.gif

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I have a problem. I followed your tutorial every step, with creating a new IPL, put it in the GTA.dat file, adding the object (a helipad on the Desert Airfield) and such, but when I try to start my game, it crashes halfway at the loading screen. I have added a LOD object for my item too, don't know if that's the problem...

I have added a new house in the game in San Fierro. It shows up when rendering inside the MapEditor, but when I open up the game, it crashes at the loading screen. I have no LOD object, but when I remove the lines of my house from gta.dat in data folder, the game works fine. Please help me!! Please tell me how to add the house!!

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if you plant a object far from the map it doesn't show up in game, does anyone know how to make them visible at that rate? I seen someone have an island that far and it was fine, cause i want to make a large island but theres not enough space on the map :/

Edited by max99

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Can you add cars or only objects?

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Great tutorial.I wasn't able to understand map editor by videos.But after reading ur text tutorial,I was able to understand MEd's basics.Thnx a lot.

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when i click on render..nothing shows up.. sarcasm.gif

Make sure u checked the box left to the IPL.(sorry for bad English and wrong spelling)

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I found out that med got a limitation of 30000 ids..any ids above 30000 it crashes the the med.

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I added fence sh*t3 near pizza shop do correctly as given above but when i started my gta sa and it hang on halfway of loading and close automatically.

Plzzzzzzz anyone help??????

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