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Pole Position

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bored.gif I have seen the GTA 100% complete list i have seen lot of missions in that list one of that is (Spend $600 at pole position) i tried my best to how to complete this mission or how and from where i can get that mission so any body please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! biggrin.gif

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The pole position club is in vice city, not liberty city. If you actually try completing vice city before you ask about the missions you will enentually get to that mission.

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Anyways, to help you out with that (in VC of course) you have to finish the Vercetti Missions after you take down that prick Diaz. Then you can go buy assests such as the Pole Posistion club. You need to buy lap dances etc. in order for you to complete the asset, and unlock a new lap dance tounge.gif.

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You have to enter the club and get into the only room you can get (of course, once you bought the club)

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Finish 'Shakedown'. It's a Diaz mission. Purchase the Pole Position Club. (Map). Go down the back of the club and into the first room on your left. Spend five minutes (equivalent to $300) in there. Yes, only $300, contrary to popular myth. Keep an eye on it, because you have to exit the room yourself before granted with mission completion (assuming you spent the required amount of money/time in there).

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After you complete Vercetti Estate Asset's first mission. Purchase Pole Position Club near the colonel's ship somewhere. Go inside the club and go to the red marker.


After you spend an additional $600 (You have to stay in the room with

the stripper for about 6 minutes because it takes 5 dollars every 3 seconds

remember you have to spend 600, thanks to Brenden

Edwards) $4,000 max per day. If you consistently go in and out of the first

room, the dancers will cycle through multiple dancers, including the white hat

chick, and some girl in red lace. You don't have to spend the 600 bucks all at once, I was in the back

room for a while and I thought I was in there for the right amount of time, so

I left and it didn't say anything, then I went back in, and hit x accidentally,

then it said I get my revenue.

Benefits: ...I think you know what the benefits are of a strip club.

More Information: If you spend another 1000 bucks there, you will yet again

increase your income there.

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You need only spend $300 - this will complete the asset for you. You'll make $3000 daily from the club after this. It's a rate of $5 every 5 seconds. I've heard rumours of the girls changing, but as far as I know that's myth. If you go further down the hall (after completing the asset), you'll be able to see a cowboy girl pole-dancing - but she does not replace the original girl. You do have to spend the $300 in one go. Spending an additional $1000 does not increase your daily revenue.



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Wrong too tounge.gif


$300 total needed to spend. Pole Position provides $4,000 a day. There are 3 different girls available and it depends on how much you've already spent. 0-100 for the first, 105-200 for the second, and 205 and on for the third girl. You do NOT need to spend the $300 all at once; the game keeps track of total money spent that way. That's how you get the different girls. Spending anything more than $300 gains nothing.


This is how I remembered it being, but I checked the code and it's all confirmed.

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No sh*t?


Could'a sworn it was $3000 daily. Likewise for the cumulative money counting. And I had no idea about the different girls. None at all.




Thanks for the heads up.

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