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Grand Theft Auto.......

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Another excellent chapter. Keep going, Cubanwhip. cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcatloaf_by_anuj.gifcatloaf_by_anuj.gif

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im on chapter 10 right now.good story


ph34r.gifph34r.gifph34r.gifph34r.gif of ph34r.gifph34r.gifph34r.gifph34r.gifph34r.gif ninjas

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Archaon, Lord of End Times


icon14.gif Excellent chapter, Roberto.

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Another Excellent Chapter Roberto! icon14.gifcookie.gif

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Great chapter again, This story is amazing inlove.gif

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another great chapter man


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Good story so far. I had to start from the beginning because I forgot everything. didn't regret it one bit. Keep it up cookie.gif

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Now guys, here is a new chapter to keep your hearts fulfilled with GTA fan fic goodness. Now, I am planning on maybe writing another story, non-GTA related. It just came to me while I was in school. I may post a new topic for it when I get a few chapters done. It's going to be a story, not a script. Anyways...CHATER 42.


Chapter 42: Analysis…Dead


Monday February 16th, 2007. 6:20 P.M.

Roberto is driving around Wichita Gardens trying to find his way around. He barely ever came to Shoreside Vale so he doesn’t know his way around too well. Staunton looks at peace from where he is. He continues down the road passing the tunnel and continuing up a swerved hill climb and starts passing the dam entrance. 8-Ball breaks the long silence.


8-Ball: I remember this place. My old friend Claude Speed killed his old girlfriend, Catalina, here. I wonder whatever happened to him…


Roberto: Claude Speed? I think I’ve heard of him.


8-Ball: You might have if you have been working with the Leone’s. He killed their Don, Salvatore Leone; saddest day in Liberty history, at least for them.


Victor: (Interrupts) Claude Speed? That names sounds really familiar. Not by association with the Leone’s, but somewhere else, but where? (Starts to think)


Roberto: Killed his own girlfriend huh?


8-Ball: Yeah, he hated that bitch. He killed her with a rocket launcher when she was trying to get away via helicopter.


Roberto: Damn.


Victor: (Interrupts) Was she fine at least?


8-Ball: (Looks at Vic) I don’t know? I only heard of her and how much he hated her. I never got a description or anything.


Roberto: Well who cares. I’m getting bored here so let’s find something to do.


Victor: (Smacks Roberto’s head) Aren’t we supposed to kill Tommy?


Roberto: Yeah, but now it’s a bit harder when we are stranded in Liberty.


8-Ball: Why not make it less ‘boring’?


Victor: How do propose we have fun?


8-Ball: You know what I mean. Let’s find a strip club or something.


Victor: (A grin sweeps his face) Oh yeah, I see what you’re getting at. (Looks at Roberto) Hey, you think you can find us a strip club?


Roberto: Of course, but it’s in Portland.


8-Ball: Well, lets get to Portland.


Roberto: (Turns the truck around and heads back down the road towards the tunnel) Might as well go through the tunnel. It will be much quicker and maybe no body will be down there so we can speed.


Victor: Good thinking.


Roberto: (Sees the tunnel entrance and turns into it) Pretty dark down here. I don’t they’ve repaired the lights. (Strains his eyes to see up ahead)


8-Ball: sh*t its dark down here.


Roberto: (Turns on the headlights and starts to accelerate until he is cruising at eighty miles per hour) There we go; we should be there in about maybe ten to fifteen minutes.


Monday February 16th, 2007. 6:45 P.M.

Roberto is rolling down the Red Light District past a couple of prostitutes and sees Sex Club 7 up ahead. He parks the truck in front of the club and gets out with everyone. Roberto pushes both doors open to reveal a lively strip club with blaring techno in the background. The strippers have no tops on, only underwear. Roberto sees Mickey Hamfists sitting in front of a stage looking at a stripper.


Roberto: (Approaches Mickey and slaps him on the back) Hey Mickey! Good to see you, how you doing?


Mickey: (Looks back and is taken by surprise) Jesus Christ, it’s you! (Stands up and shoves the chair back)


Roberto: What? No hello, no ‘how are you’, that’s kind of rude Mickey.


Mickey: What are you doing here?!


Roberto: Well, me and the guys were feeling a bit…what’s the word? ‘Stressed’ out if you know what I mean. (Looks around the club) So do you own the place now, since Luigi is dead?


Mickey: (Glares at Roberto) Yeah, and since I’m the only one left in the Leone family that is actually dedicated, I am the makeshift Don.


Roberto: Well, good for you Mickey. I knew one day you would make it to the top.


Mickey: I want you to leave, now.


Roberto: Mickey, don’t be so rude. Just let me and the guys enjoy ourselves and then afterwards we can talk.


Mickey: (Looks at Roberto, than at Vic and 8-Ball) Fine, just for a little while. When you’re finished, go to the back. (Goes to the back of the club and disappears from site)


Roberto: (Turns and looks at 8-Ball and Vic) Well you heard the man, enjoy yourselves. Now go! (Pulls the chair up and sits down in front on the girl Mickey was looking at) Damn you are hot!


Stripper: (In a strong Columbian accent) You are not to bad yourself big man. So who are you? The owner seemed pretty afraid of you?


Roberto: An old friend, but enough of me, what about you?


Stripper: (Climbs on the pole and arches her back) Well, that’s for me to know, and you to find out.


Roberto: (Grins) That’s how I like them.


Stripper: So really, who are you?


Roberto: Honestly, I’m the guy everyone wants dead.


Stripper: Mayor Hugh G. Rection?


Roberto: (Laughs) No. More people want me dead than him.


Stripper: (Slowly slides down the pole and lands on her ass and is staring at Roberto) Then who are you bad boy?


Roberto: You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.


Stripper: (Starts to laugh) Try me. I’ve heard some pretty unbelievable things in my life.


Roberto: Well okay. I’m Roberto Garcia.


Stripper: (Quickly stops laughing and makes a disgusted face) You? You are not him! You may be a big tough guy, but I know that you are not him!


Roberto: (Keeps laughing) I knew you wouldn’t believe me. (Pulls out forty dollars from his pocket) Well, it was nice chatting with you. (Stands up and throws the money at her) Hope to see you again soon. (Winks at her)


Stripper: (Stops Roberto from leaving) Wait! Come back here.


Roberto: (Turns around and looks at her) Yes?


Stripper: You’re really him aren’t you?


Roberto: (Sits back down) Yeah. Why? Are you in love with me or something? (Laughs)


Stripper: (Crawls over to Roberto) Well, after hearing so much about you, I thought you were an interesting man. Then I saw pictures and everything you have done. Tough men turn me on.


Roberto: (Leans toward the stripper) Oh really?


Stripper: (Leans closer so she is face to face with him) Yes they do…


Roberto: (Hears a gunshot in the back of the club) Oh f*ck! (Stands up and pulls out a pistol)


Stripper: (Leans forward too much and falls off the stage landing on her face) What the hell is your problem?!


Roberto: (Bends down while looking towards the back door) Sorry. (Lifts her up to her feet)


Stripper: (Wipes the dirt off of her) Well thanks for nothing.


Roberto: (Runs to the backdoor and see Victor and 8-Ball taking cover behind the corner near the back door) What the hell is happening!


8-Ball: Mickey asked to see us personally, and he started to shoot at us! He has two or three more Leone members out there. We have no weapons!


Roberto: (Loads the pistol) Well, what guns are they using?


Victor: The one of the left has a sawn-off shotgun, the middle has a pistol, the third one has a SMG, and Mickey has a Colt Python.


Roberto: sh*t, this is going to be hard.


Mickey: (Yelling from outside) Come out you cowards!


Roberto: (Yelling to Mickey) Mickey, I thought we were friends! (Laughs under breath)


Mickey: (Starts to laugh) That’s a good one Roberto! Why would I be friends with you?


Roberto: (Peacks around the corner and notices the Leone with the SMG take out his clip and starts to pull out another one) Bingo. (Turns the corner and puts a bullet into the reloading Leone’s head then switches back to taking cover)


Mickey: (Looks at the body collapse from the bullet wound to the head) You think you can kill all of us?!


Roberto: I’m hoping I can.


Mickey: (Starts to talk to the Leone members) Okay you guys, just keep them busy. I’m out of here. (Runs down the alley and hi-jacks Roberto’s stolen truck and speeds off)


Roberto: (Hears the car peel off and looks around the corner and sees just two Leone members alive) This should be quick. (Hears a click of a gun behind him) Uh, I thought you guys didn’t have any guns…


Stripper: Don’t worry, it’s mine.


Roberto: (Turns around and sees the stripper with a Desert Eagle) Wow, where did you get that?


Stripper: I’ve kept it as a memory, so, what are we dealing with?


Roberto: The Leone on the left has a sawn-off shotgun and the one on the right has a pistol.


Stripper: (Loads the Desert Eagle) Well then amigo, let’s do this!


Roberto: (Turns the corner with the stripper and they each shoot a Leone member in the forehead) Nice shot!


Stripper: You too.


Roberto: (Kicks the dead Leone’s body) So, what’s your name?


Stripper: (Looks at Roberto) Why are you so interested?


Roberto: (Looks up at the stripper) Just interested.


Stripper: The name’s Catalina. (Puts her hand out for a handshake)


Roberto: (Shakes her hand) Beautiful name.


Catalina: (Turns around and goes back through the back door) Don’t patronize me.


Victor: (Runs out to Roberto) Damn! That girl is fine! She’s got the body of a goddess.


Roberto: I know what you mean. (Heads back into the strip club and catches up to Catalina) Hey, why did you walk off like that?


Catalina: (Turns around and looks at Roberto) Well, I have a job to maintain here.


Roberto: (Looks around and sees the place is empty after the gunshots) How about, you quit this job and come work with me?


Catalina: (Starts to circle Roberto) Oh really? Work with the great Roberto? What would the pay be?


Roberto: Not sure, but I know by the end, you will be almost as rich as me.


Catalina: What about the other two?


Roberto: Who?


Catalina: The two guys you were just talking to during the shootout.


Roberto: Oh, 8-Ball and Victor?


Catalina: Yeah, how much are they getting?


Roberto: Let’s not talk about them now. Let’s just worry about us.


Catalina: (Walks closer to Roberto) Us?


Roberto: (Pulls Catalina in) Yeah, us.


Catalina: I like where this is going.


Roberto: Oh yeah.


Tuesday February 17th, 2007. 10:10 A.M.

Roberto is lying on a bed with Catalina lying next to him. He looks around and doesn’t recognize the place at all. He doesn’t remember what happened last night at all. He slowly slips out of bed trying not to wake Catalina and looks out the window to see a street in St. Mark’s. He turns around and sees the bedroom door slightly ajar. He takes a look into the living room and sees Victor and 8-Ball lying on the floor with cans of beer on the floor and a girl with each one. Roberto rubs his eyes and sees Catalina is awake and looking at him.


Catalina: What are you doing?


Roberto: Just checking if Vic and 8-Ball are here.


Catalina: Of course they are. I introduced them to two of my fellow a strippers. They got along quite well.


Roberto: I bet. (Walks over to the window and sees a Bobcat parked in the front) Do you own a Bobcat?


Catalina: Don’t be silly, I don’t own a car. I walk to Sex Club 7.


Roberto: (Immediately recognizes the car) sh*t! We have to get out of here now.


Catalina: Why?


Roberto: Mickey is here to pay us a visit… (Grabs the pistol off the bedside table)

Edited by Cubanwhip

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Catalina lives!!!!!!!!!! by the way great chapter man

KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You never cease to amaze anyone.


Everyone's coming back from the dead. This time, it's that tough b*tch, Catalina. biggrin.gif


Another amazing chapter, Roberto. cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcatloaf_by_anuj.gifcatloaf_by_anuj.gif

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Rob told me on MSN that he wants three replies before chapter 43.





Now chapter 43 damn it.

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Well two chapters is a row! Woot woot. I hope you enjoy this one. More action than any other chapter written. Well, at least thats what I think lol. Enjoy it. I know I did when writing it.


Chapter 43: Action Fever


Tuesday February 17th, 2007. 10:21 A.M.

Roberto is loading his pistol and Catalina is getting dressed. When she finishes she pulls out an M4 out of the closet and begins to load it up. Roberto looks at it for a few seconds then turns away and goes over to wake Vic and 8-Ball up along with the strippers. Before he even reaches them, gun shots start to spray through the apartment door.


Roberto: (Dives behind the couch and yells to Catalina) sh*t, Catalina, are you ready?


Catalina: (Slowly crawls out of the bedroom) You bet your ass I am amour. (Picks the M4 up and starts firing into the middle of the front door. The sounds of bodies hitting the floor follow by Mickey yelling)


Victor: (Wakes up and runs behind the couch with Roberto) Oh sh*t, what the f*ck is happening?!


Roberto: Mickey is paying us a visit.


Roberto: (Stands up and walks over to the front door) Ready Catalina?


Catalina: (Slowly stands up holding the M4 ready) Open it!


Roberto: (Swings the door open and sees something ricochet off the door frame and into the apartment) Oh sh*t, a grenade!


Catalina: (Looks at the grenade between her feet and kicks it back out the door. The grenade blows a hole in the wall across the apartment entrance) How many are out there?


Roberto: (Pokes his head out the door and counts four Leone’s standing at the base of the staircase) Four of them.


Victor: (Scrambles to his feet and looks out the window and sees Mickey pulling out a RPG) Bad news, Mickey has a RPG.


Roberto: (Looks at Vic) You have to be sh*tting me!


Catalina: (Throws the M4 at Roberto) Use that to clear them, I’ll use my MP5. (Runs back into the bedroom)


Roberto: (Picks up the M4 and runs out the front door with bullets flying and killing each Leone member at the bottom of the staircase) Ok guys, the hall is clear. (Sees three more Leone’s run in) f*ck, never mind, stay in there! (Continues firing)


Catalina: (Shoves past Roberto and pulls the ring off a grenade and chucks it down the staircase) Duck! (Grabs Roberto and drags him to the floor)


Roberto: (Hears an ear piercing explosion and the sound of something collapsing) What the hell kind of grenade was that?


Catalina: (Slowly stands up) Homemade. (Looks down at a huge gap where the stairs once were) We need to find another way out.


Victor: (Pokes his head out of the door and sees smoke building downstairs) Hey, she has a fire escape in here. It seems to lead to the back of the apartment building.


Roberto: (Grabs Catalina and heads back into the apartment) Where?


Catalina: (Shakes off Roberto’s hand) Don’t grab me! I’m a big girl, I can walk myself. And besides, that fire escape ends at the fifth floor; we are on the seventh floor.


Roberto: (Looks around) Which way is it?


Catalina: Didn’t I just tell you it wouldn’t work!


Roberto: Well, how do you expect to get out of here then? You blew up the stairs!


Catalina: (Walks into the bedroom) It’s over here.


Roberto: (Follows Catalina and sees her open the window to a fire escape) Well, we better start.


Victor: (Yelling from the laundry room) Hey, what’s this hole in the wall?


Catalina: (Runs over to Vic) That’s the laundry chute.


Victor: Why don’t we escape using it?


Catalina: Are you kidding me! Do you know how nasty it will be going down it!


Victor: Would you rather die up here? I won’t. (Jumps head first into the laundry chute)


Catalina: (Runs back into the bedroom to see Roberto standing on the fire escape waiting) One of your stupid friends just jumped down my laundry chute!


Roberto: (Climbs back through the window) Laundry chute?! Why didn’t you say so? That’s the best way to escape! (Runs to the laundry room)


Catalina: (Follows Roberto to the laundry room) Don’t tell me your going to do the same thing!


Roberto: (Looks back at Catalina) It’s the only way out. (Sees 8-Ball standing up in the living room with the two strippers cowering on the floor) 8-Ball get the f*ck over here!


8-Ball: (Looks behind and sees Roberto standing with Catalina) Oh sh*t, what the hell is going on?


Roberto: (Looks at 8-Ball with amazement) Oh, you have to be sh*tting me! Get the hell over here!


8-Ball: (Hears a crash and two Leone members come crashing through the ceiling killing the two strippers) Oh f*ck! (Runs at the laundry chute and jumps in head first)


Catalina: (Opens fire on the two members and they collapse on the floor) Well, what are you waiting for?!


Roberto: (Looks at Catalina) See you on the other end. (Jumps into the laundry chute)


Catalina: (Takes one more look around and pulls out a Molotov Cocktail) Might as well torch the place. (Throws the Cocktail into the living room setting it aflame) Adios. (Jumps into the chute)


Roberto: (Lands in a pile of dirty clothes in a bleached white room. He sees Vic and 8-Ball wiping themselves off waiting for him and Catalina) Now to find a way out. (Hops out of the laundry cart and sees a door)


Catalina: (Lands in the laundry cart as Roberto hops out) We need to get out as soon as we can!


Victor: Why?


Catalina: I just set torch to this building. It’s going to burn down!


8-Ball: Not again!


Roberto: (Tries the door and it is locked) f*ck! (Holds the M4 and blows the door knob with the M4) Come on guys, you heard her!


Victor: (Runs out the door follows by 8-Ball and Catalina) Now what?


Roberto: (Goes out right after Catalina) Well, we need to get away from here. (Sees the parked Bobcat) Why don’t we take our stolen car back?


8-Ball: That would be great and all, but there is four of us, and that thing only sits three at most.


Roberto: I’ll ride in the bed of the truck. (Runs to the Bobcat and checks to see if the cost is clear) Hurry! (Jumps into the back of the truck)


Catalina: (Shoves past Vic and 8-Ball and gets into the driver’s seat) Hurry up!


Victor: (Gets next to Catalina with 8-Ball on the passenger side) Step on it!


Roberto: (Gets thrown into the truck cab when it accelerates) Easy there. (Looks up and see a black helicopter with a white stripe running down its side) We got company guys. (Looks right behind the truck and sees three Leone Sentinels come speeding around a corner) f*ck what I said, step on it!


Catalina: (Looks through the rearview mirror and see everything) f*cking pigs! (Hits the accelerator)


Roberto: (Loads the M4 and takes aim for the closest Leone Sentinel and blows out its front two tires causing it to spiral out of control and smashing into a building) Catalina, did you bring any ammo for the M4?


Catalina: (Puts her hand out the back window) Here, its about four clips. That should be enough.


Roberto: (Grabs the clips and puts them in his pockets) Now to finish them off. (Takes aim at the helicopter) Oh sh*t, they have a… (Sees a mini-gun poke its barrel out the side and open fire on the Bobcat)


Catalina: (Swerves the Bobcat throwing Roberto around in the bed of the truck) Take the chopper out Roberto!


Roberto: (Trying to stand up and hold still) Maybe if you don’t swerve, I can! (Looks at the helicopter and aims for the pilot) I got you now. (Falls down after a Leone Sentinel smashes the side of the Bobcat) f*ck! If it’s not one, it’s the other. (Points the M4 at the Leone Sentinel and opens fire on it causing it to starts flaming and blow up) Catalina, why are we going so slow?!


Catalina: (Tries to make her way around Chinatown) I’m so sorry, Mr. Tough Guy, but it’s hard to go fats when you have no room! (Makes a quick right and Roberto almost looses the M4)


Roberto: sh*t! (Watches as another Leone Sentinel joins the chase) They come from no where! I thought I ended the gang! (Hits the driver in the Leone Sentinel causing it to hit the other Leone Sentinel which cause both to explode) Okay, now for the chopper!


Catalina: (Looks up ahead and sees a Leone blockade) Not so fast! Take out the blockade!


Roberto: (Spins around and looks at the fast approaching blockade) Holy sh*t! (Kills the two or three Leone’s firing at the Bobcat and then shoots one Leone Sentinel in the gas tank causing to make a huge explosion as the Bobcat plows through the blockade) f*cking hot! (Feels the heat of the fire as Catalina drives through the burning wrecks)


Catalina: (Makes a left and finds herself under the Callahan Bridge near the diner) There’s always a boat parked in this dock here. (Swerves through a pair of gates and into a small tunnel)


Roberto: (Jumps out of the truck bed before it comes to a stop and takes aim for the helicopter) Now for you… (Fires at the helicopter and it starts to spin out of control) Oh sh*t! Get out of the Bobcat!


Catalina: (Jumps and shoves Vic and 8-Ball out of the Bobcat as the helicopter smashes into the Bobcat which causes it to slide into the water) That was way to f*cking close!


Victor and 8-Ball: (Both still in amazement) Holy…sh*t…


Roberto: (Pulls the clip out of the M4 and reloads another one) To the boat, this isn’t done quite yet. (Runs down to the docked boat) Catalina, you drive.


Catalina: (Follows Roberto down along with 8-Ball and Vic) I don’t know how to drive a boat.


Roberto: (Looks at Vic and 8-Ball) What about you two?


Victor: I used to drive boats back in the day. (Jumps into the Jetmax’s driver’s seat) Get in…


Roberto: (Jumps onto the back of the boat) I’ll do the shooting.


Catalina: What do you mean? (Sees two boats come out the corner of her eye with Leone member’s on them) I see what you mean. (Pulls 8-Ball onto the boat) Go on Victor, get us the hell out of here!


Roberto: (Feels the throttle of the Jetmax kick in and the boat take off) Feels like old times… (Remembers the shootout on the boat with Joey) …except I’m on the other team, the one against the Leone’s. (Waits for the boats to get closer before finally taking aim) Vic, don’t let up at all. Keep circling Portland.


Victor: Alright. (Does a one eighty and is now heading north along the west coast of Portland)


Roberto: (Aims the M4 at a Leone member standing on the back of a boat and takes him out, the body landing in the water) Go a one gunner down. (Sees the other boat speeding up to the Jetmax until it is parallel with it) sh*t that one is fast!


Leone Gunner: (Waits for the boat to be jump distance away from the Jetmax) I’m going to kill you! (Jumps onto the Jetmax and kicks the gun out of Roberto’s hand. The M4 slides across the deck and into the water)


Roberto: (Punches the Leone in the face and shoves him off the boat) Vic, keep this boat parallel to this one. (Jumps onto the Leone boat) Hey there.


Leone Driver: (Looks up and sees Roberto) Oh Jesus!


Roberto: (Cracks the driver’s neck and throws him overboard) Ok guys, meet me at the north end of Portland, I’ll take care of the other boat. (Gets into the boats Driver’s seat and watches as Vic speeds off) Now for the other boat. (Spins around and is now heading to the other boat which is right behind him. He pulls up to it and lines it up to jump on) There is no hope for you now! (Jumps onto the other boat while the boat Roberto was just on spirals into Portland’s water wall) How does it feel?


Leone Driver: (Looks up at Roberto) Pretty good… (Pulls out a pistol and shoves it into Roberto’s gut) Say your prayers…


Roberto: (Lifts up his knee and knees the gun out of his hand) No, you. (Punches the driver two times in the face and throws the body overboard) Now to get to Vic. (Gets into the driver’s seat and starts to Portland’s north coats and sees Vic docked and waiting) There he is. (Pulls up next to Vic and jumps onto the Jetmax)


Victor: (Looks Roberto over and sees he is sweating and tired) So, how’d you do?


Roberto: Four more people will sleep with the fishes tonight.


Victor: Well, where to?


Roberto: (Sits down next to Catalina) Off to Vice City, and step on it. (Puts his arm around Catalina)

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Rob, this is the best chapter yet. Your writing experience is parallel to none. If this story was canceled, I would commit suicide. The people starting from the beginning are lucky. They get to read all these chapters without waiting for new ones for a while. Keep up the good work.



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Archaon, Lord of End Times

Excelent job, Roberto. Best one yet. icon14.gif

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Wow another chapter so soon. notify.gif


Anyway, the best chapter I've seen and there are a lot of great chapters. tounge2.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcatloaf_by_anuj.gifcatloaf_by_anuj.gif

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Wow you're bringing everyone back from the dead. Anyways cool chapter! icon14.gifcookie.gif

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Vanilla Shake

I just read the entire story today, and, I have to say, this is excellent! Keep up the great work!!!!



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Nice chapters again, but It's pretty weird that Catalina would be working as a Stripper in Liberty City, If she faked her own death why would she still live in Liberty tounge.gif

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great f*ckin chapter bring on chapter 44 soon

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Well, new chapter time. Chapter 44. Also, I am planning on making a boxart or banner for my story, the only problem is that I have no photoshop skills. suicidal.gif


Chapter 44: Home Sickness


Tuesday February 17th, 2007. 4:21 P.M.

A Jetmax is seen cruising along the coast of Ocean Beach and finally finds a small place to dock the boat. Roberto steps off, along with Catalina, 8-Ball, and Victor shortly after. The beach has a few people lying on towels soaking the sun before it sets for the day. Roberto and his small gang make his way up the beach and to the Ocean Beach hotel strip, or what is left of it. The bright neon signs of the eighties are long gone and most of the hotels have been shut down. Only a few are left running and taking in guests.


Roberto: (Looks at a parked Sultan on the side of the road) So guys…


Catalina: (Clears her throat) Guys? I am no man! I am a woman! A woman who will cut your throat out if you don’t correct yourself! (Pulls out a switchblade)


Roberto: (Turns around and looks at the blade) Uh, so like I was saying… Guys and women, what are we going to do? (Walks to the driver’s side of the Sultan and tries the handle, but finds it locked) We can’t just raid Tommy now, it would be too hard.


Victor: I say, we find a local gang for back-up. That shouldn’t be too hard, Vic is overrun with street gangs.


Roberto: (Breaks the Sultan’s lock and gets into the car) That is impossible. You have been gone way too long. Tommy annihilated all street gangs when he took over. The only gang left are the Cubans, and now they’re gone since my uncle died.


Victor: (Gets into the passenger seat while 8-Ball and Catalina follow into the backseats) So that would make you leader. Lead a raid into Tommy’s mansion and take him out.


Roberto: (Tries to hotwire the car and bangs the dashboard) No one would do it. Tommy has way too much influence. Getting a street gang together is completely useless. Tommy has weaponry that probably will surpass anything our gang would have. We would die almost immediately.


Catalina: (Interrupts from the backseat) Actually, I may know someone who can help.


Roberto: (Turns and looks at Catalina) Who do you think could help us now?


Catalina: I have a cousin in San Andreas who gets big gun shipments. He also runs a street gang. Maybe he can come here with maybe about twenty men and enough guns to hold us through.


Roberto: We might need some more help though.


Catalina: Don’t worry; he has dealt with things like this. I’ll give him a call. (Pulls out her cell phone and dials a number) Hello…yes it’s your cousin Catalina…I need your help…f*ck being busy you better get your Hispanic ass over here with twenty men and enough guns to take down a military army…what…you know Tommy Vercetti…yeah that’s who we’re taking down…we’re in Vice City, so hurry the f*ck up…okay, see you tomorrow. (Hangs the phone up) He’ll be here tomorrow.


Roberto: (Gets the car started and starts to head north along Ocean Drive) So how sure are you he can help us out?


Catalina: He has helped out this other gang in San Andreas way back in the 90’s. They did a lot together and he has some field experience, so he can really help us out.


Roberto: Like what kind of field experience?


Catalina: He is a good driver and he knows how to handle guns really well. That is really all you need.


Roberto: What if this job requires stealth?


Catalina: Well, I’m not so sure if he’s good with that, but he might be. He has surprised me in the past, such as setting me up with this black pendejo who was such a pussy. I left him for Claude Speed, but that didn’t work out either so here I am with you. (Rubs her hand across Roberto’s cheek) I hope this will work out better than the others.


Roberto: Hope so. (Looks around) So where are we going to stay until your cousin gets here?


Victor: (Looks around) Hey, is the Malibu still open?


Roberto: (Laughs) That’s a good one. Tommy destroyed that place and put a factory there way back in 95.


Victor: (Looks at the factory as Roberto heads north) Damn, I liked that place. Is there anything to do here in Vice anymore?


Roberto: Nope. Tommy destroyed a lot of clubs to make room for industry.


8-Ball: (Looks out the window) Sometimes I wished I never helped him out.


Victor: (Looks back and looks at 8-Ball) You worked for Vercetti?


8-Ball: (Looks at Vic) Yeah, for a few years, but he kicked me and never paid me so here I am with you guys. (Looks to his right at Catalina) The only thing I don’t understand is why she’s here.


Catalina: (Pulls out the switchblade and puts it up to 8-Balls throat) Why so interested? I’m only here with my lover.


8-Ball: (Gulps) Lover? When did Roberto become your lover?


Catalina: The night he stumbled into my strip club.


8-Ball: Your strip club? I thought that Mickey guy owned it?


Catalina: Owned it? (Laughs) No, he might have had a share in it, but he didn’t own it.


8-Ball: You are a stripper in your own strip club?


Catalina: If you got the body, why not?


8-Ball: (Glimpses down at her breasts then back up) Sure, why not.


Roberto: (Looks to his left and sees the Northpoint Mall) Want to walk around the mall for a bit? I need some new clothes.


Victor: Sure, I could go for some new clothes.


Roberto: (Turns and looks at Catalina still holding the knife to 8-Ball’s neck) Put the knife down Catalina. (Looks her over) You need some new clothes too.


Catalina: (Looks at herself and then back at Roberto) New clothes? I think I look okay.


Roberto: You look like a stripper!


Catalina: I am a stripper! (Puts the knife back in her pocket)


Roberto: Well, I don’t want people to know that.


Catalina: Are you embarrassed to have a stripper as a lover?


Roberto: No… it’s just that… (Turns into the parking garage) Just get some new clothes.


Victor: I haven’t been here in ages.


Roberto: (Parks the Sultan and gets out) Now, we have to be careful. Even if Tommy thinks 8-Ball, Vic, and me are dead, his gang members may still recognize me. So just be on the look out.


Catalina: (Gets out of the car) What happens if we get caught? What if we get spotted?


Roberto: We fight.


Victor: (Gets out of the passenger seat followed by 8-Ball getting out) Whoa, fight?


Roberto: Don’t worry, just don’t get spotted. (Walks into the mall followed by Catalina, 8-Ball and Vic) Now, we need to find a mall directory. (Looks around the mall and sees a directory ahead oh him) Stay right here. (Runs over and looks over the directory and runs back) There’s a Zip right under us. So let’s just grab a quick change of clothes and get out of here. (Starts to head toward the escalators followed by everyone) The mall is pretty empty today.


Victor: (Looks around) It is, isn’t it?


Catalina: Too empty.


Roberto: (Gets off the escalator and walks into the Zip store with only the clerk) We are here to just try on some clothes.


Clerk: No problem, the dressing room is in the back. (Whispers something to himself)


Roberto: (Grabs a white t-shirt, a brown long-sleeved jacket, and a pair of baggy blue jeans and heads to the clerk) This is all I want.


Victor: (Grabs a yellow t-shirt and camouflage pants and walks to Roberto) Put this with his.


8-Ball: (Takes long-sleeved white shirt, blue jeans, and a black cap and runs up to Vic) Charge this with theirs.


Catalina: (Looks through all the racks and finally picks out long, tight black pants, a small black undershirt that shows her cleavage and a leather jacket) How do you think this will look on me?


Roberto: (Turns around and looks at the clothes in her hand) That would look sexy, now get over here so I can pay.


Catalina: (Runs over) Okay, mi amour.


Clerk: (Scans all the clothes) That will be a total of $506.80.


Roberto: (Pulls out his wallet and gives the clerk the money) Okay, go get changed. (Grabs the clothes and hands them out to everyone)


Clerk: (Whispers something under his breath) Ok, have fun with your new clothes.


Catalina: How the hell do we have fun with clothes? I have more fun when I have none on. (Scoffs and heads into a changing room)


Roberto: Excuse her; she’s a little grumpy with having to buy new clothes. (Watches as 8-Ball and Vic come out in there new clothes) Nice, you guys look good.


Victor: Thanks. I used to wear this back in the day when I was in the military, and I still look good!


Roberto: (Walks into the changing room Vic was in) Yeah, before you were kicked out. (Laughs and locks the changing room)


Catalina: (Comes out in her new outfit) How do I look?


Victor: (Looks her over) Damn, you look great.


Catalina: Thank you.


Roberto: (Comes out of the changing room straightening his sleeves) Damn, I didn’t think I’d look this good. Now let’s get some weapons in the ammunition across from here.


Clerk: (Walks over to Roberto) Actually, that looks very good on you Roberto.


Roberto: (Looks at the clerk) Wait, how do you know my name?


Clerk: (Pulls out a sawn off shotgun) Don’t you move. Mr. Vercetti wants a word with you.


Roberto: (Looks at the gun and then slowly slides his hand behind his back, palm up) Does he know I am alive?


Catalina: (Sees Roberto’s open palm and slowly pulls out the knife and slips it into his hand) Well of course he does, why else would he want to talk to you.


Roberto: (Grips the knife) Right. So where is he now?


Clerk: At his estate. All four of you are coming with me.


Roberto: Two questions, how does he know I’m alive and how did he know I was coming here?


Clerk: (Grins) That is confidential information.


Roberto: Oh, well then, you aren’t of any help. (Lifts his hand and slices the Clerk’s neck open, causing blood to drip down the clerk’s clothes) That was close. I thought for a second he got blood on my new clothes.


Victor: (Sees a glint out of the corner of his eye) I don’t think it will be that easy.


Roberto: (Looks out the display window and sees men in black suits with green pinstripes running down the elevator) Oh sh*t, Vercetti’s men. (Bends down and grabs the sawn off) When I clear these four or five men, grab their weapons. We are going to have to fight out way out of here. (Pumps the shotgun and slowly walks out the entrance of Zip)


Member 1: (Looks at Roberto with the shotgun three feet away) Open fire!


Member 2: (Looks Roberto over) What? He only has a shotgun. He’s one guy.


Member 1: Just shoot! (Lifts up his MP5 and points it at Roberto’s chest) Ready? Set…


Roberto: (Pumps a shell right into the first gang member’s chest) Anyone else?


Member 2: (Looks at the dead body) Oh Jesus. (Lifts his pistol and opens fire on Roberto)


Roberto: (Dives right as the three gang members open fire with their pistol) This is going to be harder than I thought. (Pumps a shell into the fourth gang member’s leg) That should put him out of commission.


Member 3: (Aims at Roberto’s right leg and shoots him in the shin) Got him, now to finish him.


Roberto: (Tries to ignore the bullet wound and blows a shell into the third gang member’s head, causing the brains to explode everywhere)


Member 2: (Looks at himself covered in brains and then at Roberto) Oh no, I don’t want to die!


Roberto: (Slowly gets up and limps towards the last gang member) If I had a dollar every time I heard that, I wouldn’t need to work anymore.


Member 2: (Drops his pistol and gets on his knees) No, stop, don’t kill me!


Roberto: I will, without any remorse. (Picks up the MP5, and the three pistols) Now, just kneel there and don’t expect it. If you expect it, it will only hurt more that it should. (Takes a few steps back and shoots the gang member in the chest)


Catalina: (Runs out and looks at the dead bodies and then at Roberto’s leg) Oh no, you’re shot!


Roberto: Don’t worry about it. Let’s just get back to the car.


Victor: (Runs over and puts Roberto’s right arm around his shoulders) Yeah, let’s get to a hospital.


Roberto: (Gives Catalina the MP5) Here you go Catalina, and you two. (Gives 8-Ball and Vic each a pistol) You two take those.


8-Ball Why didn’t I get the MP5?


Victor: Not this again, lets just go! (Drags Roberto the escalator)


Catalina: (Looks at 8-Ball) Maybe cause you are a sissy boy. (Follows Vic onto the escalator)


8-Ball: (Gets a bit angry) I am not a sissy. (Looks down at the pistol and then back up at Catalina and thinks to himself) “I just want to kill that bitch.” (Runs up to the escalator)


Victor: (Reaches the top with Roberto leaning on him) Hurry up Catalina and 8-Ball.


Catalina: (Sees two gang members come through the doors leading to the parking garage) Hit the floor! (Opens fire on the two members) We have to hurry up and go, now.


Victor: (Speeds up his pace and Roberto tries to help) sh*t! (Makes it out to the parking garage and opens the passenger door) Roberto, I’ll drive.


Roberto: (Gets into the passenger seat) Okay, we need to get to a good hospital.


Victor: (Runs into the driver’s seat) Good hospital? What do you mean?


Roberto: Tommy owns most hospitals in Vice. The only hospital he doesn’t own is West Haven in New Little Havana. He’s been trying to buy that place for years.


Victor: (Waits until 8-Ball and Catalina get in) Okay, everyone buckled up?


Roberto: (Turns his head and looks at Vic) Just drive…


Victor: (Peels out of the parking spot and tries to head down a ramp, but sees it is blocked by Vercetti Sentinels) Oh sh*t. We’re trapped.


Roberto: (Looks back through the rear windshield) Then we go up.


Victor: (Peels backward and heads to the top story of the garage) Now what?


Roberto: (Looks around and sees a few planks of wood leaning against a van) You see those planks Vic, I want you to get some serious air.


Victor: (Looks at the planks) Do you think it will hold us?


Roberto: (Hears tire’s peeling down one floor) It’s either try it, or stay here and die.


Victor: (Waits for a few seconds and sees a Sentinel slowly roll up the ramp behind him) Oh sh*t. (Hits the acceleration and is heading towards the makeshift ramp)


Roberto: (Looks back and sees the Sentinel speeding right behind them) This is going to be close…


Victor: (Hits the ramp and it creeks under the car. The planks shatter as the car is launched into the air and gliding through the air) Oh…sh*t…


Roberto: (Hears the crash from the Sentinel smashing into the van) Now just land this thing Vic.


Victor: (Tries to steer the car in the air, but nothing works) Brace yourself! (The car smashes into the street and some parts from under the car are left as the car rolls down the street)


Roberto: Now, just get us to West Haven in one piece, and that will be it.


Victor: I have a feeling, that won’t be it.


Roberto: (Looks out the window) It never is…

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Another great chapter, Rob. icon14.gif



Also, I am planning on making a boxart or banner for my story, the only problem is that I have no photoshop skills. suicidal.gif


No problem, you can just request one over at GFX Requests like EmoPat did with "Say Cheese"


Hope to see another chapter soon. cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcatloaf_by_anuj.gif

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Archaon, Lord of End Times
Excellent job, Roberto. Can't wait for the next one. icon14.gif

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Vanilla Shake

Dude, Great chapter!!! cookie.gificon14.gif

I can not wait for Chapter 45!

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Great chapter again!, Cesar soon can't wait biggrin.gif


Bring on Chapter 45! smile.gif

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Dude, Great chapter!!! cookie.gificon14.gif

I can not wait for Chapter 45!

what he said

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Well, ever since I was grounded, my mom has blocked most sites off my comp except this one becaus eof this story. tounge2.gif So now with most sites blocked off, I can concentrate on the story more. Expect better, more thought out chapters and way more lengthy ones.


Also, I have written a description kind of like what appears on the back of GTA boxes.

"Roberto Garcia, a trusted man in the Leone Crime Family, is sent spiraling into disaster as he betrays the ones he has cared for to save his own life from his own worst enemy. Now, he has to set things back the way they once were, even if that means killing.


It’s the twentieth century and Roberto is trying to fit into the Leone Crime Family. On his last job, everything goes down the pipes and a series of events leading to disaster and chaos unfolds into an epic adventure for Roberto.


Going from Liberty City to Vice City, then to San Andreas, Roberto tries to set his life straight and get his life organized. But of course, things are never as they appear and a surprising twist turns Roberto’s world upside down. It’s all up to Roberto to bring all the cities under his control, the only thing is, will he be able to?"


Tell me if you think that description is good or needs some work. Anyways, here's the next chapter.


Chapter 45: An Expected Surprise

Tuesday February 17th, 2007. 6:47 P.M.

The Sultan is seen pulling up to the West Haven Medical Hospital. Roberto steps out and tells everyone to wait in the car. He makes his way into the hospital and sees a receptionist reading an issue of Rogue. He walks over to her and interrupts her reading.


Roberto: Excuse me; I need to see a doctor.


Receptionist: (Keeps looking at the magazine and blows a bubble with her bubble gum) What reason.


Roberto: I have a bullet wound in the leg.


Receptionist: (Continues looking at the magazine and picks up a phone) Hello…yeah, someone needs to see you…he has a bullet wound in the leg…send him right up, ok. (Hangs up) Go down this hall and up the elevator to the third floor. Once you get out, go to the second door on your right. (Blows another bubble and it pops)


Roberto: (Looks down at her name tag and picks up a sarcastic tone) Thanks Nicole… (Heads up the elevator and finally makes it into the doctor’s office) Hello? (Sees a man, maybe in his twenties, in a white coat sitting at a desk)


Mehoff: (Looks up at Roberto) Hello, I’m Dr. Mehoff, now you have a bullet wound in the leg?


Roberto: Yeah.


Mehoff: (Stands up and walks over to Roberto) Are you in any pain? (Crouches at checks the wound)


Roberto: Just a little bit, not too much.


Mehoff: (Stands up and leaves the office and into a room across the office) Well, we better take the bullet out quickly or it will get infected.


Roberto: (Follows Mehoff into the blank white room) Cool, I need to be out of here anyways.


Mehoff: (Pulls out a scalpel and mini-tongs from a drawer in a blank white counter that seems to morph into the wall) Well, are you in a hurry?


Roberto: (Finds a chair and sits in it) Yeah.


Mehoff: (Gets on his knees in front of Roberto and gets the scalpel ready) So I guess no numbing solution?


Roberto: Just cut it out.


Mehoff: Alright. (Grabs a blank white towel from off a rack that Roberto didn’t see) Just bite down on this.


Roberto: Good idea. (Puts the towel in his mouth)


Mehoff: (Starts to slowly slice the wound a little so the tongs can fit inside. He then proceeds to slowly insert the tongs and pull out the bullet) There we go. (Throws the bloody bullet over his shoulder) Now to grab some gauze. (Reaches into another drawer and pulls out alcohol and a roll of gauze) Did It hurt that much?


Roberto: (Takes the towel out of his mouth and throws it across the room) I’ve dealt with worse.


Mehoff: (Rubs the alcohol over the wound and wraps the leg in the gauze) Now, don’t put too much pressure on this leg.


Roberto: (Slowly stands up) Thanks doc, do I pay your kindly receptionist downstairs?


Mehoff: Sure, go ahead.


Roberto: Thanks again. (Leaves the white room and continues down to the elevator but an ajar door catches his eye) What the… (Looks into the room and sees a familiar face) Oh my god…Kelsey… (Slowly closes the door and walks over to Kelsey) What happened… (Starts to run his fingers through her hair)


Kelsey: (Slowly opens her eyes and sees Roberto) Roberto…?


Roberto: Yeah, it’s me, what happened?


Kelsey: I can’t remember. I remember you leaving in the helicopter, then I was driving home in your Bullet and then… (Remembers what happens and opens her blouse) My father shot me four times with an MP5.


Roberto: (Slowly runs his index finger over the healing bullet wounds) Are you okay?


Kelsey: Yeah, I am.


Roberto: (Looks at his watch) Sorry Kelsey, but I have to go.


Kelsey: (Looks into Roberto’s eyes) Why?


Roberto: Things have been hectic lately and I really can’t stop to talk.


Kelsey: That’s how it always is… (Turns her head away)


Roberto: (Sighs) Kelsey… (Hears gun fire downstairs) Oh sh*t! (Speeds out of the room and down the elevator) Oh sh*t, please don’t let it be! (Watches as the elevator opens and Tommy is standing across the hospital lobby entrance) Uh oh.


Tommy: (Starts a slow walk towards the elevator) Roberto…at last…we finally see each other again.


Roberto: (Slowly reaches and presses the third floor button) It’s been too long Tommy.


Tommy: (Continues his slow pace towards the elevator) Indeed. Now, just step out of the elevator… (Points his M4 at Roberto) Slowly step out…now.


Roberto: (Keeps still) No, I’m not.


Tommy: (Sees the elevator doors closing and shoots them causing them to hotwire and stay open) Well, it’s of no use anymore, now get out of the elevator…


Roberto: (Takes one step out of the elevator) What are you going to do Tommy? Huh?


Tommy: (Stops five feet away from Roberto) I’m going to make you beg for you life… (Feels a bullet catch his right leg and he falls on the floor)


Catalina: (Stands at the lobby entrance with cuts and bruises across her body) Run mi amour!


Roberto: (Runs to the emergency stairwell as bullets from Tommy’s M4 trail behind Roberto. Roberto jumps into the stairwell and slams the door shut, blocking out a barrage of bullets plowing into it) Oh f*ck… I hope Catalina doesn’t get killed… (Runs up the stairs grabbing his newly healed wound as it throbs in pain) God this thing hurts! (Crashes through the third floor door and runs over to Kelsey’s room) Kelsey…we have to go…now!


Kelsey: (Slowly gets off the hospital bed) Of course…we always do… (Pulls out the I.V in her arm and pulls off the suction cups on her chest) My clothes are on the second floor.


Roberto: We don’t have time, your father is downstairs and he is pissed!


Kelsey: If you’re going to make me get out of here is such a rush, I want my clothes!


Roberto: (Looks at Kelsey dead in the eye) Oh you got to be kidding me! (Grabs Kelsey’s wrist and tugs her out of the room) We have to back track back down. (Walks into the stairwell again and hears banging) Oh sh*t.


Tommy: Hey Roberto! You’re dumb broad is dead. (Gets hit with another bullet) What the…! She’s still alive! Just die you dumb bitch! (Starts firing the M4)


Roberto: (Drags Kelsey down to the second floor and pushes her through the door) Find something to block the door with. (Pulls off his belt and ties the two door handles together.


Kelsey: (Comes out of a room with a chair) How about that?


Roberto: (Grabs the chair and jams it into the door handles) That should keep him busy. (Grabs Kelsey again) Now, where are you clothes?


Kelsey: In the laundry room.


Roberto: (Starts off down the hallway and hears banging on the door he just blocked) sh*t. (Starts to look into each room as he walks by and finally finds the laundry room halfway down the hall) Get your clothes, and hurry!


Kelsey: (Starts to search through piles of clothes) I can only find my pants, bra, and underwear, I need to find my shirt!


Roberto: f*ck your shirt, let’s go! (Hears the banging from down the hall)


Kelsey: You don’t understand, that’s my favorite shirt!


Roberto: (Looks down the hall and then back at Kelsey) We don’t have any time… (Hears the chair snap and Tommy opens the door) Stay in there… (Slams the door shut leaving him and Tommy in the hall alone)


Tommy: (Quickens his pace as he makes his way to Roberto) You can run, but you can’t hide forever!


Roberto: (Looks left and right, then turns around and runs down to the other end of the hall) You don’t know that for sure Tommy! (Roberto runs into a blank white room with an empty hospital bed. He slams the door shut and locks it) Now what… (Walks over to a counter and rummages through the drawer until he finds a needle) Let’s see… (Reads the label) Anesthesia… this will keep Tommy pre-occupied. (Looks at the door as it bends in and out by the force Tommy places on it)


Tommy: (Shoves his shoulder into the door repeatedly) Just come out and accept your fate!


Roberto: (Runs to the door and stands to the right) You really want me to?


Tommy: (Keeps ramming the door) You have no choice!


Roberto: (Reaches over and unlocks the door) Then come in…


Tommy: (Slowly turns the knob and sticks the barrel of the M4 through the door) It’s a dead end… (Slowly starts to walk into the room)


Roberto: (Waits until Tommy’s neck is visible then he lunges with the needle and stabs Tommy in the neck) Sorry, but I don’t want to die today. (Slowly pushes the anesthesia into his neck and pulls the needle out) Sweet dreams… (Drops the needles and runs out the room)


Tommy: (Reaches for his neck after the needle is pulled out) You…dirty… (Falls to his knees and drops the M4) …Cuban… (Drops unconscious)


Roberto: (Runs back to the laundry room and finds Kelsey in the same clothes he last saw her in, except with stitches where the bullets penetrated the shirt) Okay, let’s go.


Kelsey: What happened to my father?


Roberto: He’s out of commission for now, but don’t worry, he’s not dead. (Grabs Kelsey and runs back down the hall to the broken down door)


Kelsey: What did you do to him?


Roberto: (Drags her down to the first floor) I gave him a dose of anesthesia. (Sees Catalina lying on the floor) Oh god…


Catalina: (Coughs and looks up at Roberto) Who…is…that?


Roberto: (Looks at Kelsey, then back at Catalina) Sorry Catalina… I have a girlfriend… (Looks at her body full of pistol wounds and some M4 shots)


Catalina: (Coughs out some blood) Yo le obtendré para esto... (Slowly lowers her head into a pool of her own blood)


Roberto: (Takes one last look at Catalina and runs outside to see the Sultan full of bullet holes) Oh sh*t, what happened to Vic and 8-Ball… (Hears banging from the trunk of the Sultan) What the hell was that? (Lets go of Kelsey and kicks open the trunk to the Sultan and finds Vic inside)


Victor: Jesus Christ! They just came out of nowhere!


Roberto: We need to get out of here now.


Victor: What do you mean?


Roberto: We need a place to hide. (Looks around) Where the hell is 8-Ball?


Victor: Oh sh*t, I almost forgot! They took him! They stashed me in the trunk and took him.


Roberto: That’s odd, why not take both?


Victor: I was wondering the same thing! (Sees Kelsey walking down to the Sultan) Who’s she? (Looks Kelsey over as she walks over) She is way finer than that bitch Catalina.


Roberto: Oh, this is Kelsey, Tommy’s daughter.


Victor: (His jaw drops as he looks between Roberto and Kelsey) Oh you have to be sh*tting me! You kidnapped his daughter!


Roberto: No, she’s my girlfriend.


Kelsey: Yeah, I came out of my own freewill.


Victor: Well, it’s pretty brave of you to go against your own father.


Kelsey: Yeah, I guess.


Roberto: Anyways… (Picks up an MP5 off the floor near the Sultan) We better find 8-Ball.


Victor: Why the rush?


Roberto: (Grabs a clip for the MP5 off the floor and reloads the gun) Because tomorrow Catalina’s cousin gets in. We have until around one in the afternoon to get 8-Ball back.


Victor: Well, how do we find him!


Roberto: (Picks up a Colt Python off the floor and throws it to Vic) We search… (Heads to a black Sentinel with a green stripe painted across it)

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Vanilla Shake


Bring on Chapter 46!



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Great chapter, once things come together, they get stretched out again. Excellent job. cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcatloaf_by_anuj.gifcatloaf_by_anuj.gif

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Archaon, Lord of End Times
Superb job, Roberto. Excellent chapter. icon14.gif

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Great work as usuall.

Cant wait for the next chapter.


Untill then, I'll be working on my story.

Adios Rob, talk on MSN.


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