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Grand Theft Auto.......

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This story started off very great untill the last few chapters, It just turned into Fight Club

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That's alright, Cubanwhip, everyone needs a vacation. smile.gif What another great chapter! cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifbreadfish_by_Moto.gifbreadfish_by_Moto.gif

Edited by rashon125

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Archaon, Lord of End Times

Keep 'em coming. icon14.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcatloaf_by_anuj.gifbreadfish_by_Moto.gif

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Oh man. I can't believe Marissa died. That sucks man. I really liked that lady. I can't believe Mike Toreno looked bad in this story. I wished he was a cool good guy. Sweet getting shot? Thank goodness he's still alive. But I wonder where's Phil Cassidy & 8 Ball?


But Roberto being Mr. Gray? That's just weird and messed up. And if Claude Speed didn't actually die from the car crusher? How did Roberto get Claude's jacket that has blood on it? Still though. I wished Marissa didn't die. ='(




*Starts crying over a made up character*

Edited by MC_320

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You know what I was thinking the other day, why make a completely different story and make another topic, when I can just contiue it onto this story. So, now this story is far from over guys. Enjoy!!!!!


Chapter 34: Burnt Out


Friday February 13th, 2007. 1:03 P.M.

Roberto is lying in a lawn chair sipping a Margarita near his pool. After the incident in Liberty, he has taken finally given up his life as a killer and went back to Vice to live out the rest of his life. The sun is at its highest in the sky and is blazing.


Roberto: (Yawns) It’s beautiful today. I might go to the beach. (Gets up and heads into the house)


Kelsey: (Runs over and kisses him on the cheek) Where are you off to?


Roberto: The beach.


Kelsey: Okay, be back soon. (Runs outside)


Roberto: (Heads out to his Bullet and gets in) I need to go talk to Tommy. (Heads down the street and pulls up to the estate. He then runs up the stairs and up to Tommy’s office) Tommy!


Tommy: (Looks up from the table) Oh hey! How are you doing with that psychiatrist?


Roberto: She says I’m doing well; just a few more weeks before I am completely recovered.


Tommy: Well that’s good to hear. So what brings you here? (Looks back down and continues working on his papers)


Roberto: Well, Mike Toreno showed up that night when I almost killed Kelsey. Everyone I ever cared for or worked for has died. It’s just been bothering me.


Tommy: Well, it is your fault for creating that alter ego thing.


Roberto: I guess your right. (Starts to pace the room) The only thing that bothers me is that Mike knew about Mr. Gray. Unless…


Tommy: (Looks back up at Roberto) Unless what?


Roberto: Holy sh*t! (Runs out and jumps into his Bullet)

Friday February 13th, 2007. 1:10 P.M.

Roberto has pulled up to the Hyman Condo and is looking it over. It is still as trashy as it was last time. Roberto gets out of his car and kicks in the door and runs up a few flights of stairs and finally arrives at Mike’s old apartment.


Roberto: (Standing in front of Mike’s apartment door) I never had a chance to look around closely. (Lifts his foot up and kicks the apartment door so it’s lock breaks and the door swings open) My god, what’s that smell? (Covers his nose) It smells like a rats ass in here. (Heads over to a slightly open door to his right) God, it’s coming from here. (Slowly pushes the door open and all color fades from his face) No… (Runs over to a bathtub over flowing with blood) How could he… (Looks at the man in the tub) That f*cking asshole. (Storms out of that room and to a door ahead of him) I shouldn’t have come here… (Kicks in the door and reveals a dusty old office) I knew it. (Searches through the papers) Mike’s been giving orders to the corporation in Liberty. Whenever I was alone with him, Mr. Gray would tell him what to do, and then relay the information to Liberty. (Turns on a computer monitor) Let’s see what his last activity was. (Searches for most recent file) Wait, this can’t be right. This is dated the tenth. I killed him December last year. That would mean he is alive or someone was here. (Hears a gun click behind him)


Man: Too right you are.


Friday February 13th, 2007. 1: 41 P.M.

Roberto is tied on the chair looking at a man wearing a suit. Roberto knew the suit too well. He calmed himself down and looked at the man.


Roberto: So, what are you going to do Tommy, kill me?


Tommy: (Laughs) Of course not. I just want some answers.


Roberto: Of course, I mean, why else would you tie me to a chair and have a gun in your hand. Some one else might think you were killing me.


Tommy: (Chuckles) Well, down to business.


Roberto: That’s how it always is isn’t it?


Tommy: Well what do you expect? I am a businessman.


Roberto: Of course. It was this ‘business’ that led to your big success.


Tommy: (Looks serious) Okay, enough games. I want to know, have you ever screwed me?


Roberto: (Laughs) Sorry Tommy, I don’t go that way.


Tommy: (Knocks Roberto on top of the head with his pistol) I said enough with the games. Give me an answer. Have you ever screwed me over?


Roberto: I did perhaps.


Tommy: (Punches Roberto in the face) You two timing Cuban.


Roberto: (Shakes his head to throw off the blood) Now why the sudden interest?


Tommy: Well, I was thinking about the other day with Joey talking about Mr. Gray giving him information about your past. Now, I just thought Mr. Gray was putting thoughts into Joey’s head to make him turn sides, so I just cast it off. But now that it turns out, you are Mr. Gray, so that sent me back to that moment with Joey telling me that information. The gears started moving in my mind and then I needed to know if you betrayed me. (Looks at Roberto and scoffs) I guess Joey was right. (Loads the pistol with one bullet) Now I’m sorry to say, your epic journey ends here.


Roberto: Oh come on. You’re really going to kill me? I thought you weren’t.


Tommy: Change of plans. (Points the gun at Roberto’s head) Last words?


Roberto: Two. (Leans into the gun) Your daughter.


Tommy: (Holds gun against Roberto’s head) What about her?


Roberto: (Leans back) Well, how will you explain this to her. (Tries to mock Tommy) ‘I’m sorry honey. I killed your boyfriend because I didn’t trust him.’ (Laughs)


Tommy: (Starts to pace around the room) f*ck, I didn’t think of that. (Gives Roberto a dirty look) I’m going to keep an eye on you. (Storms out of the apartment)


Roberto: (Watches Tommy leave) Prick just leaves me here. (Struggles to get out)


Friday February 13th, 2007. 2:03 P.M.

Roberto is speeding down to his house on Starfish. After the event in Mike’s old apartment, he knows he isn’t safe anymore in Vice.


Roberto: (Comes to a halt in front of the house) I got to tell Kelsey I’m leaving. (Stops and thinks for a second) No, I can’t. If he knows I’m away from her, he’ll get the perfect opportunity to kill me. (Runs in and sees Kelsey in the kitchen) Hey, Kelsey, would you like to come with me and help me on an errand?


Kelsey: (Looks up) Can’t you see that I’m busy?


Roberto: It’s really important.


Kelsey: (Puts down the tray and walks over to Roberto) What’s wrong?


Roberto: I can’t explain here. (Looks around and sees a few security cameras) I’ll tell you on the way.


Kelsey: Okay…


Roberto: (Runs out to the Bullet dragging Kelsey with him into the car) It involves your dad. (Starts the car and drives off)


Kelsey: What about my dad?


Roberto: Well, he has already threatened to kill me.


Kelsey: (Cuts him off) What?! That isn’t possible. He would never do that to you!


Roberto: Well, someone has been feeding him false information, or was.


Kelsey: What are you talking about?


Roberto: Mr. Toreno seemed to have left quite a bit of information back at his old apartment. I guess Tommy went to go check it out and found it.


Kelsey: Did it involve you?


Roberto: Well, it was more of that same false information Joey was given to turn on me. I’m afraid Tommy is going down that same road…


Kelsey: Are you saying he thinks you are betraying him?


Roberto: Exactly.

Friday February 13th, 2007. 2:05 P.M.

Tommy is sitting in his office filling out some more paper work when something catches the corner of his eye.


Tommy: (Turns around and is looking at a set of monitors) Wait. (Grabs a control) What was going on there? (Rewinds and is looking at a security camera’s recording inside Roberto’s house) That f*cking Cuban. (Watches Roberto run out of the house with Kelsey in hand) Ken!


Ken: (Comes running into the office) Tommy! What’s wrong?


Tommy: I want you to follow that Bullet and tell me where it goes.


Ken: Right on it. (Runs out of the office)


Tommy: (Stares at a monitor that shows the Bullet speeding down the main street of Starfish Island) I don’t know how far he thinks he is going to get, but he ain’t leaving my town, my town! (Throws a hole puncher at the monitors causing them to smash into hundreds of shards)

Edited by Cubanwhip

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Another great chapter. This story is great. I wonder what'll happen between Tommy and Roberto. cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcatloaf_by_anuj.gifcatloaf_by_anuj.gif

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Huh? I don't understand how Mr. Gray is Roberto. I mean there was this chapter where Roberto was in San Andreas with a few people and Mr. Gray was in Liberty City torturing Joey.

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Reread chapter 32. That explains it.

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This story should seriously get published... It's one-of-a-kind! This story expands to all cities in the GTA3 trilogy... Liberty City, San Andreas, Vice City. I love it. cool.gif

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good chapter man

and glad you are keeping the story alive!!!!

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New chapter! Enjoy!


Chapter 35: Hell Hath No Fury like a Vercetti’s Scorn


Friday February 13th, 2007. 2:15 P.M.

Roberto is speeding through Little Havana and looks through his rearview window to see a pitch black Cheetah on his ass. The Cheetah is up to par with Roberto’s customized Bullet and is hard to throw off.


Roberto: (Turns to Kelsey) Kelsey. Any ideas how to get that Cheetah off of us?


Kelsey: (Turns around and looks through the back of the car at the Cheetah) Hey, that’s Ken’s car.


Roberto: sh*t, he’s gotten good at driving. (Pulls the handbrake and skids through a tight corner) Did I lose him yet?


Kelsey: No, he is still in back of us.


Roberto: (Pulls the handbrake, throwing Kelsey into the dashboard) Sorry! (Jumps out of the car and into a familiar building)


Kelsey: (Looks at the building) What are we doing here again? (Runs into the building with Roberto)


Roberto: Uncle Umberto used to always keep and M4 hidden in here. (Rummages through the house) Damn it, he hid it really good.


Kelsey: (Looks at Roberto quizzically) Used to?


Roberto: (Finds a locked chest under Umberto’s bed) Yeah, that f*cking asshole Toreno killed him and left him in a bathtub bleeding to death.


Kelsey: (Gasps and covers her mouth) Oh my god!


Roberto: (Opens the lock and chuckles) Always uses his birthday for everything. (Opens the chest and pulls out the M4 and blows off the dust) Dusty piece of sh*t. (Picks up the ammo in the chest and loads it up) It’s like from the eighties or something.


Kelsey: What are you going to do with that?


Roberto: Rob a Burger Shot. What do you think?


Kelsey: Kill my father!


Roberto: No, I wouldn’t do that, yet. (Heads outside and sees Ken leaning against his Cheetah)


Ken: So, what are you going to do with that?


Roberto: Rob a Burger Shot.


Ken: (Walks over to Roberto) Tommy ain’t to happy right now. I say you go back and apologize.


Roberto: (Shoves the barrel of the M4 into Ken’s stomach) No. I say, kill you now, and leave Vice.


Ken: You know that wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do. Tommy would kill you. You would be dead in a matter of days.


Roberto: I’d like to see him try.


Ken: Is that a challenge? I could arrange it.


Roberto: Yeah, you could think of it as that.


Ken: Okay, put down that gun and lets head back to the Estate.


Roberto: Okay.


Ken: (Turns around and heads towards the Cheetah) Well, we must be on our way, Tommy doesn’t like waiting.


Roberto: (Gets the M4 ready and aims for Ken’s shoulder) Kelsey, close your eyes. (Fires three bullets into the back of Ken’s shoulder, causing blood to splatter across the black Cheetah) It’s kind of like hide and seek Ken! (Grabs Kelsey’s arm and pulls her into the Bullet) Catch me if you can!


Ken: (Lying on the car) Asshole! (Reaches for his cell phone and dials Tommy’s office) Tommy… he shot me and took Kelsey… right on it. (Hangs up and gets into the car with one hand over the bullet wounds) If it’s a game you want, it’s a game you’ll get. (Starts chasing the Bullet)


Friday February 13th, 2007. 2:31 P.M.

Tommy is pacing in his office waiting for a response from Ken when the phone rings. He runs over and picks it up and hears breathing for the first few minutes.


Tommy: Hello? Ken is that you?


Ken: Tommy.


Tommy: Ken! What the hell is happening? It’s been over a half and hour. Did you find them?


Ken: He shot me and took Kelsey!


Tommy: (Stands still for a few minutes and finally starts talking again) Listen to me, and listen closely, I want Roberto dead, and my daughter back here is less than two hours, or I am going out there myself and killing him myself! You here me Ken! If you f*ck up, your ass is on the line too!


Ken: Right on it! (Hangs up)


Tommy: (Throws the phone at the wall) That f*cking Cuban! Mario! (Starts yelling) Mario get you ass in here!


Mario: (Runs into the office) What’s wrong sir?


Tommy: Get my MP5 and PCJ-600 ready.


Mario: No problem, right away! (Runs out of the office)


Tommy: Ken can’t do sh*t. Never send a coke addict to do a man’s job.

Friday February 13th, 2007. 2:44 P.M.

Roberto is speeding down through Little Havana and is trying to get to Escobar International. Ken is still on his tail and is not letting up.


Roberto: (Looking through the rearview mirror) I can’t take this anymore. Kelsey, take the wheel.


Kelsey: (Grabs the steering wheel) Why? What are you doing?


Roberto: (Rolls down his window) Taking care of this once and for all. (Puts half his body out of the driver seat window and has his M4 in hand) You might also want to put your feet on the accelerator. (The car jerks a little)


Kelsey: (Jumps into the Driver’s seat while avoiding Roberto) I’m trying my best!


Roberto: (Aims at the Cheetah’s tires and fires popping one wheel) Got you. (Hears bullets flying from the Cheetah) sh*t! He’s firing back. (Takes out the other front tire and the car begins to swerve across the lane)


Kelsey: Do I turn here?


Roberto: (Looks ahead) Yeah! (Sees a car coming down the oncoming lane) This should be good. (Turns around and faces the Cheetah again) Adios Ken. (Fires a stream of bullets into the driver’s seat causing the car to lose all control and smash into the car in the oncoming lane) Kelsey, hop back into the passenger I’m coming back in.


Kelsey: (Makes her way back to the passenger seat and watches Roberto come back in) You killed Ken!


Roberto: (Regains control of the car and puts the M4 in the small space behind the driver’s seat) I had to do what I had to do. Now where should we go that so Tommy can’t find us.


Kelsey: I don’t want to go. Drop me off here. I don’t want to be involved in this little war.


Roberto: You don’t understand. If you leave, Tommy will kill me without mercy. With you here, he can’t kill me in front of you.


Kelsey: Yes he will. He’s done it once with my last boyfriend, he’ll do it to you.


Roberto: (Reaches the airport and speeds through the gates and into the airstrip) Whe were you going to tell me about him?


Kelsey: Oh don’t get jealous. He was some asshole that wanted to be friends with my dad so he could get free drugs. Daddy found out and killed him in bed while I was sleeping next to him.


Roberto: (Roberto’s eyes open wide and looks at Kelsey) Oh sh*t. (Finds a helicopter on a helipad and stops the car in front of it) Well, then this is goodbye then. I don’t want to drag you into something this big.


Kelsey: (Steps out of the car) So this is goodbye then?


Roberto: Well, for now. (Gives Kelsey a kiss on the cheek and runs up to the helicopter) Take good care of my car! (Picks locks the helicopter door and takes off)


Kelsey: I wonder if this will be the last time I see him. (Gets into the Bullet and drives off)

Friday February 13th, 2007. 2:40 P.M.

Tommy is cruising down the main street on his PCJ-600 past Little Havana, Little Haiti, and Vice Port looking for that Bullet. Tommy had no luck and then finally spots it leaving Little Havana.


Tommy: (Points the MP5 at the driver’s seat) Got you now Roberto. Nobody leaves my town, nobody! (Fires four bullets into the driver’s seat and sees somebody fallout) Oh sh*t! (Runs over to Kelsey lying on the floor)


Kelsey: (Looking up at her father with tears in her eyes and blood on her chest) Why?


Tommy: Don’t worry baby. I didn’t mean it.


Kelsey: Yes you did. You wanted him dead.


Tommy: (Picks up Kelsey and places her in the passenger seat of the Bullet) I’m taking you to the hospital right now! (Jumps into the Bullet and speeds down to the hospital in Little Havana) Help! My daughters in serious condition!


Doctor: (Looks at Kelsey) You’re right. (Yells for a nurse) Nurse! Bring a stretcher! We have a patient in need of serious medical attention!


Nurse: (Comes running with a stretcher) Here you are Mehoff.


Mehoff: Thank you Nurse. (Picks up Kelsey and places her on the stretcher) Take her to the ER. (Watches the nurse run down a hall and through double doors with a label above that says ‘Emergency Room’) She’ll be in good care. (Turns around and looks at Tommy) So, sir, I need you to fill out some papers available at the front desk.


Tommy: (Looks the doctor over) You look too young to be a doctor. How old are you?


Mehoff: I’m twenty one sir.


Tommy: What?! Twenty one?! I don’t want to put my daughter under your care. I’m switching doctors. (Begins to walk towards the front desk)


Mehoff: (Stops Tommy) Don’t worry. I am very smart. I was bumped up grades throughout school because I exceeded everyone else. By the time I got to college, I was eighteen. After two years in college, I went to med school, and now I’m here.


Tommy: I want to see your diplomas.


Mehoff: Right away sir. (Leads Tommy to his office)


Friday February 13th, 2007. 5:06 P.M.

The sun is setting on the horizon, while Roberto flies over Liberty City; the city that has been trying to rebuild itself after the so-called “terrorist attacks”. The Callahan Bridge is just undergoing construction and the buildings around it are still being cleaned up. The once headquarters of the LCUBC, is finished with being cleared and is now preparing for construction.


Roberto: (Looking down at the city) This place is really trying to rebuild itself, can’t wait to finally go back to it. (Starts to head Northwest over Shoreside Vale) This place seems to be untouched by the destruction in Staunton and Portland. (Flies over the Shoreside mountains and heads into what seems to be a cloud of pollution) Jesus Christ, those mountains really block out the pollution from Carcer City. (Begins his descent onto Carcer International Airport) Thank god I know some people here. If not, then I would have no where to stay. (Lands the helicopter and jumps out. He then takes a breath and coughs) Damn, can’t even breath without coughing. I bet you’re more likely to die breathing the air here, than second hand smoke. (Coughs a bit more then proceeds running to the airport terminal)


Luggage Handler: (Drives up to Roberto) Hey, what are you doing out here?


Roberto: (Looks at the guy) Can you give me a ride to the airport entrance, I need a taxi ride.


Luggage Handler: (Looks around) Sure, why not? You’re the most exciting thing that’s happened to me today.


Roberto: (Jumps into the passenger seat of the small vehicle) Thanks man.


Luggage Handler: (Tries to make small talk on his way to the front of the airport) So, what brings you to Carcer this late?


Roberto: I had some problems in Vice City. Decided to come here and reunite with some friends.


Luggage Handler: Wow, Vice huh? It must be really different down there than here.


Roberto: Well, I used to live in Liberty.


Luggage Handler: Well, then that’s a bit closer, but still, no place compares to Carcer.


Roberto: Oh I bet not. (Starts to cough)


Luggage Handler: Don’t worry, the pollution will grow on you.


Roberto: (Continues coughing and speaks between them) How close…are we to…the front?


Luggage Handler: Actually, we’re right here. (Makes a quick left, then a right) Here we go.


Roberto: (Steps out) Thanks a lot.


Luggage Handler: No problem. Hope to see you around. (Drives off)


Roberto: (Looks around and finds a payphone) Now to get a hold of someone. (Runs over and starts looking through the phone book) Here we go. (Picks the phone up and dials the number) Come on, pick up.


Man: (Picks up the phone) Hello?


Roberto: Hey, is this Jon?


Jon: Yeah, who is this?


Roberto: It’s me Roberto, Roberto Garcia.


Jon: Oh not you. What do you want?


Roberto: I need a place to stay.


Jon: Why don’t you go stay at the Joey’s house, or Tommy’s house in Vice.


Roberto: I would love to, but Joey is dead, and Tommy wants me dead. So can I stay at your place?


Jon: (Pauses for a few seconds) Fine, but only for a week. My girlfriend hates it when I have company.


Roberto: Don’t worry about it. I’ll be out of there by then. What’s your address?


Jon: 21978 Paddock Street.


Roberto: Thank you very much. Be there soon Jon.


Jon: Oh and Roberto, don’t try to get me killed this time around.


Roberto: Don’t worry. Tommy won’t find me here. (Hangs up and gets into a Taxi)


Jon: (Hangs up) That’s what he said last time. Except it was more like, “Don’t worry, El Burro won’t try Carcer,” and who could forget, “Those dirty Triads can’t find me at your place.” I swear to god if I hear anything about a gang or gang leader coming for him, I’ll kill him myself.

Edited by Cubanwhip

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Too bad about Ken. sad.gif I was suprised that he wasn't killed after the M4 shots to his shoulder. sad.gif I got a feeling we'll definitely see Tommy again and somebody else is gonna get killed whether it's Tommy... or Roberto.

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greta chapter man and can i put the story on my site man

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i've been reading this story before i joined the forums and i'd like to say that this story kicks some serious ass. nice work cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif

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Archaon, Lord of End Times

Too bad about Ken. I hope Tommy doesn't die. But, I really can't see any other way out of this.




Great woek as always, Cuban. icon14.gif

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S. Leone
wow I like typing this small to! grat job CW, keep it coming. Edited by S. Leone

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come on bring on the next chapter man please!!!!

can i put this story on my site?

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Well, I am making the chapter's longer. More twists and turns coming. Get ready. And yes General, you can put your story on your site. Just as long as you give me credit as the author. wink.gif Also, send me the link via PM, so you dont get banned for advertising. And without further ado, chapter 36.


Chapter 36: Warm Welcome

Friday February 13th, 2007. 5:39 P.M.

A taxi pulls up to what looks like a small apartment building that is no more than three rooms wide and fifteen stories high. There is about three miles of these on both sides of Jon’s apartment building. The pollution the taxi gave off is barely seen because it blends in with the pollution all around Carcer. Roberto pays the driver and he speeds off into the distance. Roberto is left in front of the cramped apartment building. He walks up and rings for Jon.


Roberto: (Clicks the button for Jon) Jon?


Jon: (Comes onto the intercom) Hold on. (Presses the open door button)


Roberto: (Hears a buzz and opens the door) Thanks Jon. (He heads up three flights of stairs. The stairs seem to be rotten and are about to collapse. It creaks on every step Roberto takes) God damn. This place is an accident waiting to happen. (Arrives at apartment 3C and knocks)


Jon: (Opens the door) Well well, if it isn’t Mr. Mafioso himself.


Roberto: (Laughs sarcastically) Good one. (Shoves past Jon) This place is still a sh*t hole. Haven’t found the time to fix it up? (Looks across the room and sees clothes strewn everywhere)


Jon: (Shuts the door behind him) Hey, this place isn’t too bad. We manage.


Roberto: Oh yeah, you still with that whore Melinda?


Melinda: (Sneaks up behind Roberto with a laundry basket) What are you doing here? (Looks at Jon) You never told me he was staying here tonight?


Jon: Sorry. It just came up!


Melinda: (Looks Roberto up and down) You haven’t changed one bit you dirty Spick.


Roberto: (Flips off Melinda) Nice to see you again too Melinda.


Jon: Hey, stop fighting.


Roberto: That bitch started it.


Melinda: (Glares at Roberto) I want him out by tomorrow. (Leaves the room and heads to the laundry room)


Jon: (Punches Roberto in the arm) What the hell was that. Can you not get along with her?


Roberto: f*ck her. I’ve always hated her, ever since high school. (Walks over to the refrigerator and grabs a beer can)


Jon: Well, just stay in separate rooms. I don’t want another fight like last time. We are still paying off the damage to the bathroom.


Roberto: (Laughs) Really? I didn’t think it was that bad of damage. What, didn’t I destroy the toilet?


Jon: And the sink.


Roberto: (Continues laughing) Oh yeah! (Takes a sip of the beer)


Jon: Just go to bed.


Roberto: (Finishes off the beer) Fine, but I’ll be up early tomorrow. (Walks to the living room and clears the couch of the clothes) Damn it, do you have closets?!


Jon: Yeah, they’re just jammed with junk.


Roberto: (Grabs a blanket off the floor and covers himself) Goodnight Jon.


Jon: Yeah, whatever. (Heads into the bedroom)


Roberto: (Makes a pile of clothes for a pillow) Goodnight Melinda.


Melinda: (Screams from the laundry room) f*ck off!


Roberto: (Screams at Melinda) I love you too Melinda! (Falls asleep while Melinda curses him out from the laundry room)

Friday February 13th, 2007. 5:00 P.M.

Tommy is sitting in his office watching the sun set in the distance. All he has been thinking of is Roberto and possible locations he could be in. He has eliminated Liberty City and Carcer City. He turns around and looks at a map of cities.


Tommy: (Scanning the map) He could be in San Andreas with the help of that one pussy gangster Carl. He could also be in Capital City, but most likely not because they check everyone who enters and leaves that airport and since Roberto is still a wanted criminal, they wouldn’t let him leave that airport and they would kill him on sight. (Crosses out Capital City and Liberty City catches his eye) Now, he could be there, but I already went over why he wouldn’t. Rival gangs would kill him; police are searching the streets for him after that fiasco with that building; he wouldn’t last two days out there. (Sees Carcer City right above Liberty) I never really thought about that place too much. I just rounded it up with Liberty because it was close by. (Turns on his computer and flips through the internet until he finds a Carcer tourist information site and starts to think to himself) “Let’s see; overly polluted, criminals crawling everywhere, dirty politicians, crooked cops, gang bangers, and last but not least has more drugs than three coke factories and a marijuana farm. Damn. That was the top six reasons not to go to Carcer. Horrible place to live, perfect place to run to.” (Calls for Mario) Mario, gte your ass in here!


Mario: (Comes running in) What can I do for you?


Tommy: I want you to send three of my men up to Carcer City. Tell them to search for Mr. Garcia.


Mario: Do you care what people I choose?


Tommy: (Thinks for a few seconds) Send Arturo, Renzo, and Leonardo.


Mario: Okay sir. (Runs out of the room)


Tommy: Let’s see if they can lure Roberto out of hiding.


Mercedes: (Walks into the room) What do you mean by that?


Tommy: (Looks up at Mercedes) Oh hey honey.


Mercedes: Well?


Tommy: Oh, well, I don’t expect them to kill Roberto at all. I just want to be sure he is in Carcer. If they survive the search throughout Carcer, then at least I know he’s not there.


Mercedes: Maybe you shouldn’t be too hard on him.


Tommy: Why not? He went behind my back and killed every one of my contacts, and blamed it on rival gangs.


Mercedes: Well, imagine if he never did that. Wouldn’t those gangs still be around?


Tommy: Of course not! I would have wiped them out by now.


Mercedes: Maybe, but he helped you. Remember that coke deal in ’03?


Tommy: Yeah?


Mercedes: Imagine if the Haitians were still a gang. You were dealing on their territory, but thanks to Roberto, you killed them in ’95, so there was no problems there. Now, how big was that deal?


Tommy: (Grumbles to himself) A twenty five million deal.


Mercedes: That’s a lot of money there. Imagine the Haitians came and ruined the deal. You wouldn’t be where you are today.


Tommy: (Starts to get aggravated and slams the desk with his fist) Okay I get your point, but why are you defending him?


Mercedes: Well, you don’t have to get so testy about it. I just like seeing you get all flustered when someone opposes you. (Turns around and slowly walks out of the room)


Tommy: (Stares at Mercedes leave the room) What the hell is her problem. She has never done that before. (Picks up a folder) What’s this? (Opens the folder) Oh sh*t, I forgot! (Grabs a briefcase next to the desk and runs out of the office heading to an important meeting)


Friday February 13th, 2007. 11:04 P.M.

Roberto is lying on the couch. He has been awake for some time now. The couch is extremely uncomfortable and thoughts of Tommy are racing through his mind. He sits up and looks out a window and sees nothing. You can not see anything with both pollution and the night sky at the same time. You could have a flashlight, and you would barely see that. It was that dark.


Roberto: (Rubs his eyes and starts to think to himself) “I have to do something. Come up with an agreement with Tommy. If I can’t think of anything, than the worst possible ending to this is either Tommy or me dieing, and I don’t feel like dieing, at least not yet.” (Stands up and walks over to the window) “It’s so dark out. How can you live here? I bet most people have ‘stay at home’ jobs. Then you would never need to leave your house.” (Hears some loud snoring from the other room) “Damn, Jon has a snoring problem.” (Hears the refrigerator close behind him)


Jon: (Sees Roberto at the window) Hey, why you up?


Roberto: (Looks at the bedroom then at Jon) Wow, Melinda really has a snoring problem.


Jon: (Drinks down his glass of milk) Is that it? Her snoring woke you up?


Roberto: (Walks up to the kitchen counter and pulls up a chair) No.


Jon: (Sits next to Roberto) Well? What else?


Roberto: Well, I’ve been thinking about Tommy. He’s always been there, ever since ’01 when my parents were killed.


Jon: You never told me what happened to your parents. What happened?


Roberto: Well, some burglars got into my house and killed everyone. They shot me… (Pulls down his shirt on his right shoulder) … I played dead and they robbed the house. I was the only survivor. Then I came across Tommy. He must have thought something of me immediately because he took me into his home.


Jon: How old were you?


Roberto: About fifteen.


Jon: Oh, so its not some traumatizing child thing.


Roberto: No, not really.


Jon: So, why have you been thinking about Tommy?


Roberto: Well, I really don’t want to kill him, but he wants to kill me. I refuse to kill him, he has been like a father to me.


Jon: (Interrupts) And you don’t want to kill him. I see.


Roberto: So now I have to figure out a way to make that work.


Jon: Well, the only obvious solution I see is to keep running, and never stop.


Roberto: Well, that one too… (Drifts off)


Jon: (Looks at Roberto with a confused face) I don’t get it? What other solution is there?


Roberto: Take his empire head on. Slowly take down his control over Vice City until he has none, then wait until he gives up.


Jon: How do you know he will?


Roberto: I don’t. (Stands up and grabs a coat from off the ground)


Jon: Where are you going?


Roberto: For a walk. (Puts on the coat and leaves the apartment)


Melinda: (Wakes up and sees Jon sitting at the kitchen counter) Is he gone finally?


Jon: Maybe, maybe for sure. (Gets up and walks to the bedroom)


Melinda: (Watches him go into the bedroom) He better, I don’t ever want to see his face here again. (Follows Jon into the bedroom)

Friday February 13th, 2007. 11:15 P.M.

Roberto is exiting the apartment building and it is chilly outside. Roberto pulls out a cigarette out of his pocket and lights it. The lighter is the only light on the street.


Roberto: (Takes a puff from the cigarette) Might as well add to the wonderful atmosphere of this city. (Looks down the street to his right and sees three men walking up. They are dressed in big bulky coats) Must be tourists, it’s not that cold. (Walks towards the men and greets one) Kind of late for you three to be out)


Man 1: I guess it is. Why are you out here?


Roberto: I just needed to go for a walk. You?


Man 2: Going for a walk too.


Roberto: Oh really.


Man 2: Yeah.


Roberto: Well, why not go for a walk together?


Man 1: Sure. By the way, my name’s Arturo. (Puts his hand out to shake Roberto’s)


Roberto: (Recognizes the name and looks the man over) My name’s Jose. (Shakes Arturo’s hand) Nice to meet you.

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This isn't entirely related to this topic, although i have to say that I did enjoy reading segments of your story. Anyway, there was a similar topic posted a few months ago by some guy whose name i unfortunately can't remember; it was a story that took place across the state of San Andreas involving - as best as i can remember - the hijacking of this guy's car that became an adventure, taking the reader across the state. I think it was mostly pictures with a sentence or two to complement the writing.


[N.B. The story was posted on GTA Forums as a link only, i.e. the story itself was opened as a new window on what appeared to be his own web-page.]


Anyhow, i've probably rambled on alot and i appreciate any help, albeit posted in somebody else's thread, which, as i said, gets a big thumbs up!


Many thanks in advance.

Edited by JJCribbins

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thanks for letting me put the story on my site just i haven yet any way great chapter man

peace out

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sweet, keep em coming.

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Okay guys, if you read the story and like it, post that you like it, if you hate it, post why you hate it. Don't read the story and then leave the topic, that doesn't help me. I want opinions on what's wrong with the story and such. So please leave a comment, whether it be saying 'Good job' or 'Horrible Story'. I don't care. Also, chapter 37 follows this short paragraph. I hope you enjoy it.


Chapter 37: My Enemy’s Lackeys Are My Friends


Saturday February 14th, 2007. 1:30 A.M.

Roberto is laughing and chatting with the three men and it is getting really late. Roberto sees a diner’s lights in the distance and asks the men if they are hungry and want anything to snack on.


Roberto: (Looks at the men) So, you guys hungry?


Arturo: I kind of am. What about you guys?


Renzo: I could go for a burger. (Hits Leonardo in the arm with his shoulder) What about you bonehead?


Leonardo: I’m not too hungry.


Arturo: So it’s decided, we go grab something to eat.


Roberto: Looks like it. (Walks to the diner entrance and sees an available table and takes it with the others following him and sitting down at it) So, how’s it like in Vice?


Renzo: You know, really hot, too hot at times.


Roberto: Really? Wish it was hot up here.


Waitress: (Comes up with the menus) Anything I can get you to drink?


Arturo: (Looks the waitress over) Hey, you look like my third wife.


Waitress: (Looks Arturo over) Oh yeah, how many times have you been married?


Arturo: Twice… (Waits for an answer from the waitress)


Waitress: (Stares at Arturo and ignores it) So what would you gentlemen like to drink?


Roberto: Sunring Extra.


Renzo: Same as him.


Leonardo: Your strongest beer.


Arturo: (Still looking the waitress over) Only you babe.


Waitress: (Stares blankly at Arturo and looks back at the others) Okay, so two Sunring’s and a Distrine, coming up. (Walks away)


Arturo: (Looks at the waitress as she leaves) She wants me.


Renzo: (Laughs) Good one Art. Remember the last girl you said that to?


Arturo: Hey, don’t bring that up.


Roberto: What happened?


Renzo: (Continues laughing) Well, Art here, tried using one of his pickup lines, but it was way more direct than this one. He said ‘f*ck me if I’m wrong, but haven’t we met before?’ and she beat the sh*t out of him. (Burst out laughing hysterically) It was something you had to see.


Arturo: (Laughs sarcastically) Keep laughing Renzo, keep laughing.


Renzo: So what about you Jose?


Roberto: (Remembers his made up name) Well, my life isn’t that interesting enough to tell anything about.


Renzo: Oh come on, everyone’s is interesting in some way.


Roberto: Not mine, mine’s pretty boring.


Arturo: (Hears his cell phone ring) sh*t, that must be Tommy. (Picks up the phone) Hello…no…we are trying are hardest to look for him…how the hell are we suppose to find someone if we don’t know what he looks like…fine…talk to you later. (Hangs up) God, he’s so pushy.


Roberto: Who are you looking for?


Arturo: I don’t know if I can tell you that.


Roberto: I’m your new found friend, of course you can.


Arturo: Hey! I’ve know you for no more than an hour, and you expect me to share that kind of information with you?


Roberto: Sorry for being so pushy, damn.


Renzo: Come on Art, he’s a cool guy. I don’t even think he knows the guy, let alone know what he looks like.


Arturo: Fine. (Leans forward and starts to go into a whisper) We’re looking for some guy named Roberto Garcia. He is some backstabbing rat who betrayed the Vercetti Family, and now Tommy, the Don, wants him dead. When I see him, I will slice his throat open and watch him beg for his life.


Roberto: (Continues whispering) Why are we whispering? There’s only two other people here, and they are a couple on the other side of the diner.


Arturo: (Leans back into the seat) What did I tell you Renzo? I tell him, and he doesn’t even listen!


Roberto: Hey, I know what you said.


Renzo: So do you know who that is?


Roberto: Only heard his name. I think he blew some stuff up in Liberty or something.


Leonardo: (Interrupts) He’s the one responsible for the destruction of the Callahan Bridge in Liberty City.


Arturo: (Looks at Leonardo) When the hell were you going to share this information with us? Huh?


Leonardo: You never asked for it.


Arturo: (Gets a little frustrated) Damn it Leo, I don’t know why the hell Tommy sent you here with us.


Leonardo: Cause I know what he looks like. (Looks at Roberto)


Roberto: (Starts to get a little worried) Really? I don’t know, so maybe we can get a detailed description of his appearance and then we can find him easier.


Renzo: Leo, you knew?! Why didn’t you tell us?


Leonardo: I would have told you if I saw him.


Arturo: God damn it Leo! (Slams his fist onto the table) I’ll be right back. I need to go to the bathroom, but when I’m back, you’re ass is mine Leo. (Stands up and storms to the bathroom)


Renzo: (Glares at Leo) Thanks Leo, for being so helpful. (Follows Arturo to the bathroom)


Roberto: (Waits until Renzo and Arturo are inside the bathroom) So…you know what he looks like?


Leonardo: (Stares at Roberto) Yes, I know it’s you Roberto.


Roberto: So, why not bother telling you friends?


Leonardo: Friends? (Chuckles) Those assholes are not my friends. I’m always stuck with them on assignments from Tommy.


Roberto: So, if you don’t want to tell them, why haven’t you called Tommy and told him you found me. You do have a cell phone.


Leonardo: I hate Tommy. He’s a f*cking prick. I want him to die. I want you to take him out.


Roberto: Yeah, see I don’t want to take him out. He’s treated me like a son and…


Leonardo: (Interrupts) I don’t care about your past personal life, I want him dead. Since you’re the only person who has the ability to take him out, I needed to make friends with you.


Roberto: I’m still not going to kill him, not for you, not for anyone. (Sees the couple leave from the corner of his eye)


Leonardo: (Pulls out a wad of cash and throws it onto the table) That’s one hundred thousand dollars. I can pay you triple that if you take him out. (Pushes the money at Roberto) Deal?


Roberto: (Looks at the money) Wait, so one hundred thousand now, and three hundred thousand after?


Leonardo: (Nods) Yeah, so is it a deal?


Roberto: (Stares at the money) Well…

Saturday February 14th, 2007. 1:26 A.M.

Tommy was sleeping and is now awoken by thoughts of Ken’s death. He is worried about the well being of Arturo, Leonardo, and Renzo in Carcer City. He picks up his phone and calls Arturo’s cell phone number. The phone rings for a few seconds and is quickly picked up by Arturo.


Arturo: (Picks up) Hello?


Tommy: Have you found him yet?


Arturo: No.


Tommy: (Gets a little frustrated) What the hell is taking so long to find him?! How hard is it to look for him? Carcer isn’t that big of a city!


Arturo: We are trying our hardest to look for him.


Tommy: Try harder, or I will kill you all before you step on Vice City again!


Arturo: How the hell are we suppose to find someone if we don’t know what he looks like!


Tommy: You better find him Arturo. I sent you out there because I trust you enough to find him. Get his ass back down here in Vice in two days, or you’re dead.


Arturo: Fine.


Tommy: I hope to hear from you soon Arturo.


Arturo: Talk to you later. (Hangs up)


Tommy: (Hangs up and thinks to himself) “Why do I keep sending people to do my work. I would do it better the first time. Heck, I would do it the first time.” (Lies down and goes to bed)

Saturday February 14th, 2006. 1:39 A.M.

Arturo is in the bathroom with Renzo discussing what they should do about Leonardo and ‘Jose’. Arturo is furious, while Renzo is just upset.


Arturo: How the hell could he leave out such a piece of crucial information? Huh?!


Renzo: Hey, he would have told us if he saw him.


Arturo: Leo? He would never have told us. We could have passed him and he would have said jack sh*t.


Renzo: Hey, I know Leo, he would never have.


Arturo: You don’t get it do you? He hates us.


Renzo: He probably hates you because of all the sh*t you do to him.


Arturo: Oh don’t you act like the nice one here. You’ve had your fair share with him.


Renzo: Oh really? When?


Arturo: (Chuckles) Remember the summer of ’05?


Renzo: No, enlighten me on what happened.


Arturo: Well, it was his birthday, and you got pretty drunk. He was hitting on this girl he’d been talking about for three months straight around then, and you went and took her away.


Renzo: No I didn’t!


Arturo: No? What was here name? I think it was Alyssa, wasn’t it?


Renzo: (Searches deep in his mind and remembers that name) That name sounds familiar.


Arturo: You should. He loved that girl, and within five minutes took her away from him. You changed him that day. He went from the happy go lucky guy, to the quiet morbid guy. How do you feel about yourself now?


Renzo: (Looks down then back up at Arturo) You always had a way with making people feel like sh*t.


Arturo: (Chuckles) I don’t have to make you feel like sh*t, because you already are a piece of sh*t. (Leaves the bathroom)


Renzo: (Watches Arturo leave) Smartass. (Follows Arturo out of the bathroom and joins him at the table)


Arturo: So, what have you two been talking about this whole time?


Roberto: Nothing much.


Renzo: (Looks at Leonardo) Hey, Leo, why didn’t you tell us?


Leonardo: Tell you what?


Renzo: About Roberto?


Leonardo: Oh. (Looks at Roberto and winks) That Jose is him?


Roberto: (Pulls out a pistol from under the table and puts a bullet hole in Renzo’s head) I was wondering when you were going to rat me out.


Arturo: (Stares at Renzo’s dead body) Oh my god… (Looks at Roberto) Don’t kill me!


Roberto: (Points the gun at Arturo) Aw, whatever happened to ‘When I see him, I will slice his throat open and watch him beg for his life’? Who's begging now?


Arturo: (Looks at the gun barrel) Jesus, don’t shoot me!


Roberto: Why not? Do you also have a wife and kids, like every other person I have killed?


Arturo: (Keeps his eyes on the gun) Leo, disarm him!


Leonardo: f*ck you Arturo. (Pulls out a pistol and shoots Arturo)


Roberto: (Puts the pistol inside his coat) So, we should get out of here before the cops arrive. (Shoves Renzo’s body onto the floor)


Leonardo: (Pushes Arturo’s body on the floor also) What about the waitress and cooks?


Roberto: Well, let them describe me to the police. I’m already wanted. She probably wouldn’t even remember you. (Bends down and grabs Arturo’s cell phone) We’ll be needing this.


Leonardo: What are you going to do with it?


Roberto: Well, next time Tommy calls, he’s going to get a surprise. (Heads out of the diner)


Leonardo: (Follows Roberto) So now what? When will you kill him?


Roberto: (Pulls out a cigarette and lights it) Soon enough, soon enough.

Edited by Cubanwhip

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As I said, this is an excellent story.


Roberto's not getting that $300k! He's going to get killed by Tommy!


Leonardo is an asshole, the plan's gonna backfire.

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Archaon, Lord of End Times

This is great so far, Cuban. Keep up the good work. icon14.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif


I think I know where you're going with this... ph34r.gif

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Pretty good stuff Cuban Whip! The ending is looking better than I thought. What happened to Mr. Gray?

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great f*ckin chapter man keep up the googd work

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this story is getting better by the chapter biggrin.gifcookie.gif

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Yay, new characters. Surprises lie ahead. Also, yes, that last character is who you think it is!!!!!!!!!! All will be explained. ChrisNorthInGer, he just slowly dissapeared over the three months that Roberto was taking psychology. I'm debating whether to bring him back randomly to add a plot twist. I just don't want it going back to the whole 'Fight Club' thing. I'm diverting from that, and back into something original. Anyways... new chapter, enjoy. I know you will.


Chapter 38: A New Contact

Saturday February 14th, 2007. 2:01 A.M.

Roberto is walking down an empty street with Leonardo. Roberto still can’t see the sun on the horizon. One car passes by and the headlights are brighter than the sun itself. The car continues down the road and disappears down the road, the light still visible from where they stand. The cell phone Roberto took is ringing. This is the third time, and Roberto decides to pick it up this time.


Roberto: (Flips open the phone and puts it on speaker) Hello?


Tommy: Hello? Who’s this?


Roberto: Who do you think it is Tommy?


Tommy: (Pauses for a few minutes) If it’s who I think it is, then you are underestimating who you’re dealing with.


Roberto: (Laughs) So Tommy, how are you?


Tommy: Don’t f*cking play games with me Roberto. Where are Arturo, Renzo, and Leonardo?


Roberto: (Looks at Leonardo and Leonardo slides his hand across his neck to show the universal sign for ‘killed them’) I killed them.


Tommy: (Pauses for a few seconds before finally loosing his cool) God damn it Roberto! Next time I or anyone related to my crime family sees you, you are dead! Do you here me? Dead!


Roberto: Whatever Tommy. You do that, and see how far you get. (Hangs the phone up)


Leonardo: (Looks at Roberto) You think he’ll send more people to kill you?


Roberto: Yeah. After maybe he sends five more though, he’ll come himself and try. That’s when we set your plan into action. (Hears footsteps behind him and pulls out his pistol) Who’s there?


Man: Yo, take it easy man. I’m cool.


Roberto: (Points the gun at the shadowy figure) Who the hell are you and how much did you hear of that conversation?


Man: Don’t worry about how much I heard. I can help you.


Roberto: Answer my questions regardless of how much you can help, or I will blow your brains out.


Man: Fine, my name is 8-Ball. I heard enough of that conversation to know that you have it in big with Mr. Vercetti.


Roberto: So, how do you know Tommy?


8-Ball: Well, I worked with him back in the 90’s. Good times. I helped him take down some of those buildings that needed to be taken down.


Roberto: Like which ones?


8-Ball: Like those in Little Haiti and in other districts so he could build some industrial buildings and such.


Roberto: I see. So, why would you offer your help to me? You seem to be good friends with him. Why betray him?


8-Ball: (Chuckles) Well, after what he has done to me I wouldn’t mind killing him. After I finished his whole ‘demolition’ project, he threw me out on the streets, never paid me a cent for my work. After that, I came here to Carcer to live with my family. Later on, I was poor, broke. I had no money. I had to support my baby brother and sister. I was going to try to rob a nearby Burger Shot to get some cash to last my family a month. Turns out, a cop was in there and shot my hands so I couldn’t kill anyone with my gun. I was then thrown in prison for armed robbery. They later tried to transfer me to a local Liberty City police station, but the Callahan Bridge was destroyed. This was back in 2001, not the recent one. This is where I met Claude Speed. I helped him out, let him get to know the Leone family, until he betrayed them. The entire Leone family looked at me and blamed me. They had a hit on my head. I had to get out of there fast, so I ran back to Carcer, my only home. Turns out, they killed my family before I could get to Carcer in time. They all died and it is all Tommy’s fault. If he had just paid me like a decent man, none of it would have happened. Salvatore would be alive, Claude Speed would be in jail, and my hands wouldn’t hurt when I make a fist. (Tries to make a fist with his hands and cringes at the pain) I think I have given you enough reason why he should be dead.


Roberto: (Pulls out another cigarette and lights it) Well, he’s killed many in the past, why should your family be any different? (Blows a ring of smoke into 8-Ball’s face)


8-Ball: (Coughs) You don’t understand, I can help you. Most people say they can, and really never can, but I can. I own every bomb shop from here to San Andreas. Together, me and you, we can take him down.


Roberto: It’s quite tempting, but I may decline. My friend here is paying me $300K to take him out. Would you pay the same amount?


8-Ball: (Looks at Leonardo) Are you seriously paying him $300K to take him out?


Leonardo: Yeah, so what. I hate him and he needs to be taken out. Why not throw in a couple of hundred thousand dollars.


8-Ball: (Looks back at Roberto) Who does he work for?


Roberto: He used to work for Tommy, but not anymore. He works for me.


8-Ball: Are you sure you can trust anybody that Tommy sends? For all we know, Tommy told him to make nice with you, then later kill you when you don’t expect it.


Roberto: (Looks at 8-Ball then at Leonardo) He’s right Leonardo, how do I know I can trust you?


Leonardo: Oh come on, I gave you $100K already. I’ll give you the rest afterwards.


Roberto: Well, that would make someone trust you, but what if you kill them, then take the money back?


Leonardo: I would never do that to you Roberto. I would never win in a fight with you. I would not even think about trying to kill you.


8-Ball: He’s lying to you Roberto. He wants you to believe him so he could kill you later.


Leonardo: Shut up! I wouldn’t try at all! (Looks Roberto in the eyes) You have to believe me man, I wouldn’t.


Roberto: (Points his pistol at Leonardo) 8-Ball, search him to see if he has a wire.


8-Ball: (Looks at Roberto) Why do you think that?


Roberto: Just do it.


8-Ball: (Walks over and pats Leonardo over and finds something on his chest) He has something under his shirt.


Roberto: Take off your shirt Leonardo. (Keeps the pistol steady)


Leonardo: Come on Roberto, I wouldn’t wear a wire I swear. He’s just trying to turn you against me.


Roberto: Take off the damn shirt now Leonardo, or I will blow your head off.


Leonardo: (Hesitates for a few seconds and slowly lifts up his shirt) I’m sorry.


Roberto: Stares at a wire leading from his chest into a pants pocket) You lying piece of sh*t! (Shoots Leonardo in the chest) Do you hear that Tommy! Nice try! (Shoots Leonardo a few more times in the chest) Damn it.


8-Ball: I told you man, you can’t trust anybody that’s worked for Vercetti.


Roberto: (Looks up at 8-Ball) So why should I trust you? Huh? You worked for him. I should kill you now.


8-Ball: Go ahead then. Kill me.


Roberto: (Points the pistol at 8-Ball) You wouldn’t give a sh*t if I killed you now?


8-Ball: My family’s dead, I have no home, no job, no money, why not?


Roberto: (Puts down the pistol and puts it away) Don’t worry about it. I trust you. (Hears the cell phone ring) One minute, Tommy’s calling. (Picks up and puts the phone on speaker) Hello?


Tommy: 8-Ball you backstabbing piece of sh*t, you’re next!


8-Ball: Tommy! It’s so great to hear from you again. How’s your family doing. How’s your criminal empire doing?


Tommy: You had to go and screw around with me again didn’t you? You should have just stayed in those shadows and never said a word. You’re as dead as Roberto.


Roberto: (Interrupts) Tommy, you make it sound like you are actually going to kill me.


Tommy: You’re getting to cocky there Roberto. That’s going to be your downfall.


Roberto: Yeah, yeah Tommy. So what’s your plan now? Now that your little snitch is dead, what is your next move?


Tommy: I’m going to come up there myself and kill you!


Roberto: I wouldn’t be too sure of that. Me and 8-Ball here are thinking of leaving town. Not too much to do here anymore.


Tommy: Roberto, quit playing games with me. Just accept that you are screwed either way. I’ve already sent people up to Carcer to lock you in. You can’t leave.


Roberto: Really? Well, I’m sorry to say, that I’m leaving Carcer, either way.


Tommy: What are these two ways?


Roberto: Either I go in full force and kill everyone of your men that gets near me, or I can always use the sneaky way to get around, and you know I hate being a sneaky bitch.


Tommy: You wouldn’t live one minute in a full blown out battle with them. They will be armed with M4’s.


Roberto: I’ve surprised you in the past Tommy, why would this be any different. (Chuckles) Talk to you when I get to Vice. (Hangs up the phone and throws it against the floor so it breaks into pieces) Let’s go 8-Ball; we need to plan this out.


8-Ball: Plan what out?


Roberto: Our great escape from this city. We are not leaving this city without a grand exit.


8-Ball: What do you mean?


Roberto: I want Tommy to think I died here in Carcer, so that when I do arrive in Vice City, he will be too shocked to do anything.


8-Ball: Great idea, now how is it going to work.


Roberto: That’s why we are going to think up a plan.


8-Ball: Just the two of us?


Roberto: I might need help from a friend of mine. (Starts down the street)


8-Ball: Who do you have in mind?


Roberto: Well, he used to help me with some various things back in the day.


8-Ball where do he live now?


Roberto: Outskirts of Carcer. It shouldn’t take too long to get there.


8-Ball: You’re right; it shouldn’t, unless we don’t have a car. (Stares at Roberto)


Roberto: (Sees a car passing by) One minute. (Stops the car)


Driver: (Honks the horn) Get the hell out of the way!


Roberto: (Opens the driver’s door and slams his head on the steering wheel) I need to borrow this. (Throws the guy out of the car) Come on 8-Ball.


8-Ball: Damn, let’s get out of here man. (Jumps into the passenger seat)


Roberto: (Gets into the car and drives off) People just don’t understand, never leave your car door open when driving.


Saturday February 14th, 2007. 2:49 A.M.

Roberto is driving and can see signs that show directions to Liberty City and Downtown Carcer. There are barely any cars on the road and the streetlights are at a very low dim. The pollution is beginning to lessen as Roberto leaves Carcer City and heads to a small town on its outskirts.


Roberto: (Follows the highway signs) Almost there. Maybe five more minutes.


8-Ball: Yo, where doe she live?


Roberto: Some small town called Hintan. It has like no people in it.


8-Ball: Probably. I never heard of it.


Roberto: (Takes the ramp up ahead) Well, me neither until he told me he lived there.


8-Ball: (Puts his feet on the dashboard and watches a sign pass by that says ‘Hitan’) Damn, this place is small.


Roberto: (Makes a left into a driveway and parks the car) I think this is it.


8-Ball: (Takes his feet off the dashboard and opens the door) Ready?


Roberto: (Turns the car off and gets out of the car) Yeah. (Heads to the door and knocks on it)


Man: (Talking behind the door) Who is it?


Roberto: An old acquaintance of yours.


Man: Now, who would that be? I’ve had too many.


Roberto: Okay Victor, stop playing around.


Victor: (Slowly opens the door to reveal a fifty one year old African American) Oh god, what do you want Roberto?


Roberto: I might need your help.


Victor: (Tries to close the door but Roberto holds open) Go away. I left that business a long time ago.


Roberto: Come on Vic, I need your help. Please?


Victor: (Looks at 8-Ball then at Roberto) Who’s that?


Roberto: A friend. So can you help us?


Victor: I don’t know. I left that business back in 1986.


Roberto: What about last year? You helped me out.


Victor: It wasn’t anything big. It was just me providing you with some guns.


Roberto: So what makes you think you’ll do anything more than that.


Victor: I’ve seen the news. You don’t think I know the trouble your in? If I get involved, I might get killed…again.


Roberto: Oh come on, you didn’t get killed.


Victor: Hey, I died on the inside that year. I loved my brother.


Roberto: Can we discuss this inside. My legs are getting tired.


Victor: Fine. (Opens the door and lets them in) I just hope it isn’t anything big. (Looks outside then closes the door)

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Holy crap. So Victor survived that 1986 setup and now he's back.


You had me fooled with Leonardo. I thought he betrayed Tommy but he was undercover the whole time.


Tommy had better watch out, I'm afraid to say.


Pay: Cookies and Catloaf cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcatloaf_by_anuj.gifcatloaf_by_anuj.gif

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