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Grand Theft Auto.......

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Great chapter.. HOPE WE get a new one soon!!!

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bring on the next chapter man and soon

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*note- vote this topic good plz*

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Aw sh*t...heres a new chapter. I've been busy lately planning vacations and stuff so here is the next installment. So close to the end...


Chapter 30: Set the Wheel in Motion


Friday December 31st, 2006. 11:36 A.M.

Roberto is getting dressed in his room while Carl, Sweet, Dante, and Divo sleep in the living room. He looks at himself in the mirror; tattered blue jeans, white muscle shirt covered by a red leather jacket, and a baseball cap. The cold is biting his skin but he doesn’t mind. The thoughts of killing Mr. Gray keep his mind distracted. He leaves the room and wakes everyone up.


Roberto: (Walks over and shakes Carl) Guess what today is Carl?


Carl: (Slowly opens his eyes and looks at Roberto) Obviously, its tha’ thirty firs’. Ya was talkin none stop abou’ it las’ nigh’.


Roberto: Well, wake up. We got to start gathering everything and reviewing the final plan.


Carl: Can ya give me five mo’ minutes?


Roberto: (Looks straight at Carl) No! We have to prepare.


Carl: (Sits up) Fine. I’ll go pack tha’ car up wit’ tha’ nitro and ya wake tha’ others up. (Heads into the next room)


Roberto: (Runs over and wakes Sweet up) Hey wake up, today’s the day. (Shakes him) Wake up Sweet.


Sweet: (Rolls and faces away from Roberto) Nigga, five mo’ minutes.


Roberto: No, Carl is packing the car. I have to wake everyone up now.


Sweet: Naw, I ain’t goin now.


Roberto: (Kicks Sweet) Wake up! Now!


Sweet: (Stands up and tries to reach for his gun) Wha’ tha’ f*ck is ya problem. (Looks down for his pistol) And where is my gun, foo’.


Roberto: (Pulls the gun out of his pocket) I’ll give it back if you get in the car.


Sweet: (Stares at the pistol swinging back and forth) Fine. (Grabs the pistol and heads outside for the car)


Roberto: (Looks down at Dante and Divo) Now for you two pain in the asses. (Pulls out a silenced pistol and aims near Dante’s head. Shoots and hits the floor two inches away from Dante’s head)


Dante: (Heads the bullets impact with the ground. Jumps up and stares at Roberto) What tha’ f*ck is ya problem nigga?!


Roberto: (Pockets the pistol) Get dressed in the Janitor uniform and get in the car. And take your homie here with you.


Dante: (Shakes Divo and drags him to get dressed) Crazy foo’. (Shuts the door)


Roberto: (Sighs) The things I have to deal with. (Heads outside and sees Carl idling the car with Sweet in the passenger seat. Yells to Carl) Dante and Divo are getting dressed. I’ll go in the Leone Sentinel. (Heads over to the Leone Sentinel and waits to Dante and Divo to come out) What the hell is taking so long. Are they playing with their dicks or something? (Watches as Dante and Divo come out dressed like Janitors and enter the Greenwood) Finally, they come out. (Follows the Greenwood to Mr. Gray’s headquarters)


Friday December 31st, 2006. 12:36 P.M.

The Greenwood parks about 500 feet away from Mr. Gray’s headquarters. The Leone Sentinel rolls up behind and Roberto steps out. He walks over to the Greenwood and pops the trunk. He pulls out two trash bags with the Nitro inside. Dante and Divo come out and each take one.


Roberto: (Looks at the two) So do you know what you two are going to do?


Dante: Ya. I go ta tha’ firs’ floo’ and put tha’ jars in tha’ ventilation system.


Divo: I go ta tha’ second floo’ and put them in tha’ ventilation too.


Roberto: Good, and what happens if someone sees you placing the jar there?


Dante and Divo: We tell ‘em we saw a rat, and tha’ containa is a ja’ of glue ta catch it.


Roberto: Great. So go in there and place the jars. That should take about an hour if you use every jar. (Counts in his head) I think we got about forty jars. That should take down this problem easily.


Carl: (Steps out of the car) Like a grenade in a model house.


Roberto: (Looks at Carl) Yeah. Just like that. Now go on ahead. Carl, Sweet and I will wait in this alley over here for you guys to come out. Are your earpieces in?


Dante: Ya, mines on.


Roberto: (Turns to Divo) What about yours?


Divo: I don’ know. How can I tell if its on?


Roberto: (Reaches into the Greenwood and pulls out a microphone) Tell me if you hear this. (Screams into microphone) Is your earpiece on?!


Divo: (Screams) Wha’ tha’ f*ck! Yeah its on nigga. Now did ya ‘ave ta scream?


Roberto: (Stares at Divo) Get your ass in the building and set the bombs. (Gets into the Leone Sentinel and backs into the alley nearby)


Carl: (Watches Dante and Divo walk over the steps and into the building) Well, lets hope all goes well. (Gets into the Greenwood and follows Roberto into the alley)


Friday December 31st, 2006. 2:02 P.M.

Roberto is asleep in the car and is awoken by the feedback on the earpiece. He immediately wakes up and hears Dante talking.


Dante: Yo, I finished down here on tha’ firs’ floo’.


Roberto: (Looks at the clock in the car) What the hell took so long?


Dante: I got hungry, so I grabbed something ta’ eat.


Roberto: (Sighs) Okay, I’ll let that slip. Any word on Divo’s progress?


Dante: Naw. Haven’ seen him since we separated in tha’ lobby.


Roberto: Okay, find him, help him out, and get your asses out here.


Dante: Aight. (Slowly fades out)


Roberto: (Looks across the street from the alley and sees a vending machine) I’m going to go grab something real quick. (Heads out and over to the Sprunk machine) Let’s see, that’s… (Looks at the price) Holy sh*t, three dollars for a can, are they crazy?! (Checks his wallet and finds two dollars and seventy nine cents) Crap. (Starts to shake the vending machine) Give me a f*cking drink you piece of sh*t. (Kicks it one more time and a can come rolling out) Finally. (Opens the can and drinks it on his way back to the car. He gets into the car and hears Dante talking) I wonder how long he’s been talking. (Opens the can and takes a sip)


Dante: (Over the earpiece) Naw, we wasn’ doin anything wrong man. Hey, get ya hands off me foo’. What makes ya think ya can grab me like tha’. I told ya ta stay tha’ f*ck away from me. (A gunshot is heard)


Roberto: (Spits out his soda) f*ck! (Listens more carefully)


Divo: (Screaming) Nigga, ya killed my brotha’. Ya gonna pay fo’ tha’. (Pauses for a few seconds) Wait, I didn’ mean it like tha’. Please pu’ tha’ gun down. (Another gunshot is fired)


Roberto: (Stares blankly at the vending machine across the street) Oh sh*t…they’re dead.


Stranger: (Picks up earpiece) Hello, is anyone there?


Roberto: (Hears the voice) Who the f*ck do you think you are. You just dug yourself a grave man.


Stranger: (Laughs) You, kill me? Nice one. How about you live up to your word? I’ll meet you out in the street. We can fight, mano and mano, like men. How about that?


Roberto: Who the f*ck do you think you are to just challenge me?


Stranger: I think you would be very surprised to see who I am… (Drops the earpiece)


Roberto: (Slams the microphone against the door) I hope he knows what he is getting himself into. (Looks over at Carl and Sweet sleeping in the Greenwood next to him) I think they should be fine. (Gets out and heads for the entrance of the building)


Friday December 31st, 2006. 2:15 P.M.

Roberto is standing in the street in front of Mr. Gray’s building waiting for the man who killed Dante and Divo. He turns around and looks at the building entrance. A man comes out dressed in a nice suit. He makes his way down the stairs. He is young, around the age of twenty five.


Stranger: It’s nice to see you again Roberto.


Roberto: (Looks at his face) No… it can’t be. I thought you said you wanted to help me take down Mr. Gray, Luigi?


Luigi: (Grins) That is a good one. Me, help out the killer of the Don of the most powerful Mafia family in this city? You must be out of your mind. I decided to join up here with Mr. Gray, since we have both the same desires, to take you out.


Roberto: Have you had the pleasure of meeting him yourself?


Luigi: (Cracks his knuckles) No. He was busy today, but after I am finished with you here I will alert him of the bombs you have placed around the building.


Roberto: (Stares at Luigi) How did you…


Luigi: Amazing how much information two Negro’s would divulge when a gun is put to their head, especially with no weapon or person to protect them. They told me everything. How you were going to blow the building and other things.


Roberto: (Cracks his neck) Well, too bad you won’t be able to tell Mr. Gray anything, because it ends here.


Luigi: I’m going to enjoy killing you… (Runs over to Roberto and uppercuts him straight into the stomach) How does that feel?


Roberto: (Drops onto the floor) That felt good…how does this feel? (Stands up and punches Luigi across the face knocking him to the floor)


Luigi: (Chuckles) That was a pretty good punch. (Tries to stand up)


Roberto: (Kicks Luigi in the stomach) Now, what were you saying about winning?


Luigi: (Coughs and looks at Roberto) You think that’s it? (Pulls out a knife)


Roberto: (Stares at the knife) Whatever happened to “mano and mano”?


Luigi: (Stands up straight with his knife in his hand) Oh come on. A fare fight? When has that ever happened? (Lunges at Roberto with the knife)


Roberto: (Dodges to the right and grabs the arm with the knife) Oh right. (He twists his arm until he drops the knife. Throws Luigi on the floor a few feet away and picks up the knife) Did you really think you were going to kill me? (Walks over to Luigi lying on the floor) Did you?


Luigi: (Looking up at Roberto) Did? I still think I can. (Kicks Roberto’s knee causing him to slam onto the floor and throwing the knife a few feet away) Now, I would like my knife back. (Stands up and goes down to pick up the knife)


Roberto: (Looks at Luigi reaching for the knife) Not so fast you f*cking Guinea. (Kicks Luigi’s foot from under him) How about that?


Luigi: (Lands on his elbow and breaks it) f*ck…well, you got to break a few eggs to make an omelet. (Tries to reach the knife with the broken arm)


Roberto: (Stands up and steps on Luigi’s arm) Not so hot now… (Kneels down to grab knife while still standing on Luigi’s broken arm)


Luigi: (Punches Roberto in the ribs while he is distracted with his good arm) Oh I’m going to enjoy this… (Grabs the knife out of Roberto’s arm while Roberto lies on the floor in pain) I’m going to carve you up…


Roberto: (Grins) Any last words?


Luigi: (Looks at Roberto quizzically) Shouldn’t I be asking that question? (A bullet goes through Luigi’s head. His body drops limp on top of Roberto)


Roberto: (Throws him off and gets up) Thanks Sweet.


Sweet: (Runs up to Roberto) Ya alright?


Roberto: Yeah. I’m sorry to sya, but Dante and Divo are dead. This cocksucker shot the both. (Looks down at Luigi)


Sweet: (Looks down at Luigi) I can’t believe this guy could kill ‘em. (Looks back at Roberto) So since we got no one else ta lose, should we run back ta tha’ car an’ blow this mother f*cker up?


Roberto: (Looks up the building) Sure. I want this place to be a pile of rubble by the end of the day. (Walks back to his Leone Sentinel)

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S. Leone

Awesome chapter! Keep it coming! Also there's aan over usage of the word "Nigga" Try to take it easy on that word.

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pretty good chapter man pretty good















can't wait for number 31



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GM Dude

Looks great, keep making more stories!



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sweetness man. Keep it coming.

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Great story it took me hours to read it from Chapter 1, Keep it up

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This is an amazing story but I don't like the diteriorating of the Leones. First Toni, then Joey, Mickey, then Luigi. Anyway, this is an excellent story and couldn't get enough of it from chapter 1. biggrin.gif Have some cookies!




You deserve them! cookie.gif

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bring on the next chapter man


peace out

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Where... where the hell is the next chapter... greatest fanfic ever read... more more more more more cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcatloaf_by_anuj.gifcatloaf_by_anuj.gifcatloaf_by_anuj.gif


If this was the story for the next GTA... i would buy it...

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This should be published, it's so good!

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Well... This has drained 4+ hours out from what should have been sleeping >.>;

It rules... completely. It's perfect, flawless; infallible. Pure genius. You should work for Rockstar.

I love you, man. And since I've never had good "Smilies" to use. Cookies and Rampages for ya.


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Another chapter to make you all happy. Now, this should add a twist...


Chapter 31: The Calm Before The Storm


Friday December 31st, 2006. 2:31 P.M.

Roberto is sitting in his car fiddling with the detonator to the bombs. He looks up and down the building watching for something. He looks at the top floor and sees a light turn on. It is Mr. Gray’s office.


Roberto: (Looking at the lit up room) I want to have a word with him before I blow the sh*t out of his corporation and business. (He puts down the detonator and grabs a pistol. He steps out of the car) Just hope Carl and Sweet don’t get ahead of themselves. (Runs into the building and sees it empty of any people except for two men dressed in suits. They are dressed like Leone Family members) So, I thought I took down the infamous Leone Crime Family?


Leone #1: (Cracks his knuckles) Well, we are the last ones remaining and of course Luigi.


Roberto: (Chuckles) So, its just you two?


Leone #2: And Mr. Goterelli, don’t forget about him.


Roberto: Oh! You mean the man me and my associate killed?


Leone #2: (Looks at Roberto) What are you talking about? Luigi is dead?


Roberto: Well, now I’m not sure. If a bullet enters the brain, then leaves, is the person dead?


Leone #1: (Pulls out a pistol) You f*cker. (Cocks the gun)


Roberto: (Pulls out his pistol and shoots the first Leone member through the head) Can you check if he’s dead? Not sure if a bullet would kill a person if it goes through their head.


Leone #2: (Drops his pistol) Okay, you win. I dropped my weapons, just let me go.


Roberto: (Walks over and shoves the gun down his throat) What? You are giving up that easily? At least your partner here tried. (Chuckles) Well not really, but at least he took out his gun and pointed it at me. You think you can live with yourself as a coward who dropped his weapon?


Leone #2: (Starts to sob with the gun in his mouth) I haf’ a hamily.


Roberto: (Pulls the gun out) What did you say?


Leone #2: (Wipes his tears) I have a family; two kids and a wife.


Roberto: (Puts the gun down his throat again) Don’t give me that bullsh*t. I have seen enough movies to know you have no family. You’re just using that as an excuse to get out of this alive. Now if you ask me, that’s even more cowardly than just asking to leave. Now, I am going to shoot you.


Leone #2: (Starts to cry) Oh gaw no!


Roberto: (Takes the gun out of his mouth) Now, the bullet isn’t going to kill you, it’s just going to wound you badly. (Shoots the gang member in the shoulder) Now you better get to the hospital, and hope there are people there.


Leone #2: You’re going to pay! (Puts his hand over the whole and runs out of the building)


Roberto: (Watches him run out) Now, to get to Mr. Gray. (Bends down and picks up the other gang member’s pistol) I’m going to keep this. (Loads both pistols and heads to the elevator) Lets see… the president of a company this big is bound to have an office over looking everything so he is probably on the top floor. (Hits the button for the twenty first floor)


Friday December 31st, 2006. 2:53 P.M.

The elevator stops and opens to reveal a long hallway with velvet curtains lining the walls. A Moroccan rug lies on the floor and stretches to a door about a hundred feet away. Roberto steps out and makes his way to the door.


Roberto: Well, it looks fancy out here. I wonder what his office looks like. (Hears a creak and turns around with a pistol in each hand) Who the hell is there? (Looks around)


Jake: (Steps out of a room and sees Roberto) Hey, what are you doing? (Starts to walk towards Roberto)


Roberto: (Takes a few steps back still pointing the guns at the kid) Who the hell are you?


Jake: (Still walking towards Roberto) What are you talking about? (Reaches into his pocket)


Roberto: (Pulls both the triggers and watches the bullets pierce Jake’s chest) You didn’t answer me.


Jake: (Falls on the floor with blood slowly spreading on the Moroccan rug) Why… (Slowly goes into unconsciousness)


Roberto: (Turns around and continues his walk to the door) Damn it, its one body after the other. (Kicks the door in) Mr. Gray, guess who?


Mr. Gray: (Spins around in his chair and looks at Roberto) My, my, what a pleasant little surprise. Have a seat?


Roberto: (Walks up to a chair in front of Mr. Gray’s desk) So, what have you been up to, Mr. Gray?


Mr. Gray: (Spins around and looks out the window) Just waiting for you.


Roberto: Really? Now why would you be waiting for me?


Mr. Gray: To tell you a secret.


Roberto: Well? What is it?


Mr. Gray: You’ll find out soon.


Roberto: (Leans forward) I’m actually curious. What is it?


Mr. Gray: I think it would be more amusing if you found out on your own…


Roberto: Really? Well, then I can’t miss this.


Mr. Gray: (Turns around and looks at Roberto) Your friends are coming up. I just saw them leave their car and are heading up here.


Roberto: Will they get to hear this ‘secret’? (Leans back into the seat)


Mr. Gray: (Chuckles) Of course they will.


Roberto: Well… then lets just wait for them.


Mr. Gray: Let us. (Leans into the seat the stairs at the doors behind Roberto) But in the mean time, I’m curious as to why you didn’t blow up the building while I was here?


Roberto: (Sits upright and looks at Mr. Gray) How did you know that?


Mr. Gray: Let’s just say, I gave you the idea.


Roberto: (Keeps staring at Mr. Gray) Please explain.


Mr. Gray: Well, I’m sure you know Marissa. She has been relaying messages between me and you, such as your plan to blow this building up and other things.


Roberto: So she’s been on your side?


Mr. Gray: Perhaps.


Roberto: (Starts to get frustrated) Stop being so vague. That is a yes or no question.


Mr. Gray: Not at the moment it isn’t.


Roberto: What are you talking about?


Mr. Gray: Once the secret is revealed, everything will become clear.


Roberto: (Clutches the pistols) What the f*ck is the secret? Now I have to know.


Mr. Gray: I told you, it will be revealed soon.


Roberto: (Stands up and pints the pistols at Mr. Gray) What the hell is it?!


Mr. Gray: (Remains seated) I wouldn’t do that.


Roberto: (Cocks the guns) Why not? Why not blow your head off now?


Mr. Gray: (Chuckles) That would ruin the secret.


Roberto: (Holds the guns steady) Tell me the secret now!


Mr. Gray: I think you’re friends are here. So you should know in about a few seconds.


Roberto: (Points one gun at the door and one at Mr. Gray) How the hell do I know it’s them?!


Mr. Gray: What? You don’t trust me?


Roberto: (Keeps switching between the door and Mr. Gray) Who the hell are they?! (Watches as the doors open and fires a shot) Oh sh*t…


Sweet: (Falls on his knees with his hand over his stomach) Nigga shot me.


Carl: (Stares at Roberto) Wha’ tha hell is ya problem? Ya shot Sweet.


Roberto: (Staring at Sweet on the floor) Um… one second.


Carl: Roberto! Get ya ass ova’ here an’ help me out.


Roberto: (Looks over at Carl) One minute!


Carl: (Walks over to Roberto) Help me wit Sweet! (Grabs Roberto)


Roberto: (Pulls away) One f*cking minute!


Carl: What are you waiting for?!


Roberto: For Mr. Gray to tell me this secret!


Carl: (Pulls out his pistol) Where is he?


Roberto: (Turns around) Right there! (Points his pistols at an empty chair) What the…


Carl: Well?


Roberto: (Looks around the room) I think I know the secret…

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Archaon, Lord of End Times

Holy sh*t!!! Mr.Gray a figmant of Roberto's imagination perhaps?


Excellent job, man, keep it up. icon14.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif

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now thas what i call entertainment

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great f*cking chapter man

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Too bad Sweet got shot. That was a great chapter, man! There's a lot of suspense in this story and I can't wait to read the next chapter.


Here's your pay from me:


Five cookies for every chapter. Enjoy!



Hmmm, if only there was a milk emoticon...

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Nearing the end of the journey. About two to three more chaps and this stories over. sad.gif Well, here it is. Chapter 32.


Chapter 32: The Storm

Friday December 31st, 2006. 3:07 P.M.

Roberto looked around the room trying to find Mr. Gray, but to no avail. Carl and Sweet are looking at him as if he had lost his mind. Maybe he has…


Roberto: (Looking at Carl) I swear, I was talking to Mr. Gray. He was sitting here. I was having a conversation with him.


Carl: (Grabs Roberto by his shoulders) Look man, no one is sittin there. It’s empty.


Sweet: (Slowly gets up with his hand still over the bullet wound) Man, le’s get outta here. He jus’ shot me, an’ tha’ ain’t cool.


Roberto: (Pulls away from Carl and looks at Sweet) Fine. Leave. I don’t need you anymore. I’ve figured out whats going on anyways. (Starts to riffle through the desk)


Carl: (Looks at Roberto across the desk) Wha’ is goin on Roberto?


Roberto: (Finds a book in the drawer) I’m trying to figure that out.


Sweet: Well, I’m out. (Looks at Carl) Ya comin?


Carl: (Looks at Roberto one last time then to Sweet) Fine. We’re goin back ta Los Santos. I should neva ‘ave come here. All this fo nothin. (Leaves the room with Sweet)


Roberto: (Watches as Sweet and Carl enter the elevator) What the hell is going on here? (Opens the book and starts to read) “Dear Roberto, if you are reading this than you must have stumbled onto what has been happening. If you haven’t figured out for yourself, than let me put it in black and white for you. You are me. I am your split personality. I hope this doesn’t change our relationship…” (Slams the book shut) That can’t be possible.


Mr. Gray: (Walks up to Roberto) Not necessarily. It is completely possible.


Roberto: (Spins around and points the gun at Mr. Gray) What the hell is going on?


Mr. Gray: (Laughs) I told you it would be much more amusing if I saw you figure it out for yourself.


Roberto: (Cocks the gun) Then explain how Joey was working for me, while I was in Vice. I want to hear that explanation.


Mr. Gray: Well, the Mr. Gray Joey worked for is not the same Mr. Gray you know.


Roberto: As if that couldn’t get any vaguer, explain.


Mr. Gray: (Thinks for a moment) Well, I got someone to dress up the way you described me as looking so Joey knew it was me. Then I, or should I say you, called the impersonator and gave him orders.


Roberto: Well, that will sort of explain that, in a way, but what about everything else?


Mr. Gray: Everything else?


Roberto: Well, obviously this isn’t my corporation. Who owns it?


Mr. Gray: This should be interesting to tell you. (Clears his throat) How clearly do you remember the night of August 10th, 2006?


Roberto: (Lowers the gun and thinks for a second) You mean the night I killed Claude Speed?


Mr. Gray: Yes, that night. How did you kill Mr. Speed again?


Roberto: (Tries hard to remember) I think it was… (Sees a mental image of him throwing Claude into the trunk of a car and parking it in the Harwood junkyard) I threw him into the trunk of a car and let the car crusher do the rest. There is no way he could have survived.


Mr. Gray: Are you sure he went into the car crusher?


Roberto: (Strains his brain thinking of that night) The only thing I remember is throwing him into the trunk and parking it under the crane magnet.


Mr. Gray: (Chuckles) Well, what if I told you, in-between the time you parked the car, and you arrived at Joey’s, I was in control. What then?


Roberto: (His eyes dart around the room) That would mean Claude is alive…


Mr. Gray: Perhaps.


Roberto: (Raises his gun again) What kind of game are you playing, and what does this have to do with your corporation?


Mr. Gray: Does the name Kelsey Vercetti ring a bell?


Roberto: (Walks up to Mr. Gray and shoves the gun into his ribs) What did you do with her?


Mr. Gray: (Looks down at the gun) What are you going to do? Shoot your imaginary friend?


Roberto: (Pulls the trigger and sees the bullet fly through Mr. Gray and plant itself in the wall across the room) God damn it…


Mr. Gray: Now, put the gun down because it won’t do you any good.


Roberto: I want answers first.


Mr. Gray: Only if the question is a yes or no question.


Roberto: (Thinks for a second) Well, did Claude Speed help in anyway with this corporation?


Mr. Gray: Yes.


Roberto: Is he in the building?


Mr. Gray: Yes.


Roberto: Is Kelsey in trouble? (Looks at Mr. Gray) Is she in trouble?


Mr. Gray: (Pauses for a few seconds) …Yes.


Roberto: So… then the final question is; Is Claude Speed putting her in danger?


Mr. Gray: (Nods) Yes.


Roberto: (Lifts the gun up) Thanks for being so helpful. (Bashes Mr. Gray over the head) Even though bullets can’t hurt you, at least I can still bash your brains out. (Runs out of the room)


Mr. Gray: (Watches Roberto leave) I hope you aren’t too late! (Lies down on the floor)

Friday December 31st, 2006. 3:36 P.M.

Roberto is running around the building trying to find Claude’s location. He has searched the first ten floors, but found no one. The building is empty of anyone and everyone.


Roberto: (Stops to catch his breath) Where the hell can he be? (Looks straight up) He might be on the roof… (Runs up the emergency stairs to the roof) God damn it, I hope he hasn’t done anything he is going to regret. (Reaches the top of the stairs and sees the roof access door) This is it. (Kicks in the door and sees and empty pool basin along with some empty shacks) What the hell is this place? (Looks to his right and sees Claude standing on the roof’s edge with an M4 hanging out of his right hand and Kelsey tied up sitting next to him) f*ck, maybe I can catch him off guard…


Claude: (Points the gun at Kelsey’s head and shakes his head)


Roberto: (Stops walking) Claude… what do you think you’re doing?


Claude: (Turns around and looks Roberto in the eyes. He then lifts up his M4, points it at Roberto’s pistol and waves the gun to tell him to drop the pistol)


Roberto: (Puts pistol on the floor) Claude… give me Kelsey.


Claude: (Shakes his head and grabs Kelsey’s hair)


Roberto: (Watches Kelsey try to pull away, but is pulled towards Claude) She hasn’t done a thing to you. Let her go, and die like a man. Don’t hide behind a girl.


Claude: (Gives a little smirk and throws Kelsey aside)


Roberto: Now, just drop your gun.


Claude: (Shakes his head slowly aims the M4 at Roberto’s head)


Roberto: (Grins) I knew you were going to pull that. (Pulls out the other pistol and shoots Claude’s right knee)


Claude: (Looses balance and pulls the trigger causing the bullets to spray all across the roof)


Roberto: (Jumps into the empty pool basin) That should keep him preoccupied. Now, I have to get Kelsey out of here safely. (Pokes his head over the pool’s edge and sees Claude regaining balance)


Claude: (Stands up and looks at the pool basin. He slowly limps to the pool edge reloading the gun on the way)


Roberto: (Listens to Claude’s footsteps) Three… two… one… (Grabs Claude’s foot as he steps near the edge and throws him onto the basin floor) Now for Kelsey. (Runs over and picks up Kelsey) I’ll put you in this shack for now. (Places Kelsey in a shack near the roof access stairwell)


Claude: (Climbs out of the pool and aims the M4 at Roberto’s shoulder and fires. He lands a shot on Roberto’s shoulder)


Roberto: (Throws his right hand over the wound) Mute mother f*cker. (Points his pistol at Claude’s stomach and blows two bullets into it)


Claude: (Stumbles back from the recoil and drops his M4. He tries to steady himself)


Roberto: (Runs over to Claude and knees him in the ribs) I should have seen to it you died that night. (Grabs Claude and slides him across the rooftop so he is one foot away from the edge)


Claude: (Tries to get up but is stopped by another kick from Roberto into the ribs)


Roberto: (Feels rain start to fall) Well, this is the end for you Claude Speed. (Picks Claude up by his jacket and hangs him over the building’s edge)


Claude: (Struggles to get out of the grip but is beat in the face with Roberto’s fist)


Roberto: (Stares into Claude’s eyes) You are going to die, right about… (Lets go of Claude) Now.


Claude: (Grabs Roberto’s foot as he falls)


Roberto: (Grabs onto the roof’s edge while Claude hangs onto his foot) f*ck! (Tightens his grip on the ledge) get the hell off of me! (Tries shaking his foot, but Claude has a grip on it)


Claude: (Grabs the jeans Roberto is wearing and starts to slowly climb up Roberto)


Roberto: (The rain starts to loosen his grip on the roof) Kelsey!


Claude: (He has managed to climb onto Roberto’s back)


Roberto: (Starts yelling) Kelsey! It would be great if you came! (Starts to claw up to keep his grip on the roof)


Claude: (Shoves his heels into Roberto’s shoulder’s and leaps onto the building top)


Roberto: (Stares up at Claude’s soaked face) Go ahead, I dare you.


Claude: (Steps on Roberto’s right hand and stands to grind it into the roof)


Roberto: (Tries to grab Claude’s foot but fails) This is the end then Claude.


Claude: (Gives off a wicked grin then steps on Roberto’s other hand)


Roberto: (Looks up again at Claude and sees a figure with a gun) Hey Claude, think fast…


Claude: (Looks at Roberto then hears bullets pierce the rain and start to enter his back. He falls onto his knees then falls off the building)


Roberto: (Tries with all the strength left and pulls himself onto the roof) Thanks.


Kelsey: (Drops the M4) You’re bleeding badly! (Runs over to Roberto)


Roberto: (Waves Kelsey off and slowly rises to his feet) You were a bit late, but it’s okay. I just need to get some tequila and gauze.


Kelsey: (Looks at Roberto) Well, you’re coming back to Vice with me.


Roberto: I can’t, not right now. I need to finish something. Meet me at the airport. (Walks into the stairwell and heads down to his final meeting)

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Well, too bad, Claude, you've come to the dark side and you lost. I'm sad to see the story end soon. Great chapter and may be the best yet!


Heres your pay like I promised:



Kudos on another fabulous chapter.

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good chapter man i am glad that you mit have killed cluade cause he is a mute mother f*cker

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Archaon, Lord of End Times
good chapter man i am glad that you mit have killed cluade cause he is a mute mother f*cker



Another dynamite chapter, Cubanwhip. smile.gificon14.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif Now you need something healthy after all those cookies. catloaf_by_anuj.gifbreadfish_by_Moto.gif

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good chapter man i am glad that you mit have killed cluade cause he is a mute mother f*cker



Another dynamite chapter, Cubanwhip. smile.gificon14.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif Now you need something healthy after all those cookies. catloaf_by_anuj.gifbreadfish_by_Moto.gif

Hmmm, then I should pay you in cookies and bread... I'm getting anxious, I need to read the next chapter!

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S. Leone
Sick chapter man, very nice. That mute mother f*cker got what he was coming to him. Edited by S. Leone

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Come on, Cubanwhip, I know you can't push perfection but I'm itching for the next chapter, come on. bored.gif

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bring on the next chapter or i will be mad and don't like it when im mad

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It's been nearly a week, I request another chapter, man.

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bring on the next chapter and like the guy said before me it has been a week since the last chapter

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Sorry for the long delay, I truly am. I just went on vacation and got caught up and didn't realize until I was halfway to my destination that I forgot to post that I was going. Well, here's the next chapter, hope you enjoy it. It might be a little rushed.


Chapter 33: One After the Other

Friday December 31st, 2006. 4:01 P.M.

Roberto is speeding down past Bedford Point in his Leone Sentinel. He looks at the once bright and beautiful neon signs fly by. They are now dark and desolate. The sun is setting and the rain is still falling hard. The car has a hard time gripping the road as he speeds and makes his way to Portland.


Roberto: (Turns on the windshield wipers) Damn rain, always coming at the most dramatic moments. I just hope I make it to the house before it’s too late. (Speeds across the Callahan bridge and head towards Saint Mark’s) It doesn’t seem to be letting up. Anyways… (Pulls out his pistol and loads it) Let me just get ready. (Makes a right and looks up the street straight ahead and stops the car) That wall up there has always blocked Joey’s house. Shame though, the house would look beautiful over looking this street. It would make it more pleasant, and less desolate. (Makes a right and parks inside an alleyway) Well, I’m here; now to finish tie up loose ends and return to Vice City. (Walks up to the door and knocks) Wait until I see the look on her face.


Marissa: (Opens the door and looks at shocked) Oh my god! You’re alive!


Roberto: (Points the gun at Marissa’s head) Aw, isn’t that cute. You were worried. You can quite playing stupid because I know about your lying ass. Fess up.


Marissa: (Looks at the gun barrel, then back at Roberto) How much do you know?


Roberto: (Holds the gun steady) Everything. I’m just here to tie up loose ends. (Cocks the gun)


Marissa: (Starts to cry) What is that suppose to mean? Are you going to kill me?


Roberto: (Gives her an evil smirk) Well, you have been lying to me for the past months. I was my own worst enemy, and you were just playing along with it. You were relaying messages between both my personalities.


Marissa: (Wipes her tears off) What?


Roberto: (Walks up to her and rubs the gun barrel up and down the length of her cheek) I told you to not play dumb with me.


Marissa: (Shoves the gun away from her face and looks a little flustered) I don’t know what you’re talking about. Yes, it’s true that I have been giving messages between you and Mr. Gray, but what is it with the personalities? (Pauses for a few seconds and realizes the situation) Oh my god… you are Mr. Gray…


Roberto: (Looks at her like she was crazy) What? You didn’t know that? That’s a load of bullsh*t. (Points the gun at her forehead)


Marissa: (Looks at the gun barrel) No! I didn’t know, I swear!


Roberto: I don’t believe you’re f*cking lying ass.


Marissa: (Starts to get angry) Now I see it.


Roberto: See what?


Marissa: I see how you and Mr. Gray are alike. You have the same temper. You are slowly becoming him.


Roberto: (Cracks his neck and sticks the gun inside Marissa’s mouth) Take that back.


Marissa: (Shakes her head and tries to speak with the gun barrel in her mouth) Ne’ha.


Roberto: So be it… (Pulls the gun out of her mouth) Well Marissa, it’s been a blast. Hope you burn in hell. (Shoots a clean shot straight through her forehead) There, that’s it.


Mr. Gray: (Steps out of the shadows) That was one smooth move.


Roberto: (Turns around and looks at Mr. Gray) Just who I was looking for.


Mr. Gray: Really? Well, what do you want? I’m here.


Roberto: Well, it’s time to take you out of the picture.


Mr. Gray: (Laughs) Roberto, now how will you go about doing that?


Roberto: The only way I can. (Points his gun to his own head)


Mr. Gray: Well played. So what are you going to do? Kill yourself? That would not be very wise. I mean, it might get rid of me, but my organization is still up. Even after my death, Liberty will perish under it.


Roberto: Then I’ll take care of that first. (Pulls the detonator out of his pocket)


Mr. Gray: You still have it? I thought you lost it?


Roberto: Nope. (Presses the button and an echoing roar is heard across the entire city) So, now with that out of the picture, you have nothing.


Mr. Gray: Correct, aside from little Ms. Vercetti. I had a chance to send one of my lackeys to pick her up at the airport. I hope you don’t mind if she joins us?


Roberto: (Hears a tire screech outside) That is impossible. How is she going to see you and me?


Mr. Gray: Well, I guess it will just be you two in the room, or maybe me and her. (Grins)


Roberto: (Stares blankly at Mr. Gray) You wouldn’t…


Kelsey: (Gets shoved through the door and is shut behind her) Roberto! I’m so glad to see you. What’s happening here?


Roberto: (Grabs Kelsey by the shoulders) Get out of here…now!


Kelsey: (Looks around) Why? We’re safe in here.


Roberto: You don’t understand, I am my own worst enemy. I am Mr. Gray. He is my split personality. You need to get out of here!


Kelsey: (Shakes her head) No, that isn’t possible.


Roberto: He has already threatened to kill you.


Kelsey: (Shakes off Roberto’s hands) But then that means, you would kill me…


Roberto: (Runs to the window and throws the gun out of it) Search this apartment for anything that can be used as a weapon and throw it out the window.


Kelsey: (Stands in the middle of the room and Roberto walks around grabbing various objects and throwing them out the window) I refuse to believe it. You can’t be him.


Roberto: (Throws a drawer full of knives out the window) You have to get out of here or I will kill you.


Kelsey: (Grabs Roberto) I won’t let you.


Roberto: (Throws her off) You have no choice! Mr. Gray is going to come out and strangle you, or worse.


Kelsey: (Starts to pace and occasionally look at Roberto) What if I tie you down?


Roberto: (Looks around the room and pulls a chair to the center of the room) Find something to tie me down with.


Kelsey: (Pulls off her belt and ties Roberto’s arms behind his back) There. Are your legs necessary?


Roberto: Yeah. Rip that curtain and tie my legs to the chair.


Kelsey: (Runs over and rips the curtain and proceeds to tie Roberto to the chair) What should I do now?


Roberto: (Looks around) Try to climb out the window.


Kelsey: (Looks out the window and sees the mess from all the potential weapons four floors below) It’s too high, I can’t do it.


Roberto: (Twists his head around to look at Kelsey) On second thought, just untie me, and we can figure something out.


Kelsey: (Walks over and starts to untie Roberto, but stops) Wait, what if Mr. Gray comes out?


Roberto: Don’t worry about that, just untie me.


Kelsey: (Unties his legs) Are you sure?


Roberto: (Grins) No. (Kicks Kelsey across the face causing her to slide across the room) Oh, I’m sorry, did I hurt you?


Kelsey: (Looks up at Roberto) Oh no… you’re Mr. Gray.


Roberto/Mr. Gray: (Grabs Kelsey by the neck) You should have stayed in Vice City you whore.


Kelsey: (Watches her feet leave the floor) Let go of me!


Roberto/Mr. Gray: (Tightens his grip on her neck) No. I have to kill you, then your father, then I’m going to own everything from here to Vice City. I will be unstoppable.


Kelsey: (Starts swinging her legs and catches him in the ribs causing him to drop her) Asshole. (Runs towards the door but is stopped by another man)


Man: (Chuckles) Where are you going in such a rush?


Roberto/Mr. Gray: (Stands up and recovers from the blow from Kelsey) Good job Mr. Toreno. Just keep her there so I can finish her up. (Pulls out a pistol from and ankle holster) I’m surprised Roberto forgot about this little gun. (Points it at Kelsey) Any last words?


Kelsey: (Elbows Mike in the stomach and grabs his pistol and points it at Roberto) Put the gun down!


Roberto/Mr. Gray: Kelsey, you put the gun down. You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.


Mike: (Grabs Kelsey from behind and jerks her arm to throw the pistol across the room) Go ahead, kill her.


Roberto/Mr. Gray: (Winks) My pleasure. (Shoots the mini pistol and Mike Toreno’s dead body hits the floor)


Kelsey: (Turns around and looks at Mike’s body then turns around and looks at Roberto) Is that you?


Roberto: (Smiles) Of course. Now we can go to Vice and I can get a psychiatrist to help me with this schizophrenia.


Kelsey: (Runs over and hugs Roberto) Do you think you can make it to Vice without Mr. Gray regaining control of your body?


Roberto: (Embraces Kelsey) I’m not sure, but I will try my hardest to stop him. (Walks over to Mike’s dead body) And to believe I trusted this rat. (Kicks the body) Let’s go. I need some rest. (Heads outside)

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