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Grand Theft Auto.......

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icon14.gif awsome i just read the whole thing was that the last chapter any way have a cookie cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifanuj_cop.gif

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You know in Chapter 22? When you said that Luigi was found on the floor, was he knocked out or did he get shot? And Crecenzo was the only guy who betrayed Joey? It gets confusing sometimes but good story anyway. I like it.

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Well, no this is not the last chapter. I just want some peoples opinions before I post another chapter. And to answer MC_320 if you read, you hear a "thump", which is suppose to mean he was knocked out. Also, Crescenzo was hired by Mr. Gray to see if Joey trys to pull anything.


Chapter 25: A Complete Relapse


Friday December 17th, 2006. 11:15 A.M.

Roberto finds himself walking down a dark, empty street. He looks up to see a never-ending building. He takes a few steps towards it, but something forces him not to. He sees a man slowly walk out of the entrance. He is around the age of fifty five and has a suit on, along with an old fashioned Derby hat. He tips his hat as he comes by and winks at Roberto. The building suddenly ruptures and collapses all around that man.


Roberto: (Sits straight up and rubs his eyes. He looks around the room and remembers he is in Vice City) It was only a dream. (Kelsey enters the room with a cup of espresso)


Kelsey: (Gives the cup to Roberto) Are you feeling any better?


Roberto: (Takes a sip of the espresso. It warms Roberto up as he drinks it) Yeah. It doesn’t hurt as much.


Kelsey: You want me to get you some medicine?


Roberto: Sure. (Takes another sip) Makes sure it’s for sore throats though.


Kelsey: Okay. (Walks out of the room)


Roberto: (Looks out the window and thinks to himself) “Who is he? Is he Mr. Gray? And where was I? What did that building mean?” (Finishes the espresso and places it on the night stand)


Kelsey: (Walks back in with a bottle of medicine) Here you go,


Roberto: (Takes the medicine and hands it back to Kelsey) Kelsey, can you get Tommy for me?


Kelsey: (Sits next to Roberto) What’s wrong?


Roberto: (Looks away from Kelsey) Nothing really. Can you just get him for me, please?


Kelsey: (Nods) Sure. (Quickly walks out and Tommy enters a few minutes later)


Tommy: So how’s that cold Roberto?


Roberto: It’s getting better.


Tommy: (Sits next to Roberto) So, what did you need?


Roberto: I have a feeling I need to go to Liberty.


Tommy: (Laughs) Why would you even think about that?


Roberto: (Pulls off the blankets that cover him and starts pacing the room) Well, I had this dream of what looked like a huge, never-ending building that collapsed.


Tommy: (Continues laughing) So you saw a building, big deal! I see buildings in my dreams too.


Roberto: (Continues pacing) Well, it wasn’t that that was strange it was the person in front of the building.


Tommy: (Slows down his laughter) Who did you see?


Roberto: (Stops pacing and walks over to Tommy) It was Mr. Gray.


Tommy: (Gets serious) Oh not this again. Stop bringing him back into your life. It’s going to ruin your life again! Just forget about him!


Roberto: I can’t! (Grabs the medicine bottle on the night stand and throws it into the wall) There is something that still needs to be done!


Tommy: (Stands up and grabs Roberto’s shoulders) What can you do?!


Roberto: (Frees himself from Tommy’s grip) I don’t know, but I will figure something out.


Tommy: Go ahead! Get yourself killed! But when you’re bleeding from the chest and come to me for help, I’ll be there to tell you, “I told you so”.


Roberto: (Grabs his coat) Fine! (Storms out of the room)


Tommy: (Falls down onto the bed) God, why does he do this to himself?!


Kelsey: (Sees Roberto running down the main stairs) Where are you going to in such a rush? You’re sick!


Roberto: (Looks at Kelsey) I’m going to go and avenge my uncle’s death. (Walks out of the Vercetti Estate)


Kelsey: (Watches Roberto leave) I have to go and tell daddy! (Runs up to Roberto’s room) Daddy! Roberto has left to try to kill Mr. Gray!


Tommy: I know he has. Just let him go. This is his fight that he has to finish.


Kelsey: (Runs over to the window and watches Roberto speed off in his Bullet) Don’t get yourself killed…


Friday December 17th, 2006. 11:30 A.M.

Joey is waking up in his bed in his old home. It has been renovated by Mr. Gray after it being gunned down. The house was restored to what it once was. Joey gets up and walks to the kitchen. He pours himself some orange juice and sits on the couch to get ready to watch his show that starts at noon. The phone rings.


Joey: (Picks up) Hello, Leone residence.


Mr. Gray: Hello there Joey!


Joey: What do you want now?


Mr. Gray: (Picks up some papers) Well, I just got word that Mr. Garcia booked a flight to Liberty. Remember our deal?


Joey: (Takes a sip of his orange juice) Yeah I know. Lead him to where you are.


Mr. Gray: (Puts down the papers) Good. All you have to do is wait for him at your home. He is bound to come and look for you there.


Joey: Alright. (Hangs up) He gets so annoying at times. (Drinks the rest of the orange juice and turns on the television)


Friday December 17th, 2006. 11:24 A.M.

A Bullet speeds over to the entrance of Escobar International and Roberto steps out of it. He enters and knows that he is being watched the entire time. He approaches the ticket saleswoman across the lobby.


Roberto: (Reaches into his pants pocket and pulls out his wallet) Can I have a ticket to Liberty City, please?


Ticket Saleswoman: (She pulls up the flight directory) Well sir, your total comes to $400.


Roberto: (Looks through his wallet and pulls out a wad of money) Will this do?


Ticket Saleswoman: (Counts money) It sure will! Here is your ticket, and may I see your passport?


Roberto: (Reaches into his wallet and pulls out more money) I don’t think you really need to see my passport, do you? (Slides money over the counter)


Ticket Saleswoman: (Slips money under the counter) Of course not. Have a nice flight.


Roberto: (Looks at ticket and heads to the gate) Oh sh*t! My flight leaves in three minutes! (Dashes to the gate)


Friday December 17th, 2006. 3:04 P.M.

Flight 180 makes its descent down onto whatever remains of Francis International Airport. Roberto looks out the window to see Liberty in a state of total annihilation. The airplane lands on the runway and taxis to a complete stop. Roberto makes his way to the entrance of the airport and takes his first breath of being back in Liberty City.


Roberto: (Takes a deep breath and coughs) God damn it! This place has gone to hell! (He waves his hand for a taxi. A broken down Cabbie comes rolling up to him) Great… (Gets into the back seat)


Cabbie Driver: (Turns around) Where to?


Roberto: (Thinks for a second) Is there anyway to Portland from here?


Cabbie Driver: (Starts car and heads towards the lift bridge) Well, the tunnels are still open, but people rarely use them. I heard that when your down there, you hear the creaking noises of metal under pressure. People are afraid the tunnel is going to collapse on them. (Turns into the dark tunnel) It should be a pretty clear drive for us.


Roberto: (About half an hour goes by before the Cabbie resurfaces in what looks like Harwood) Is this Portland?


Cabbie Driver: Yep. So, is this your first time in Liberty?


Roberto: No. I’ve been here before.


Cabbie Driver: Was it before the giant catastrophe?


Roberto: (Looks out the window at the dilapidated fire station in Harwood) Yeah.


Cabbie Driver: Yeah, I remember Liberty back then. It was still sh*tty, but not as sh*tty as now. So where do you want to go to?


Roberto: (Looks around) Can you take me to Marco’s Bistro?


Cabbie Driver: (Laughs) You want to go there? That place was destroyed in the turf war with The Leone’s. Place has been in ruins since then.


Roberto: (Looks at the ruins pass by. He sees prostitutes at every corner and ashes on every building) Can you still take me there. I think I can find my way around Liberty from there.


Cabbie Driver: Sure thing kid. (Makes a left turn and the Cab starts going uphill) Did you know, the Leone’s have no more power in Liberty anymore?


Roberto: (Starts looking around) I just noticed that! Where did they all go?


Cabbie Driver: I heard that some business man wiped out the entire gang and killed off the Don, just so he could lead the most powerful gang in Liberty, but that is just what I heard.


Roberto: (The Cab turns up a hill and parks in the remains of what was Marco’s Bistro’s parking lot. Roberto steps out and pays the cabbie driver. The Cab slowly disappears into the foggy horizon) sh*t…I have to see if Joey’s okay. (Hears footsteps approach him from behind. Roberto turns around) Who’s there?


Luigi: (Slowly walks up to Roberto) Who are you? I heard you talking about Joey Leone.


Roberto: I used to be an old friend. Is he okay?


Luigi: (Props himself on a wall) He’s fine. He’s been doing jobs for some guy though.


Roberto: (Walks over to Luigi) What guy?


Luigi: Don’t really know. I know his last name is some color.


Roberto: Mr. Gray…


Luigi: There we go! You know him too?


Roberto: (Walks to the sidewalk) Yes, I know him. (Turns around) Do you know where he is?


Luigi: Nope. The only person that knows his whereabouts is Joey.


Roberto: (Looks down street) Does he still live in that mansion of his?


Luigi: (Walks over to Roberto) Yeah, just moved back in. That guy he works for fixed it up for him after the shootout that occurred there.


Roberto: (Sprints down the street to Joey’s home) Thanks a lot!


Luigi: Wait! You never told me your name!


Roberto: (Yells) It’s Roberto! (Runs through the driveway entrance to Joey’s home)


Luigi: (Stands there looking at Joey’s house) I thought my plan worked?


Friday December 17th, 2006. 3:50 P.M.

Roberto walks up to Joey’s front door and finds it open. Roberto steps in to find Joey sitting on a chair watching the television. Roberto slowly walks up behind Joey. Joey jumps up in surprise and pulls out a pistol.


Roberto: (Puts up his hands) Easy there Joey. I’m not here to try anything funny. I just need to know where Mr. Gray is.


Joey: (Slowly lowers pistol and places it on the coffee table) What do you want with him?


Roberto: (Lowers his hands) I think you already know what I want to do with him.


Joey: You want to kill him don’t you? (Turns to completely face Roberto)


Roberto: (Looks at the stump Joey has) What happened to you? (Takes a step closer)


Joey: Don’t come any closer. Mr. Gray cut off my arm. It was for being disobedient. I deserved it.


Roberto: (Keeps looking at the stump) Joey, nobody deserves their arm being chopped off. (Takes another step forward)


Joey: (Grabs the pistol) I told you not to come any closer.


Roberto: (Stands still) Just tell me where to find Mr. Gray.


Joey: You never answered my question. Do you want to kill him?


Roberto: (Still standing) Yes I do. Joey look around you. Look what he has done to your city. Do you not think he deserves to die?


Joey: No. (Cocks the gun)


Roberto: (Takes one step closer and is practically one foot away from Joey) Joey he cut off your arm. What next, your balls? This is going too far Joey. We need to end this here, right now.


Joey: (Reaches under the sofa and pulls out another pistol and throws it to Roberto) You’re right. We should end it right now. If I kill you, nothing will stop us from climbing to the top.


Roberto: (Examines pistol then looks at Joey) Joey, I don’t want to kill you.


Joey: (Takes a step closer to Roberto) You don’t have to worry about that.


Roberto: (Puts his hand on the trigger and points the gun at Joey) I really don’t want to Joey, but if I have to. (Cocks the gun) I will.

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i just read the whole story right now and it is one of the best storys i ever read (books and the internet) keep it up man oh and don't kill cj or tommy and i am glad you kill the mute cluade cause he suck ass

peace out and keep on doing the thing you do best icon14.gificon14.gif


p.s. have some cookies cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif

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Dude just post it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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can you please post the next chapter this week pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

peace out

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OMG! Been forever since I posted here, lol. I took a break on my story, but don't get your hopes down, I'll be writing chapters like there is no tomorrow. You can count on that. Just keep in mind...I HATE DOUBLE POSTING!


Chapter 26: A One Way Ticket


Friday December 17th, 2006. 3:30 P.M.

Carl is seen sleeping on a couch in what seems to be an apartment that hasn’t been tended to for what seems to be a month. Carl, falls off and immediately wakes up. He stands up and sways for a bit before he finally manages to make it to the phone that has been ringing for two minutes.


Carl: (Yawns) Hello?


Sweet: (Has an angry tone in his voice) Bro?! Where ‘ave ya been?!


Carl: (Rubs his eyes) I’m still her’ in Vice. Whas wrong bro?


Sweet: (Starts to yell) Well, while ya had ya black ass in Vice, Kendl almos’ gots killed!


Carl: (Goes over and sits back down on the couch) Ya got ta be kiddin me!


Sweet: Tha Ballas did a drive-by on our house, again!


Carl: (Gets up and starts pacing) Dont worry Sweet. I’ll be ther’ in a bit, bro. (Hangs up the phone) I gots ta get back ta tha Grove! (Runs to his room and packs his suitcase) But befo’ I go, let me jus’ say bye to Roberto. (Runs out of the apartment and heads to his parked Greenwood outside)


Friday December 17th, 2006. 3:33 P.M.

Tommy is sitting in his office smoking a Cuban cigar and looking out to the water. He spins around in his chair when he hears footsteps behind him. Ken walks in, his arm completely healed.


Ken: (Walks in with a clipboard) Tommy, there’s a man here to see you. His name is Carl Johnson. He wants to see Roberto. Should I tell him he’s not here?


Tommy: (Spins back around to face the window again) Send him in. I’ll tell him the news. (A few minutes go by before more footsteps are heard. Except the footsteps Tommy hears this time around are much more distinct and tougher. They come to a halt a few feet away) Hello there Carl. What brings you here on this fine day?


Carl: Well, my sis almos’ got shot down in Los Santos. So I jus’ wanted ta say bye ta Roberto. Is he her’?


Tommy: (Spins around to face Carl) I’m afraid not, Mr. Johnson. He seems to have run to Liberty City.


Carl: (Looks at Tommy questionably) Now, why would he be goin ther’?


Tommy: (Turns back around) Well, he seems to have a deep grudge with this Mr. Gray character. Did he ever mention him?


Carl: (Grabs a nearby seat) Yeah. He’d mention ‘im at times.


Tommy: (Continues talking) Well, his uncle has just died. He seems to be the only blood-related family he has left, so that took a big toll on his heart. Roberto seems to think it’s his fault for the death of his uncle, but it was Mr. Gray that caused Roberto to do it.


Carl: (Tries to take in the information) Wait dawg, what?


Tommy: (Turns around to face Carl) Let me start from the beginning. Mr. Gray told Roberto to blow up the Callahan Bridge in Liberty City.


Carl: Oh sh*t! Tha’ was ‘im?


Tommy: Shut up and stop interrupting. (Takes a deep breath) Well, Joey Leone and Roberto then fled here where they met up with me. I told Roberto to visit this friend of mine, Mike Toreno…


Carl: (Stares at Tommy as if he just told a complete lie) Wait a minute. Mike Toreno.


Tommy: (Rolls his eyes) Yes, Mike Toreno.


Carl: Ex-CIA agent Mike Toreno?


Tommy: Yes! Now just let me get back to what I was talking about. (Clears throat) Well, Roberto had been gone for a while so I told my daughter to search for him. One thing led to another and I find myself searching through San Andreas looking for my kidnapped daughter and Roberto and Mike. Of course I found my daughter, and you two were at the police station trying to save Mike.


Carl: (Shakes his head) Ya mean, I was tryin ta save Mike Toreno at tha police station?


Tommy: Yes. Then we dropped you off at your brother’s house, we left for Vice City, and then only today, Roberto went into a frenzy and ran off to Liberty. Actually… (Looks at his watch) You missed him by about maybe four hours.


Carl: (Gets up and starts for the office door) Well, if ya see Roberto, tell ‘im I said “Be righ’ ther’”. (He walks out of the office and to his car parked outside and starts to the airport. He arrives shortly at Escobar International. He runs up to the ticket saleswoman) Hello.


Ticket Saleswoman: Hello, what can I do for you sir?


Carl: Can I get a one way ticket ta Liberty City?


Ticket Saleswoman: (Pulls up the directory) Ok sir that will be $400.


Carl: (Pulls out a roll of cash and places the money on the counter) I think tha’ should cova it.


Ticket Saleswoman: (Takes the money) May I also see your passport?


Carl: (Looks at the woman) I dont ‘ave tha’ on me righ’ now. Can I jus’ please get on tha fligh’?


Ticket Saleswoman: (Stamps the ticket) What’s with all you kids and not wanting to show your passports. Are you pictures really that bad?


Carl: Naw. (Grabs the ticket) I jus’ dont ‘ave one. (Runs to the gate and gets into the airplane)


Friday December 17th, 2006. 3:56 P.M.

Roberto and Joey stand opposite each other with guns pointed to each other’s head. Sweat trickles down both of their faces. Roberto starts to step backwards, while Joey mirrors this. They now stand on opposite sides of the room.


Roberto: (Tightens his grip on the gun) Joey, you’re crazy. Just put the gun down. If we work together, we can both take Mr. Gray down.


Joey: (Tightens his grip on the gun) You don’t know what you’re talking about! It’s not him who is the bad guy. It’s you! He hasn’t done anything wrong!


Roberto: He cut off your arm!


Joey: So! A little pain never hurt anyone.


Roberto: A little! He cut off a limb! How is that a little pain?!


Joey: That’s beside the point! You are going to die right now! (Fires a bullet and misses Roberto’s head by an inch)


Roberto: Holy sh*t! (Jumps behind the bar) I’m not going to fight him. I’m not going to fight him. I’m not going to fight him.


Joey: (Looks over the bar and points his gun at Roberto’s head) Say goodbye Roberto!


Roberto: (Grabs Joey’s gun) Don’t piss me off… (Pulls Joey over the wall and he slams into the bar wall) …I’m running out of places to hide the bodies! (Joey’s gun slides a foot away from Joey)


Joey: (His ass sits against the wall, his head on the floor, and his feet in the air. He is looking at his stomach) You won’t get away with this. (Picks up his gun and gets up)


Roberto: (Jumps over the bar and turns around to be looking Joey in the face) Joey, rethink this.


Joey: I have, over and over again. (Joey fires four shots. One of which catches Roberto in the thigh)


Roberto: (Cringes at the pain) sh*t! (Fires once at Joey’s only arm and gets a direct hit) That should put you out of commission for a bit Joey.


Joey: (Slowly raises his arm and fires three more shots at Roberto’s leg, and all three miss) God damn it! (Falls down at the searing pain in his arm)


Roberto: (Walks over to Joey) You’re running out of bullets Joey. Your gun only holds nine bullets, how many are left?


Joey: (Counts in his head) One more… (Tries to lift the gun and point it to Roberto)


Roberto: (Steps on Joey’s arm) You’re right. (Points his gun at Joey’s head) I’m going to ask you once more Joey. Would you please help me take out Mr. Gray?


Joey: (Looks at Roberto and spits in his face) I would never trust a dirty Cuban!


Roberto: (Cocks the gun) So be it, Joey… (Puts a bullet in Joey’s head) Perdóneme, amigo. (Puts his pistol in his pocket and turns around to see Luigi pointing a gun at his head) Easy there! (Backs up)


Luigi: (Slowly lowers the gun) You killed the Don of the most powerful Mafia family. (Looks at Joey’s dead body) I thought you said you were a good friend of his.


Roberto: I was. He just went all ape sh*t after Mr. Gray told him a lie. It was his fault that he lies here dead.


Luigi: (Bends down and runs his fingers through Joey’s hair) Mi’amico, Joey. Look at what you have done to yourself. (Stands up and looks at Roberto) Well, what are you planning to do about this Mr. Gray character?


Roberto: Wait a minute; you want to help me out?!


Luigi: Of course. After Joey started working for him, he became more power hungry than ever before. He forgot all about the gang. I came to him one day, but he threw me out. He kept babbling about a plan and how he couldn’t deal with me. Later on he kicked me out of the family saying I wasn’t good enough for it.


Roberto: What was this plan?


Luigi: (Thinks for a second) The only words I ever heard from him were, “I need to lure him.” That is all I heard.


Roberto: I think I have a vague idea of what it was. (Heads to Joey’s office)


Luigi: (Follows Roberto) What are you looking for?


Roberto: (Pulls out drawers until he finds a black book) I’m looking for Mr. Gray’s address.


Luigi: Why would you need his address?


Roberto: (Slams the book shut and looks at Luigi) To set his plan into action.

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S. Leone


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I came on these forums to simply ask a question regarding San Andreas, and I end up spending hours reading this...


It's great stuff man, please keep it coming colgate.gif






P.S. Killing off Lazlow WASN'T cool, man.


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hehe, it had the same affect on me. AWSOME STORY DUDE! took a sh*t load of time for me to get through the whole thing, but its well worth it. Keep the chapters coming!


take some cookies!! cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif


this would make for an awsome TV show! (i heard a rumor that they might make a GTA TV show on Spike TV too. if they do make a TV show, i just hope they dont do it on Spike, cuz you wouldnt be able to put half the stuff thats in GTA, and this story onto a regular channel. I mean, imagine The Sopranos on Spike, it'd be like "what the freak")


but anywho, keep it coming! icon14.gif **This have been given the Godfather stamp of appoval**



...here more cookies cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif





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biggrin.gif Thanks for the comments guys. Working on chapter 28 as we speak. Here is chapter 27 to hold you over until later today. wink.gif


Chapter 27: Inspired By A Dream…


Friday December 17th, 2006. 4:27 P.M.

A Leone Sentinel is seen coming down a long road that is empty. The surrounding environment gives off a gloomy and foreboding feeling. Roberto recognizes this place immediately and pulls over. Luigi and Roberto step out to face a structure that seems to stretch into the all the way into the sky.


Luigi: (Tries to look up to the top of the building) So, is this the place Mr. Gray lives?


Roberto: (Looks around and gives off a slight shiver) No it isn’t. There were two addresses; one home address and the other for his headquarters.


Luigi: (Looks at Roberto) You chose the headquarters one, didn’t you?


Roberto: Of course. (Looks at the entrance) I know exactly what we are going to do. (Heads back into the Leone Sentinel)


Luigi: (Looks one last time at the building and follows Roberto into the car) Really? What is the plan?


Roberto: (Starts car and drives around Torrington) Well, in this dream I had. I saw Mr. Gray come out of that building. He stood there for a few seconds before the entire building collapsed around him.


Luigi: So how are we going to blow up that building?


Roberto: Well, remember how Toni Cipriani blew up Little Italy in ’98?


Luigi: Vaguely, yeah.


Roberto: Well, we are going to use the same concept. They built that shopping plaza in it’s place, and put a subway station right in the middle. Now, here in Torrington, there is a subway station. (Parks car nearby the entrance to the subway) The tunnel looks like it goes about under his headquarters so a train can go from here, to the plaza in about under a minute. To remain undetected, we are going to place a car full of nitro glycerin right under this building. We set a timer on it, and haul ass out of there. In one minute flat, we will blow the sh*t out Mr. Gray.


Luigi: (Reviews what Roberto said in his head) Well, don’t you think we will permanently damage the subway?


Roberto: Who the hell cares? Look around you. Nobody will give a damn if it blows up because practically everybody left this city. Aside from the few hobos walking the streets, there is nobody.


Luigi: Well, how are we going to make this plan work?


Roberto: (Pulls out his cell phone) Well, I’ll call in an old friend of mine, and we can work out the details later. (Dials a number) Damn got her machine…Hey Marissa. It’s me, your old friend Roberto. I may need your “expertise” in something I’m planning. Meet me down at Joey’s old place tomorrow. Talk to you soon. (Hangs up)


Luigi: Marissa? Isn’t that that girl Joey used to go out with?


Roberto: Yeah.


Luigi: I thought she hated you?


Roberto: Hated me? How could she hate me? I went out with her. (Speeds off to the Porter Tunnel)


Friday December 17th, 2006. 8:01 P.M.

An AT-400 is seen descending onto Francis International. Carl comes out of the plane and waves so he could get a Taxi. A Cabbie rolls up and Carl quickly jumps in.


Carl: Yo. Can ya take me ta Portland?


Cabbie Driver: Sure thing, buddy. (About half an hour passes before the Cab resurfaces from the Porter Tunnel onto Portland Island) So, is this your first time in Liberty?


Carl: (Looking around) Naw, been here once befo’; way back in ’92. Didn’ look like it does now.


Cabbie Driver: Wow! Way back then. I didn’t live here then. Of course it might be hard to describe Liberty then with the state it’s in now.


Carl: Yeah.


Cabbie Driver: So where to?


Carl: Can ya take me ta Joey Leone’s place?


Cabbie Driver: Sure. God knows why you’d want to go there.


Carl: Wha’s wrong wit it?


Cabbie Driver: Nothing, it’s just nobody goes around Saint Mark’s anymore. Aside from this kid I took earlier. He wanted to go to the ruins of Marco’s Bistro, claiming he could find his way around from there.


Carl: Could ya describe ‘im fo me?


Cabbie Driver: (Scratches his head) Well, he was six foot three, I think he was Hispanic, and was very impacted by the way Liberty looked.


Carl: (Under breath) Roberto…


Cabbie Driver: What did you say?


Carl: Notin. We almos’ ther’?


Cabbie Driver: (Turns into Joey Leone’s driveway and parks up ahead) Yeah, we’re here. Your total comes to $10.76.


Carl: (Pays and gets out) I don’ rememba Joey livin her’, though’ he lived in a garage in Trenton. (Heads into the house) Joey! Ya ther’! (Looks at the blood stained floor) Wha’ happened her’? (Carl hears someone coming from down the hall. Carl can’t make out what’s coming down) Who’s ther’?


Voice: Carl is that you?


Carl: Ya sound familiar, who are ya?


Roberto: (Steps out of the shadow) What the hell are you doing here Carl?


Carl: Wha’? Roberto, is tha ya?


Roberto: Obviously it is me. What are you doing here?


Carl: Well, I was in Vice, and tha Tommy guy told me tha ya wer’ in Liberty. I got on a plane and came ta Liberty ta look fo ya.


Roberto: (Looks at Carl for a second) You know what Carl.


Carl: (Looks back) Wha’?


Roberto: I could use someone like you for this plan I have come up with.


Carl: Wha’ plan?


Roberto: (Takes a seat) Sit down and I’ll explain.


Carl: (Takes a seat across from Roberto) Okay, wha’ is it?


Roberto: It’s simple and short, I’m going to blow up a building. I may need your help though. Can you get some of your gang members here in Liberty?


Carl: I don’ know dawg. They represent the hood. Not all tha sh*t tha goes on up her’.


Roberto: Well, just tell them your expanding up to Liberty.


Carl: I don’ know. Wha’ would they hav’ ta do?


Roberto: Do you know how to make nitro glycerin?


Carl: Naw dawg, but my bro Sweet does.


Roberto: (Grins) Well, you better bring him down here, as quick as you can.


Saturday December 18th, 2006. 11:54 A.M.

Carl is sleeping on the sofa in the living room, while Roberto is sitting upright in a chair looking at the front door. He has been awake for over an hour, waiting to see if Sweet and the two members of Grove Street were going to arrive. Carl placed a call last night to Sweet to come immediately to Liberty because of an emergency. Carl told him to come around noon of today. It was six minutes until.


Roberto: (Looks at his watch) What could be taking so long?


Carl: (Starts to slowly wake up and looks at Roberto) Takin so long ta wha’?


Roberto: For your brother to arrive.


Carl: (Looks at the grandfather clock across the room) It’s only eleven fity six. Jus’ give ‘im ‘bout a half an hour. Do ya expect ‘im on time?


Roberto: Well, I do expect when I say noon, he better be here by noon. (About half and hour passes before a knock comes on the door) Finally, as if it didn’t take him long enough.


Carl: (Gets up) Now be careful. He don’ like it her’. Migh’ be a little upset at comin her’.


Roberto: (Puts his hand on the door knob) Really? How upset could he get? (Opens door to find a gun pointed at his head) Oh. That upset. (Takes a few steps back as Sweet and two other Grove members come into the house) Welcome Sweet!


Sweet: (Still pointing gun to Roberto) Carl, why tha f*ck did ya drag me down here fo!


Carl: (Gets up and tries to get the gun away from Roberto) He needs some of ya help Sweet. Jus’ hear ‘im out!


Sweet: I ain’t trustin nobody in this town, nigga! (Cocks the gun)


Roberto: (Takes another step back as Sweet steps forward) Now, now. I think we can work this out. If you don’t like my plan, you can leave. Okay?


Sweet: How ‘bout, if I don’ like ya plan, I blow ya head off! (Digs the gun into Roberto’s forehead)


Roberto: Well, um, I wouldn’t really like that much. Just lower your gun, please. (Puts his hand on the gun and lowers it)


Sweet: Alright. Lets hear it.


Roberto: Well, I was thinking… (Roberto is interrupted by another knock on the door) Oh, well our other guest has arrived.


Sweet: (Slowly starts to raise his gun) Is this a set-up nigga.


Roberto: (Manages to get to the door) No! It is not a set-up. This is someone else we need so they can help us make the plan flawless. (Slowly opens the door) May I introduce you to Marissa… (Doors opens to reveal a what appears to be a slut in a tube top and very short shorts) Hey baby.


Marissa: (Screams) Oh my god! Roberto, I haven’t seen you for months! (Jumps on him) What have you been up to!


Roberto: (Gives her a hug) Nothing much really. I want to introduce you to some of my friends.


Marissa: (Looks at all Carl, Sweet, and the Grove members) Roberto… (Pulls him outside and shuts the door) …when did you make friends with all those black people?


Roberto: (Glares at her) Don’t start this up again Marissa!


Marissa: I just want to know! I’m not going to start anything!


Roberto: (Starts pacing and scratching his head) That’s what you said last time Marissa!


Carl: (Opens the door to look at Roberto and Marissa) Whas’ wrong?


Roberto and Marissa: Nothing!


Carl: (Comes out and shuts the door behind him) Well, if ya don’ mind, can ya speed this up a bit. Sweets getting really upset now.


Sweet: (Screaming from inside) Wha’ tha hell is takin so long! (Breaks a vase)


Roberto: (Looks at Marissa) Are you okay? Can we continue, or are you going to have problems?


Marissa: (Takes a long deep breath) I’m going to be fine.


Carl: Now, ya two have to really impress my bro, cause he is mad as hell! (Opens door and follows Roberto and Marissa into the living room)

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S. Leone

This is also an awesome chapter except for the concept of going from San Andreas to Liberty. It would be Over, not down, because california is across from New York if you think about it rite? :wink:

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But if you remember from San Andreas, Sweet said to go back up to Liberty, or something like that.

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Keep it comin!


by the way, i put this in my sig. "Greatest Story Ever Told" lol

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Lol, I saw that. At first I thought it was "The Decline of Liberty" since that was the first good GTA Fan-fic here, but I was shocked to see it was my story. Lol. Well, here is the next chapter.


Chapter 28: Federal Reality


Saturday December 18th, 2006. 11:55 A.M.

Roberto takes a seat next to Marissa, while Carl and Sweet sit across from them. The two gang members stand on both sides of the love seat Carl and Sweet sit on.


Roberto: (Nervously) So… Sweet, who are these two?


Sweet: (Stares at Roberto) Well, tha one on my left is Devo.


Devo: (Crosses his arms) Sup?


Sweet: And this one ova her’, is Dante.


Dante: (Looks Roberto over) What are we doin her’ wit dis cracka?


Roberto: (Interrupts) Well, nice to meet you both. But now down to business. (Pulls out a folder) This is the folder where we can keep the progress we make throughout out planning stages. (Pulls out a sheet of paper) This is a rough draft of my plan. Read it over. (Everyone reads it over and agrees, except for Marissa)


Marissa: (Holding the paper) For some reason, I don’t like this plan.


Roberto: (Looks at Marissa) What’s wrong with it?


Marissa: (Reads over the paper a few times) It seems too easy. The subway is so perfectly placed under it, it doesn’t seem right. (Looks at Roberto) What if he wants you to blow it up, via the subway?


Roberto: That’s impossible. That would really be thinking ahead.


Marissa: But he is a crazy person. This could be possible…


Roberto: (Reads over paper) Well what do you suggest?


Marissa: (Takes the paper and crumbles it up) Well, we could attack from inside?


Carl: Wha’ kind of plan is tha’? Tha’ would be impossible.


Marissa: No it wouldn’t! (Stands up and is a little bit enraged) Why would you even think about shooting it down!


Carl: (Slowly gets up) Hey, calm down…


Marissa: (Glares at Carl) Don’t you dare tell me to calm down!


Roberto: (Grabs Marissa’s arm and pulls her down onto the seat. He whispers into her ear) I thought you said you weren’t going to start up again!


Marissa: (Whispers back) Well you know how I get around them people.


Sweet: (Over hears that comment) Wha’ tha’ f*ck did tha’ bitch say!


Roberto: (Starts to look between Marissa and Sweet. Leans slowly back into the seat and sinks in) Oh boy…


Sweet: (Pulls out a pistol and points it at Marissa) How tha’ f*ck do ya even pull tha’ sh*t off?


Carl: (Stands up and tries to persuade Sweet to calm down) Sweet, I’m sure she didn’ mean it…


Marissa: (She is livid) You know what! I did mean it! f*ck you people, I’m leaving, good luck with your f*cking plan! (Gives Roberto a kiss on the cheek and storms out of the room and slams the door)


Roberto: (Sinking deeper into the seat) Oh f*ck…oh f*ck…


Carl: (Looks at Roberto) Wha’ tha’ f*ck is her problem?!


Roberto: (Sits upright again) Childhood problems. Not even going to get into it.


Sweet: (Pockets the pistol) f*ck this sh*t dawg. Dante, Divo we out. (Heads out the house with the grove members)


Roberto: That went well…


Carl: Now wha’?


Roberto: I don’t know… What can we do?


Carl: (Picks up a sheet of paper) Come up wit a plan I guess.


Roberto: (Leans back and closes his eyes) Well, since the subway maneuver does seem pretty obvious, we need a good plan.


Carl: Like an infiltration?


Roberto: Yeah.


Carl: (Scribbles on the paper) I was wondering…since you killed the don of the Leone’s, does that make you their don?


Roberto: (Slowly opens his eyes) Well, I guess if you think about it. The only problem is there is no Leone’s to control. Also, I don’t think they would like to be controlled by a Cuban…


Carl: True. (Looks back down at the paper) So back at ta tha’ plan. Wha’ kind of infiltration should we try?


Roberto: (Gets an idea) What if we can convince Sweet to come back and help. We can get him to make some explosives and send in Dante and Divo to plant the bombs throughout the building.


Carl: (Scribbles the idea down) Well, tha’ would be nearly impossible, but we could try. Now, tha’ building probably has metal detectors or otha’ thangs that can detect tha’ bombs, how do we get past tha’?


Roberto: Well, we can work on that part later. Sweet is our main priority right now.


Carl: How do ya think we can convince him now?


Roberto: Well, I was thinking you would know something to get him to come back.


Carl: (Sits thinking for a few minutes) I know something tha’ will make him change his mind. (Grins)


Saturday December 18th, 2006. 1:10 P.M.

A man looks out a window. He looks out onto a gloomy city, with abandoned buildings and empty streets. He turns around and takes a seat at his desk. The room is open and wide. The man takes off his old fashioned derby hat and places it on a trophy that sits on his desk. A man walks into the room and places an envelope on his desk.


Man: (Places envelope onto the desk) Here, you go Mr. Gray. This just arrived for you.


Mr. Gray: You may be on your way. (Takes the envelope)


Man: Will you need anything else, sir?


Mr. Gray: (Opens the envelope and starts reading the letter) No, I’m good.


Man: Okay, sir. (Leaves the office)


Mr. Gray: (Reading the letter in his head) “Hey there baby! How have you been? I just did the favor you asked me. It went off without a hitch. I planted the idea, so just be prepared in the next days incase it goes off to soon. I’ll be looking after them and see if anything happens.” (Folds the letter and places it into a drawer) Well, it seems the plan is going to go off without a hitch. (Chuckles) So now I just play the waiting game. (Leans into his seat and thinks to himself) “Roberto, you have no idea what you are getting yourself into. You think you are going to come out victorious, think again.” (The teenager, around the age of 19, comes into the room) God, Jake, can’t you see dads busy?


Jake: (Looks at him) Oh, I didn’t notice that sitting in a chair and thinking about something was so hard.


Mr. Gray: Jake, can you just leave and go play with your video games.


Jake: So you don’t care that someone is here to see you downstairs?


Mr. Gray: (Spins around and looks at Jake) Who is it?


Jake: Some chick. She’s kind of hot.


Mr. Gray: Well let her in!


Jake: Sorry, I got to go play with my video games dad… (Walks out of the room)


Mr. Gray: (Stands up) God, why did I want to have a kid! They are more trouble then help! (Heads downstairs)


Saturday December 18th, 2006. 12:31 P.M.

Roberto is lying down on the couch waiting for Carl to get back with Sweet. Crumbled pieces of paper litter the floor from all the ideas he tried to come up with while Carl was gone. Roberto stares at the ceiling and is starting to drowse off.


Roberto: (Finds himself sitting in a chair in an office) How the hell did I get here? (Tries to move his arms, but finds out they are tied up) I was just in Joey’s, or I guess my, house. (Looks across a large, seeming to never end desk to see someone on the other side) Who are you, and what the hell am I doing here?


Mr. Gray: (Grins and laughs) I think you know who I am.


Roberto: (Tries harder to untie the ropes) How the hell did I get here!


Mr. Gray: (Spins his chair to face Roberto) What are you talking about, my boy? You tried to blow this building up, and I got you.


Roberto: (Staring at Mr. Gray) What are you talking about… I haven’t even planned it out yet.


Mr. Gray: (Gets serious) Stop fooling around with me boy. I found you with your little team mates trying to plant bombs in this building.


Roberto: What are you talking about?!


Mr. Gray: (Gets up and makes his way to Roberto) Okay, now you are starting to get me angry.


Roberto: (Still trying to untie the rope) How am I getting you angry? I don’t even know what you’re talking about!


Mr. Gray: (Slaps Roberto across the face) Okay… lets take the more direct root here. Where is Marissa?


Roberto: (Spits out blood) Why the hell do you want her!


Mr. Gray: (Grins) She hasn’t told you has she?


Roberto: (Starts to shake around in the chair to try to punch him) What did you do to her!


Mr. Gray: Oh, well I am assume she’s okay, but let me tell you…


Roberto: (Manages to untie the rope and lands a clean punch into Mr. Gray’s face) Now what the f*ck is going on?!


Mr. Gray: (Lands on the floor and looks up at Roberto) You know damn right what’s going on!


Roberto: (Searches the desk and finds a day by day calendar and stares blankly at it) That is not today’s date…


Mr. Gray: (Slowly gets up) What are you talking about?


Roberto: (Drops the calendar and looks at Mr. Gray) What is today’s date?


Mr. Gray: (Takes a step forward) My boy, you know what today is.


Roberto: (Finds a gun lying on the desk and picks it up) What is today’s date! (Points gun at Mr. Gray)


Mr. Gray: (Stops in place) It’s the thirty-first.


Roberto: (Turns around and stares blankly out the window) It can’t be… (Turns around and sees Carl, Sweet, Divo, and Dante are standing there) What are you doing here?


Carl: (Takes a step forward) Roberto put tha’ gun down…


Roberto: (Looks around) Where did Mr. Gray go?!


Carl: What are ya talking about?


Roberto: (Takes a look around and the room seems to vibrate and transform in Joey’s living room) What… what happened?


Carl: We don’ know? We walked in, and we sees ya holdin tha’ gun and talking ta yaself.


Roberto: (Puts the gun down) I see you managed to get Sweet back.


Sweet: Well, it took an a lota convincin ta get me ta come back ta this sh*thole.


Roberto: Well, I deeply appreciate it.


Sweet: Naw, don’ give me tha’ sh*t. I know ya don’ mean it.


Roberto: You’re right. Well, let’s try to finally get our plan idea set up.


Sweet: Yeah, in a minute. Got ta use tha’ sh*tcan.


Roberto: Um… down the hall, to your left. (Watches Sweet head down the hall)


Carl: (Comes up to Roberto) Wha’ were ya doin in here while I was gone?


Roberto: (Slowly pulls Carl away from Divo and Dante) Well, I had another dream involving Mr. Gray. Except this one seemed real for a bit.


Carl: (Looks at Roberto) Wha’ do ya mean “real”?


Roberto: He slapped me across the face and I felt it. I punched him in the face, and my fist was in pain afterwards.


Carl: (Thinks for a second) Well, it doesn’ matta anyways. Let’s jus’ get our plan. (Turns around)


Roberto: (Grabs Carl) You don’t understand. He told me our plan.


Carl: (Looks back at Roberto) Were there any important details we migh’ need?


Roberto: (Tries to remember the dream and remembers something) Yeah! It was the thirty-first.


Carl: Was there a clock ta show time?


Roberto: No, but there were windows. It was dark outside. Like really dark.


Carl: I think I know wha’ we’re gonna do…

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Another great chapter.. Keep it up!

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S. Leone


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icon14.gif Muy Bien! Keep it up por favor! icon14.gif

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Archaon, Lord of End Times

Excellent work, my friend. Very nice.

cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif and some beer to wash 'em down with Shifty41s_beerhatsmilie2.gifShifty41s_beerhatsmilie2.gifShifty41s_beerhatsmilie2.gifShifty41s_beerhatsmilie2.gif

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Yeah here is chapter 29. I'm sorry to say, we are reaching the ending to our story. sad.gif The story may end by chapter 35. But no worrys. biggrin.gif Because once this finishes, I will have another story, waiting for you. And you will all love me for it. colgate.gif So here is chapter 29!


Chapter 29: A Little Goes A Long Way

Saturday December 18th, 2006. 5:47 P.M.

Dante and Divo are asleep on the floor, while Sweet, Roberto, and Carl are trying to perfect the plan. The floor is covered in a layer of crumbled papers.


Roberto: (Sighs) You really think this will work.


Carl: Of course.


Sweet: Bro, tha’s wha’ ya said all the otha times, and they all ended up on tha’ floo’.


Roberto: He’s right.


Carl: Shut ya mouth.


Roberto: (Leans back) Okay, so we disguise Dante and Divo as… (Looks at the paper) janitors? (Looks up at Carl)


Carl: Ya. Nobody will notice ‘em.


Roberto: Whatever you say. (Looks back at the paper) They quietly sneak through the building planting the bombs. That is their job. Sweet has to create the explosives by going around Liberty and collecting the materials. Carl has to get the plans to the buildings to know where security cameras are and metal detectors. (Looks up at Sweet and Carl) Sounds like a pretty good plan.


Sweet: Sounds like a lot of work fo’ us. Wha’ ‘bout ya? (Stares at Roberto)


Roberto: Um… (Looks through the plan) How about I go and grab the plans, and Carl and you can go grab the supplies for the nitroglycerin?


Sweet and Carl: (Think about the idea) Aight.


Roberto: (Claps hands together) So should we get the plan going?


Carl: (Stands up) Now?


Roberto: Lets at least get the materials. Then we can put the plan into action on New Years.


Sweet: Aight. Le’s go bro. (Heads out and jumps into his Greenwood)


Roberto: See you in a while?


Carl: Yeah. (Meets Sweet outside and jumps into the Greenwood. The Greenwood speeds off into the night)


Roberto: (Looks down and Dante and Divo) Let me just leave them a note about what we’re doing. (Grabs a pen and paper. Jots a quick note and leaves it on the coffee table next to them) Now I need to find the plans to that building. (Heads outside and jumps into his old Leone Sentinel)


Saturday December 18th, 2006. 8:30 P.M.

A Leone Sentinel pulls up to what looks like a dilapidated office building. A torn down sign that once read, “Liberty City Planning Building”, is half gone. Roberto steps out and walks up to the door. The door seems to be locked tight and has to force his way into it.


Roberto: (Twisting the knob) Damn it, it’s locked from the inside. (Rams his shoulder a few times into the door, but it doesn’t budge) Damn, must be blocked from the inside too. (Looks around the outside of the building and sees and window about ten feet above the door) That seems to be my only ticket in. Now how to get up there? (Looks at the car) That might give me a little boost to the window. (Parks car parallel to the door and hops onto the roof) I’m only a few feet off. I just need one more boost. (Jumps off the car and opens the trunk. He finds two cinder blocks laying in the trunk) Well, thank god for these. (Lifts them both up and places them on top of each other and climbs up to the window) At least I can see inside. (Wraps his fist with his shirt and breaks the window) sh*t, that hurts more than they show on movies. (Climbs through window and is falling sixteen feet down) Ouch my legs. But not now, I need the plans. (Looks at the remains of a directory) Lets see… 5th floor are where they keep blueprints. (Takes a left and runs up the stairs and reaches the 5th floor) Now, I know they won’t have the plans under “Mr. Gray’s Headquarters”, so maybe I can find the plans for the building it used to belong to. (Runs into an office down the hall and starts searching through the filing cabinets) Let’s see… Here’s the Head Radio building, Staunton Fire Department, Shoreside Vale Police Station. Maybe it’s in another filing cabinet. (Opens another one and finds the first file was the one he was looking for) Here it is, the old Love Media blueprints. This should be good enough. (Heads back downstairs and looks up at the window) Oh… now how do I get out? My car is blocking the door outside, so even if I unlocked and unbarricaded the door, it would still be blocked. Maybe there’s a back door. (Jumps over a counter and makes his way through a maze of offices and corridors to find a back door) Whew, I was worried for a second that I wouldn’t be able to get out. (Opens the door and finds a gun pointed at his head) Um… not what I expected.


Marissa: (Holding the gun to Roberto’s head) So, what are you doing out this late? You know it’s dangerous for a fugitive to be out and about.


Roberto: (Folds the file and places it in his back pocket) Marissa, put the gun down.


Marissa: (Holds the gun still) Or what? Will you hit me?


Roberto: (Stares her down) Why are you pointing the gun at me? You were fine just a minute ago, minus the outbreak with Carl and Sweet.


Marissa: (Looks at him quizzically) What? That was ages ago. I am talking about what happened an hour ago.


Roberto: (Confused) What? An hour ago I was cruising the streets looking for this building?


Marissa: (Keeps looking at him) What? I swear… (Figures something out while staring at Roberto) Whoops, got you confused with someone else! (Runs off)


Roberto: (Stands there watching her run off) Okay… now to get back to the mansion. (Runs up front and gets back into the Leone Sentinel and drives off)


Saturday December 18th, 2006. 6:30 P.M.

Sweet is still driving around Portland with Carl looking for the materials necessary to make Nitroglycerin. A few jars jingle in the back seat. They are full of Nitric Acid. Carl is brainstorming for ideas to find their next ingredient, Sulphuric Acid.


Carl: Now where can we find Sulphuric Acid?


Sweet: I don’ know.


Carl: Ya think we can make it?


Sweet: Make it?! Can we?


Carl: I’m sure we can. Let’s use tha’ internet.


Sweet: (Stares at Carl for a few seconds) Ya sure we should use tha’ thing. I heard it does some strange things.


Carl: Those crackas are crazy. They don’ know what they talking about.


Sweet: So back ta tha’ mansion?


Carl: Naw, need one mo’ thang.


Sweet: Wha’ is it?


Carl: It’s… (Looks at a sheet of paper) … it’s Glycerol.


Sweet: Oh, tha’s easy ta find. We need ta find fat. Then we boil it and sif’ it. Then we freeze it and skim off tha’ top layer. Tha’ top layer is glycerin.


Carl: (Stares straight at Sweet in amazement) Now where ya learn tha’?


Sweet: (Heads to a nearby department store) From this movie I saw, Fist Club.


Carl: Was it any good?


Sweet: It was good. (Gets out of car) Now ya wait here bro, I’ll be back wit’ some soap. (Runs into the store)


Carl: I hope Roberto has tha’ plans, cause we almost done wit’ the materials fo’ the explosives. (Carl waits for a few more minutes before he sees Sweet coming out with a bag full of hand soap. He throws the bag into the back seat with the jars and hops into the car and drives off to the mansion) Did ya get enough?


Sweet: (Looks in the back seat) I got, maybe like tweny ta thirty bars.


Carl: Cool, tha’ should be enough. (Leans into the seat and rests until the car arrives at the mansion)


Saturday December 18th, 2006. 9:13 P.M.

Roberto pulls up to the mansion and sees a Greenwood parked outside. He knows Sweet and Carl are in the mansion waiting for him to arrive with the blueprints. Roberto steps out and pulls the folded plans out of his back pocket. He opens the front door to still see Dante and Divo sleeping on the floor, and Sweet on the computer. Roberto takes a big whiff and smells some something in the kitchen.


Roberto: (Pinches his nose) What the hell is that smell?


Sweet: (Looks at Roberto then looks down at the plans) Finally. (Walks up and takes the plans and unfolds them) Ya sure these are tha’ plans? These are fo’ “Love Media”?


Roberto: That was what the building was before. I knew it wouldn’t be under “Mr. Gray’s Headquarters”, so I looked for previous companies in the building. (Lets go of his nose, and quickly pinches it again) What the hell is Carl doing in the kitchen?


Sweet: (Rolls up the plans and returns to the computer) He’s boilin fat ta get glycerin fo’ tha’ explosives.


Roberto: Where the hell did you get fat from?


Sweet: Well, we stopped by a store and picked up some bars of soap. Soap is made of fat. So we boil down tha’ soap and extracte the glycerin.


Roberto: I thought glycerin is removed when soap is made?


Sweet: Naw. That is wha’ they tell everyone so they don’ go makin nitroglycerin at home. (Types something into the computer) There.


Roberto: (Looks at the screen) What are you looking for?


Sweet: How ta make Suphuric Acid.


Roberto: Well…


Sweet: Well, first we heat sulphur till it melts. The liquid reacts wit tha’ oxygen in tha’ air where it turns inta sulphur dioxide gas. The sulphur dioxide gas is mixed wit mo’ air and is heated wit a catalyst ta make sulphur trioxide. Tha’ catalyst speeds up this reaction. Then tha’ gas dissolves inta water ta make sulphuric acid.


Roberto: Wow. You have sulphur?


Sweet: Picked some up while comin back. Though’ we migh’ need it.


Roberto: So how will most of this be happening?


Sweet: Mostly in an enclosed glass jar.


Roberto: (Pats Sweet on the back) I’m going to go and check on Carl. (Walks towards kitchen and the odor gets stronger as he nears the door) God, I thought soap smells good. (Opens the door and is taken a step back by the smell. Roberto sees Carl with cotton balls stuck up his nose as he stands over a pot of boiling ooze) Oh god… it’s horrible.


Carl: (Grabs another pair of cotton balls and hands them to Roberto) I’m almos’ done her’. Sweet is gonna make tha’ Sulphuric Acid, then we going ta start makin tha’ Nitroglycerin.


Roberto: (Looks over into the pot and tries to stifle his vomit as the bubbles burst and some slime lands on his face. He wipes it off) I’m going to take a rest. Sweet has the plans. Just wake me up when you have finished the nitroglycerin.


Carl: Naw problem. (Continues stirring as Roberto slowly walks out of the kitchen)


Saturday December 18th, 2006. 10:45 P.M.

Roberto is sleeping on the sofa in the living room. Carl walks in the room with a small vile filled with a liquid. He walks over to Roberto to wake him up.


Carl: Yo, we finished tha’ Nitro. (Keeps shaking Roberto)


Roberto: (Slowly opens his eyes and focuses on the vial) Is that it?


Carl: Naw, we got abou’ fifteen jars full of it.


Roberto: How many ounces can each jar hold? (Slowly comes to a sitting position and rubs his eyes)


Carl: I think abou’ tweny eigh’ ounces.


Roberto: (Looks back at the vial) So what are you doing with that small thing?


Carl: We was goin ta test it out. Sweets waitin outside. (Heads outside)


Roberto: This should be good. (Gets up and follows Carl to the back of the house. Sweet is standing looking over the edge and down at the beach which is seventy plus feet under them)


Sweet: (Turns around) Finally, ya woke ‘im up. We ready?


Carl: (Hands the vial to Roberto) Ya want ta do it?


Roberto: (Takes the vial and looks over the edge) Have you estimated how big of an explosion this could make?


Sweet: Naw, we was goin ta look at this explosion then estimate how much tha’ jars would do a piece.


Roberto: Well, this shouldn’t do too much damage. (Hangs the vial over the edge and drops it. The vial falls for a few seconds before an explosion occurs at the beach. The sound popped all their ears) Ow! What the hell?! (Looks over the edge and sees a hole about thirty feet in diameter on the beach. Takes a step back and looks at Carl and Sweet trying to un-pop their ears) Do you see the size of the hole?!


Carl and Sweet: (Slowly walk toward the edge and see the hole) Damn!


Roberto: How much of each thing did you put in?


Sweet: I though’ it would be betta ta have mo’ than less.


Roberto: (Stares at Sweet) How much more did you put in?


Sweet: (Thinks for a second) Abou’ maybe a half mo’ than I should ‘ave.


Roberto: (His jaw drops) This explosion is going to be huge. We might not even need all that Nitro.


Carl: Well, if ya want tha’ building gone fo’ good, then we migh’ ‘ave ta use it all.


Roberto: (Turns around and looks into the distance and sees a glimpse of the Mr. Gray’s Headquarters) Fine, as long as that asshole is dead, I don’t care. (Looks back at Sweet and Carl) All we need now are the janitor uniforms. I think you two can accomplish that. Then, on December 31st, we take him down. (Turns around and walks towards the house)

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I wonder what happened to Mike Toreno & Luigi. It would've been cool if Cesar Vialpando & Phil Cassidy was in this. But meh, who cares. It's your story. icon14.gif


Anywho about the thump thing, I actually already read what happened, it's just that I saw the part where it says there's like a gun cock thing or whatever and I couldn't tell if he got shot or knocked out. OK?

Edited by MC_320

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Yeah I really like Cesar, I might incorporate him into my next story. I might bring the characters I left out before. Well, Tommy told Mike to get lost, and I'm bringing Luigi back, I think. Lol.

Edited by Cubanwhip

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S. Leone

*Making bombs* I found that chapter more of a guide than a story, lol. Is that all made up or is it the real thing?


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Um... I did have to do some research to find the things to make Nitroglycerin, but I never said how to make the Nitro itself, just the Sulphuric Acid.

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good chapter. It was kinda like a gangsta episode of Martha Stuart lol. "Making Nitro with CJ" only on the OG channel.

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pretty good chapter man


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Archaon, Lord of End Times

Excellent as always, now, put Tommy Vercetti back in it!!



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This is a great story. I have read it from the beginning to this latest chapter while sitting here at work. Excellent entertainment, thank you for taking the time and effort to write it out!


I'll be watching for new installments. smile.gif






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Great chapter!!! Hope we get a new one soon

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